Dark Matter-what is it

If you don't see the Monster in you ...

then the Devil in me says the Monster in you sucks !! 

and the Monster in me says the Devil in you

can't hide behind ur Light when it wants to

pretentiously blow off it's horn,

 'coz the dim gives it away

How do I know ?

I don't !! Hah !!!

I can't even catch

the devil in me ~~~


What's your take  ...


It would seem all touch on The Angel and the Devil within ..


Do you get a sense that we fickle human flesh wierdos all fluctuate between love and hate ... that we  find it hard to love at times .. so, love to hate  (whether we recognise it or not)... also do you ever find that a vibe can creep in that hates to love .. Most don't want to admit to this .. many have gotten way past this and have a fairly good monkey walking the tight line .. some are still stuck in waves with no self recognition, yet always state thay are sheer love on a daily basis ...probably good for self affirmations.


Here I go again .. Belly Devil in me says you suck !


Old saying goes .. *it's a fine line between love and hate* (and the fact that something in me wants to say you suck !) say yep- we are apt to point this out in the mirrors passing that are in the *love to hate-hate to love* zone .. yet don't pay close attention to our own passing thoughts, that he Devil in us is sniping !


Also ... isn't the illusive emotion of love thrusted in a thousand different variations still an element of the love source ?? eventually leading back to the source in any case ... ??


And don't some of you think by now that I probably suck ? If so -- Must be the Angel in you talking !!   ... Oh yeah ~


How many pathways are there to ur own light. Why are so many duck-shoving pathways presented on the inner and outer, bypassing hairy opportunities that spirit or higher self or Angel  has to offer our stealth absorbed ugliness ? .. Isn't ugliness also an element of beauty? Geeez .. saying you suck doesn't sound so ugly now -  sounds god damn beautiful ! and that's an ugly cop out .. maybe I better  drop ugly boots to the membrane .. yeah


Heck .. Now I'm not sure if the Devil in me did the talking .. or Angel .. or both .. or none !! Blame it on the Monster !! I just did ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Who freakin' knows ---- Caned and Able really got me thinking  anyway ..




What's ur take on Travelling Light .. Found this link too ...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmqk0oH8TUw  Too kewl to waste ~~~


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  • Yeah, o k,  I'm glad wer'e friends.  You have a wonderful day too.  See you soon in cyberspace and I'll be checking out your blogs.
  • Believe me, Iv'e most definitely given the monster its due and still do.  It doesn't suffer from being disregarded as is so common amongst us humans

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    thank you for ur response .. it wasn't clear before .. thought it sounded like avoidance mechanisms in place .. all good ...yeah .. I hear you ... have a great day ......... :))

  • Its not quite the way you read it, RJK.  Maybe its just the difference in our ages.  I think I was a lot more concerned with the issues contained in this blog in the past than I am currently.  I still am, but not as much anymore.  Perhaps Iv'e resolved some of them, or atr least, have reached a different perspective.  Everyone seems to have different values.  Believe me, Iv'e most definitely given the monster its due and still do.  It doesn't suffer from being disregarded as is so common amongst us humans. Iv'e read that many astrologers consider scorpios to be the most intensely soul-searching individuals of all.  As for my participation in Eck, well, it is something that I encountered way back in 1969, but even though it resonated then, I didn't actively join untill 2000, and then even I had some trepidations about it or any organization. But, the principals have rermained sound(no pun intended), and it is a step I took only after long (decades long) examination.  Really, I am not pitching or encouraging or trying to get anyone to look into it.  I probably wouldn't have mentioned it at all.  I had forgotten that I had listed a book by Paul Twitchell on my profile.  I have studied many spiritual paths and only after that, did I understand that Eckankar was right for me.  It is an individual path and there is a difference between the outer organization of books and such(Eckankar) and the Eck(Holy Spirit).  I don't see myself as an "Eckkie" all goofy and blissed out over everything, but I take my spiritual life vert seriously and I am pretty hard to fool. I guess I'm saying, that its still authentic in my opinion, so far(the outer organization) and the Spirit (eck) always will be.  I am aware that there is always a possibility for corruption on this level of existence.
  • btw .. I am not what eckeist call a detractor :)) I still like allot of the books etc .....
  • quote:
    I'de rather study reality, harmony, do stuff, make stuff.  Find truth

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    You would rather study reality ? I gether you don't see your moster side as part of reality if I read this rightly ? and to find truth ?? do you really think you can find ur own truths by disregarding the monster in you ... ? truth is different for everyone ... plus .. digging in my own dirt in the past has meade it much clearer in the now for myself as to who what why where how I would like to attract into my life .. Thus I have great people around me now ... and only from not ignoring specific sides within me ........... I am better equipped to also share to that someone special inmy life all the quirks loves and dislikes . thus better at boundaries etc ... I find it amazing how many people think it's better to skips parts within ;))) it always comes back via an opportunity to grow via non ignorance or denial ... and thank the stars I have done this .. as I have a deaper understanding of human emotion .. and but of course my own ... Looking at who's looking is something that takes an everyday probe to stay sensitive and awqare with all in one's atmosphere .. whether work .. home ... or whatever .. I just love the wholisitc corporate comapnies that are now adapting to this way too :)) We do learn what to not bother puting too much attention into and what is best to stop and take on board .. it can lead to reinventing an aspect within that   assists us in our creative endeavours .. I do enjoy hearing other people's views on this .. and I never stay the same  .. always picking up on another thread of awaereness .. and have no desire myself to be enlightened ... that's why I left eck .. way too many people on that beat in the area I was closest too ... anyway .. good bouncing with u ..........

  • I'de rather study reality, harmony, do stuff, make stuff.  Find truth and hope that it will acept you as a student and servant.  Have something worthwhile to apply one's energy to, that's living...

    Read more: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blogs/dark-matterwhat-is-...


    Yep ! ...  I get that .... and that is what allot of us r doing .... It's called swapping thought lines when the line of thought sin't what one like to feel or recogmise .. good thing why being creative and creative productive time spent stops us from having to have to think about passing niggly monster thought pattern parades .......... hm ... however eventually we all have to go back to certain parts that keep popping up in order to understand and put to rest ....love is one thing .. it also takes understanding and the ah hah moments in more understanding can come out of the digging in the dirt :) thanks again John ..........

  • "getting down with your bad self" makes your good self stronger if it survives.  ? ?  maybe....  I can't think about such things too much without it seeming kind of pointless or maybe, redundant.  But this blog is very good because it is making me think of the importance of living mindfully as the buddhists would say.  there is so much that I want to work in and study, skills that I aspire to gain, that these philosophical conundrums, interesting as they may be, could become a distraction similar to the pet hamster's treadwheel.....How much time to give to them and when to just walk your mind to somewhere else more in harmony with current ambitions.   

         Like practicing detachment in order to gain enlightenment, then realizing that the desire to be enlightened is just another attachment in enlightenment's way.  I'de rather study reality, harmony, do stuff, make stuff.  Find truth and hope that it will acept you as a student and servant.  Have something worthwhile to apply one's energy to, that's living...

  • YES! I studied myself in that regard for a long time .... there is good karma too . and u r apt in sharing this .. we all have a moster in us :)))) scale % of 1 to 100 is simply the differences . id we get to know our devilish monster sides that pop out in various ways, we get to know more our movements, thus become more content thru understanding ourselves better and better .. plus become more eductaed and equiped to deal with each new hiccup more easily . thankz John
  • I have a feeling that we have experiences that are Karma-related and should become learning opportunities.  Some may be powerful, difficult, even painful.  Personally, I don't see karma as punitive, educational and remedial instead, but when the lesson doesn't sink in, the universe can whack us with a 2x4 or worse.  I have often wondered if, when something happens to us that stirs up "monstery" vibes, and we can't see what we might have done to deserve such a bummer, if it might be karma from a past-life.  Like somebody does you dirty and it hurts and makes you angry and confused and you don't remember that you did it to someone too in centuries past and another body.  maybe so, huh?
  • That's so true Zero !!! :) the processing becomes quicker and easier to the point we can see the writing on the wall with our inner thought and fo to the obvious outcome of choices inside ............. however if we bypass importnat habits that are always subconsciously speaking in a neg way, we miss the opportunity to find a solution and move on in evlovlving in a way that is good for soul and all in our orbit .. Law of attraction happens in our subconconsious thoughts and tapping that is a good thing to sort out our direction in life and what we would like to attract. Being ignorant to certain sides within has a great effect on our future .. So it is good try to be aware, always looking at ourselves and our movements etc in regard to how we look at the world thru the different lenses that pop out ....
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