COsMic CirCuS

                          The COsMic CIrcuS

                DOesn anybody just believe this is a Cosmic CIrcus. I mean how do you explain the Insanity of the Creator? I think it is all a Carnival of the mind lately. I wonder how good this is going to get.

                  I'm exploring and playing with Reality more these days and nights the longer you go the more there is to behold. THere is a point where exhaustion becomes exctasy and you can behold the infinite creator.

            I know it is hard but it is so worth it to live the fast dangerous path. IT'ss like a bucket of peyote one after the other. THere is no way of words doing justice you just have to experience it for yourself.

                          Peace and Prosperity, Zachary Paul Hunter

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  • After much research I've found 3 alternatives that could be the reality.

    The universe is either:
    a circus,
    a research lab,
    or a joke. :)

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