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Dr. Angela Barnett

Crystal Magic Orchestra is the title that we have given to the music that we have brought to this Planet in a form that can be heard and understood in this level of reality. We call this Spiritual Ambient Music because it is made of the invisible substance of Eternal Life Force Energy and it is transparent, holographic and has soothing ambient essence because it is created from the Breath of Cosmic Energy.

We are Crystalai and aDolphino. We are Freetzbin and Bezelda who were a Dolphin and Mermaid who were on Earth 400 million years ago during the second seeding. We are the Creator Being Souls who came from the Creation Realm for this time of Ascension.

The Soul of Mary Magdalene is in both of us. Our Souls who were born as Angela and Joe are also Cosmic Creator Beings. We are the Cosmic Twins.

We are Immortal Cosmic Souls who are at least twenty trillion years old and we created the original music in the Cosmos. Our music has been heard all over this universe and hundreds of others.

Dr. Angela Barnett

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