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Dr. Angela Barnett

However, the Source of all Creation maintains the Perfect Balance of all things through Eternity and Infinity of No Time and No Space where all things begin and end in absolute perfection. We create all things through this Source Field of perfect design. Each time we Intend the creation of a new Galaxy or a new Nova or a new Star the creation happens in a nano second.

Those on lower dimensional realms such as the Earth perceive of these creations happening over very long periods of time because what happens in a nano second might translate into millions of years at such a low density of perception. All of these perceptions on Earth are only the imagination of what really is. These imaginations are created through the scientific reasoning and tools that are available on this primitive planet. Human beings have been trying to force a Creators Galaxy into a human telescope, and that cannot actually be done.

The Music of the Spheres, the music and color and sound that we have created as Creators can be heard and felt and known by those who listen to the music of Crystal Magic Orchestra because we are the Creators. We are the ones who designed most of the Universe that you imagine through your telescope.

We are the ones who designed the spheres within spheres within spheres of infinite forms of light and sound. We were the ones who wove the sounds into new colors and created variations of new rhythms. We have been creating great music for trillions of years. Our music is well known by billions upon billions of entities, planets, galaxies and stars through out this universe and many others.

This is a part of the music of the spheres. And the Music of the Spheres is very multidimensional. It is hard to describe it because it is color, it is music, it is energy, it is eternal, it is a breath, it is life; yet, it is still in an evolutionary state. It is wonderful. It is and it causes awakenings in many souls who can not understand awakening in any other form of creation. It will be like a breath of air that is to be breathed. And then as you breathe out it morphs into a greater beauty than when you breathed it in. Because the beauty of the essence that breathed it in is now a part of it so it comes out even fuller than when it went in.

Dr. Angela Barnett

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