The Great Cosmic Ascension COSMIC INTERSECTION

Dr. Angela Barnett


The music in this Album weaves the seven seals in the body out into the Cosmic Waves of the Cosmos and beyond into the Great Unknown of God's Eternal Dream that was created from His Eternal Energy. This Eternal Energy was woven into Light that intersected all creation in all forms, all dimensions, all realms into One Eternal Light that glows brighter and brighter each time a new emotion is created.

This is an extremely enjoyable composition even for those who are music lovers who are not seeking the spiritual significance. This musical is beyond comparison when the element of the Cosmic Consciousness of God Himself is added to the Eternal Music that we each make with God through our Soul. We are the Light who create God's Movie, and we are the Sound who makes God's Music.

This idea of the Intersection is within the Seals of your body where all of the dimensional energies of God's Eternal Dream connect into Oneness.These Seals will all be unlocked to allow the flow of Eternity to flow through your body.

Listen to how the Cosmic Jazz weaves all of the frequency signatures of all of the DNA of the entire Cosmic Matrix into God's Original Eternal Dream. This music moves the ear far beyond the Universe and beyond the Cosmos back to God's Dream that was written into His movie of light and sound for Him to Experience. God is always listening to the new Cosmic Jazz that is created as our new emotions intersect, collide, harmonize and re organize themselves into a brand new Logic that allows us all to play in our harmonic playground as the Children of the Garden of Eden who chose to live in light and never move into the judgement, control and fear of the Adult's World.

Dr. Angela Barnett

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