Cosmic Awareness ~ You Are Creating Your Life!


Jan. 12, 2014

Channeler: Will Berlinghof

Source: Rainbow-Phoenix

That this Awareness is available. Please proceed. 

Thank you. Thank you Awareness for being available for the Rainbow-Phoenix
membership session of January 12, 2014. Will Berlinghof is the Interpreter for your
messages, Joan Mills the questioner and energizer. The Law of Light, the Law of Love,
and the Law of Unity have been invoked.
Is there an Opening Message or any event you would like to discuss at this time please?

That this Awareness does have an opening message at this time. That it is now 2014, the
first two weeks have now passed in the opening of this year and this month. That many
are recovering, if you will, from that period of time that is known as Christmas/New
Years and their lives are settling back into their normality. But, what is normal? Many
are still wondering when events will start, those events predicted by this Awareness. But
this Awareness reminds all that those events predicted are only certain timelines that
have been spoken on by this Awareness. That It sees all timelines and does seek to give
information on the main timelines, but that it is imperative that all members realize
and understand that the unfolding events around them are not the true indicators of
changing events on a personal level.

That many are involved in activities, not in their conscious state but during the time of
dreaming when they leave the body. They being that which is the conscious identity of
the individual, leaves the body and journeys into greater realms of consciousness. Many
are involved in intense work at this time, for these are intense times indeed and from that
expanded perspective there is no set way things will occur, for one exceeds the timelines
that are being experienced in third dimensionality. But it is so that one returns back into
the physical state of being when they awaken, when that which is the middle self
consciousness comes back into the body and engages with the low self in the
manufacturing of that which is the reality of experience that the focus personality is

For those who are constantly looking outside of themselves, who are constantly looking to
unfolding events to be the measure of the state of things, there is often disappointment
that things seem not to be shifting or moving. But truly, where is this disappointment
coming from? Is it coming from the truth that external events are the marker to judge
change, to judge whether or not one’s personal life is affected by the external events or
not, or is the true marker of personal change, growth and evolution that which is being
experienced in one's lifetime?

It is, as this Awareness has so often stated, the latter. But as many, even those members of
this website and of this Awareness seem to be doing, that it seems still that the external is
the true reflector and many are lost in this, not comprehending the basic assumption that
Awareness is postulating and presenting. That you, each and every one of you, is the
creator being that is creating their own lives.
  For those who are still stuck in that belief
system, and it is a heavy-duty belief system, this Awareness will add, that reality – the
reality around them, the external expression of the events around them, is the true
indicator of change – are yet to understand and put into play the deeper understanding
that this Awareness so often presents. That in fact you, as the creator being, will tie into
those very events and circumstances that you are creating by participation. Participation
in a reality that is still defined by the actions of others, that is still defined as that which
will occur when other things in the external occurs or not. It is a hard step indeed for the
majority to accept full responsibility for their lives and their creations.

There are those, when the external events do not come forward as anticipated and
expected, that blame others, that blame their life circumstances, that blame men, that
blame women, that blame a partner or a child or even this Awareness for not making
things happen. But it is not the responsibility of this Awareness or the Divine to make
things happen in your life. It is your responsibility and that the measure of growth and
evolution can truly be taken by one’s attitude towards the creation of their life and
whether or not they accept responsibility for the unfolding events in their life, external
and personal.
That this is difficult for many, for society itself has taught its members that
the individual is not responsible. There are others that cause things to happen that have
control and that have power. This extends itself to the many layers of life experience one
has from the personal to the societal and even the global.

That many are those that are called conspiracy theorists. There is much talk about the
unconstitutional activities of the American government, for example. There are many who
are stating that they need to stand up, the people need to stand up against these
oppressors, do battle with them, fight them, so that change can come. This is still viewing
the world from the external angle of perspective. It is still maintaining that there are
others out there that are creating their world and their reality, and these others are
hostile ones, dark and evil ones, and must be battled against. For those who hold such an
opinion that their lives are dictated by the control and dominance of a secret group of
individuals. All is reflected in this perspective, and it is easy to get caught up in this
dualistic concept of "us" and "them". That for ones who truly hold a battle must occur –
that this is their level of reality and is thus their soul’s need to have such an experience.
They will continue to live in a reality of opposition and dominance to and by those ones in
control, in charge.

But herein of course lies the danger that by seeing reality in this way, one is not taking
responsibility, even if they think they are, for the creation of their life. They see this
responsibility as the responsibility of standing against these ones who are the dominators
and controllers and even being willing to do armed battle, even be willing to forfeit one's
life against these oppressors. This is a very typical standard way of interpreting matters
whereby the lines are drawn and that one is either for them or against them, either stands
up and fights them or submits to them. This is not an unworthy stance for those whose
life lesson and soul’s purpose is to have this type of unique experience, but the majority
of those who are members to this website and to the teachings of Cosmic Awareness
are beyond this, are spiritual ones who are trying to seek the internal understanding
and awareness of what truly it means to be a creator being, fully responsible for the
experiences they are having.

This does not mean that even though those who are members of this unique website and
who follow the teachings and guidance of this Awareness achieve this. And many are still
in situations, personal situations, of looking outside of themselves, as is the case to those
who see the conflict between those who are in control and those who are the victims to
those controllers. But realize that this can be observed and understood in a most personal
way. That for those who in their personal lives are still viewing them as difficult journeys,
are still looking to what has not occurred in their life, how things have not changed even
though they are spiritual seekers, are still stuck in that tar of entrapment that humanity
lives in and has been captured by.

It is still very much the case for many to look at the lack of change in their lives, even
with the higher spiritual understanding, and to blame others for this condition.
one can blame one's family, one's partner, one's own children or parents; one can blame
the outside forces of government and social agencies, one can even blame this Awareness
for actions they took, that they did not achieve what they expected, the results they
wished for. That this Awareness then and that which It has spoken of, is at fault, is not
doing Its job, that It said this and nothing happened. This is a very touchy subject of
course, for when one is in such a position, the last thing one wishes to do is to look at
their own lives and to ask: why have I called this in, why am I still calling this in? It is far
easier to blame others for that which is not going right, that which is wrong in one's life. It
is easy to blame God ultimately for the lack of love and compassion that this being, this
entity, is not showing to humanity, or more specifically, to the individual.

But the paradox is that that which is the Divine Source, the True Divine Source – not this
manufactured God that so many worship and are entrapped by – but that which is the
true Divine Essence, the Source of All, has such perfect love for all of its emanations, all of
Its creations, that It allows all to have exactly the experience that they need. This extends
from all levels of sentience and consciousness, from the mineral world, into the plant
world, into the animal world and the human world and even that which lies beyond.
In point of fact, that which is the human emanation of the Divine Source has been given
perfect freedom to truly create all of the experiences of one's life. It is of course the
hope of Spirit that through the many evolutions, many lifetimes, that the evolving soul
will reach a point where the focus personality starts to “get it”: that the focus
personality of individuality perceives and understands that it is not that which is
occurring outside that is real. This is just a reflection of the beliefs and attitudes that the
individual holds and shares with its collective, his or her collective.

That it is the hope always of Spirit Divine that the individual truly begins to understand
the perfect freedom they have to create the reality they are experiencing. It is known that
many will fall by the wayside, will have grand expectations and hopes, but are unwilling to
take personal responsibility for those hopes and desires, and instead only perceive the
wrongs that are being done to them by others on all levels. This is not good enough any
For in these extreme times where change is occurring, and many things are
unfolding now, it is imperative that one realizes as that focus personality creating their
life experience, they have the freedom, they have the power, they have the right to not
engage in the realities that are presented to them and that others hold as real.

This takes great courage, great belief and great focus. For so many external events do still
occur to individuals that can so easily mislead them or sway them, that it is a difficult
route indeed to travel, a route that takes great personal focus, great personal
commitment and great personal courage to walk. The matters of course are further
compounded by the fear that is being fostered on the planet at this time by those Powers
That Be. Fear drains one of resolve, especially when the fear is based at the most personal
and immediate level, such as losing one's children to social agencies, such as losing one's
house because one has no income to pay for the house. Indeed the personal
manifestation of these fear-oriented issues is so great, so terrifying, so choking and
demoralizing for many, that it is often impossible to think that one may be calling this into
one's life and is far easier to blame on another; be it the state, be it another individual or
group, or even this Awareness and even the Divine Source of all.

Yet, it is exactly at this moment and at this time one must be willing to accept that
perhaps one is creating this, one is calling this into one's life for a purpose.
The great
hope of the Divine is always present, the hope and belief that all will be well. But when
one is filled with terror and fear and hopelessness, when one submits themselves to the
authority of others and believes that which they show on the 9 o'clock news, that they
report in the evening paper, that one is in a dangerous situation. Dangerous in that one
most definitely will often submit to the outside evidence and accept it as real and not
accept the power that lies within to change things, to create a different reality.

It is for this reason that Awareness has always said that it is important to recognize one's
own personal life and that which is being experienced in one's life as the starting point.
That one has work to do that will change one's personal life but the biggest work of all is
stepping away from looking to external sources as the truth and the reality – to looking to
one's life as the measure, the true measure of one's own success in accepting
responsibility for one's life, and in accepting the greater teachings that are so frowned
upon by the controllers. Indeed it is dangerous for them, for these teachings, this
knowledge to come forth – for the last thing that those who are in charge wish is that the
individual and then the collective begin to understand that they are the power, not those
authorities above them, not those controllers and deceivers above them, not the
extraterrestrial beings at the top of the pyramid. They themselves are in charge and are
creating and thus participating in lives of their own creation even if this is not accepted
nor or understood.

Those who are the spiritual seekers have a greater responsibility, for they have at least
awoken to a degree of the illusion and to the illusion that surrounds them. It is therefore
their greater responsibility not to submit to the false evidence that presents itself as real,
not to go into fear where false evidence appears real. That this is a common failing and
mistake by humanity, but for those who are truly seeking Divine wisdom, Divine
understanding, Divine Truth, the onus of responsibility is even more greatly upon their
shoulders. For you know already the truth of matters and it is then your responsibility to
live this truth, to experience it, to see the changes coming from within that immediately
reflect on the external environment around you, around each and every individual who is
a co-creator and an individual creator, creator being.

That now is the time, as events are percolating quite strongly, to remember this truth
and to live it. It is not good enough to simply give lip service to these concepts and
ideas. It is time to engender them so deeply into the fabric of your being that there is no
other way to live than that which is a reflection of the deepest truth: that you are a
Divine being, that you are a spark of the Source, that you are a creator being in
alignment with the Creator, the Source of all. That you are responsible for your life and
that which manifests in your life is the result of your success or lack of it, and that it is
time now to truly comprehend this and accept this and live this.

This is the work this Awareness has always stated must be done by each and every
individual, their own individual work. It has many ways of expressing itself and this
Awareness will not delve into this at this time. It simply says that the personal work does
indeed require that are that you make the changes and live the changes. That which is the
Divine Source has given one and all this capacity, this gift, this power, and it is there to be
used or misused. It is the decision of each and every single individual on this planet to
make one way or another.

It is for those who are the spiritual seekers, who are hearing or reading the words of this
Awareness, to take onboard even more earnestly than ever before. It can no longer simply
be about intellectual curiosity, but must become the mainframe of one's being and one's
beliefs. The irony of course is that as you incorporate this new way of understanding and
living, the changes do begin around you, the Divine has greater opportunity to directly
interact in your life. Synchronicity and Divine manifestation have opportunity to enter
into your life to greater and greater degree.
That the true changes that you are seeking,
even if they challenge you, are those that will present themselves to you and if it is the
external that is still challenging one, then one must truly ask if it is an external outside
force stronger then the Divine force itself that is truly in power and in charge, or if this is
part of your participation in the propaganda war and program of the elites, of those in
charge against humanity and against the individual.

It is indeed time at this early stage of this New Year to pose these questions, to ask these
questions of yourself. That success will follow but success is multi-faceted, multi-staged.
Do not then therefore necessarily believe that it must change instantaneously for it takes
time to get the message through to the low self and have it fully participatory in these
changes. But understand that as you hold that you are in a safe world, a world of
abundance and prosperity, of good will and harmony, of alignment with the Earth Mother
and with the Father Spirit that all will come together, all will be well.

This is that which this Awareness does promise: that all will be well when one finally
breaks through the curtain of illusion that currently surrounds each individual. When they
break through the veil of restriction and the veil of forgetfulness, when they awaken to
their greater spiritual being and know it and believe it and trust it beyond all external
evidence. It is a hard challenge but it is the very challenge each and every one of you has
taken on and brought into this physical state of being to experience and to achieve.
That this Awareness is now complete. It sends Its light, Its love and Its blessings on one
and all and the journey that they are on towards true self-discovery and self-acceptance,
that which is the acceptance of themselves as creator beings, part of the Divine
emanation, part of that which is the greater truth and not that which is limited, restricted
and controlled. That this Awareness is now complete Its opening message.

Thank you Awareness, that was very, very inspiring. Thank you. 

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