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  • Keep treading water and hang in there!
  • Thank you Kel for your answer, this is one of the reason I joined this network to have my feelings validated. I think deep down we know the answers, and in the truth, but in this human form and brain, having been raised with certain beliefs and certain cultures, and with the human dna we are not able to 'just remember' as easily as we would like. Also, I feel that for some reason I asked to not remember, or that it is best not to remember too much too is like we are anthropologists, missionaries, and explorers that have come to Earth. I think we were very brave to come here :) It resonates with me very strongly what you have said about spreading the love...I call it holding the light...the denser or more negative the persons/beings that you are surrounded by the harder this task becomes and this is where we must hold fast, be positive, stay grounded, and to keep our energies/auras as clean as possible. I have become so very sad at missing home, clinically depressed, this seems such as odd place are not abadoned and I am certain that they protect us, watch over us, and most likely there are people in your life that behave in that capacity too. In the end, love is what it is all about, no matter what the answers are...very well said :)
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"All this Marxist ideology stems from Jewish minds and communist Soviet Union is run by Jewish people.

"the Soviet communism, is basically a mask for Bolshevism, which is a mask for Judaism.” – Bobby Fischer, a Jew, press Conference, September 1…"
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"Good video! His take on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who he spent time with to create a communist NWO!
They promote these pacifying Yogis and their philosophies to the West / European Civilization as to subvert and pacify them. YURI BEZMENOV said that The…"
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"Again, I log onto this site and right off the bat I find the above. Since I have begun to wake-up, I feel as though I am being led precisely where I need to be, such as pondering "ONENESS" and "UNITY" all day long just to hop online and read the…"
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"it's good Albertha, vegetables for dinner sounds much better than bugs ... the value of human life decreasing by minute now. And its done so openly, no more secrets nor hiding makes me speechless a little and wonder what's coming next."
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I really don’t feel like coming here just to give you a “We told you so”, but since no one here is doing it, here it is: WE TOLD YOU SO. It's time to wake up again. They like to toy with your naivety. They've already moved the goalposts to a later…
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"I see a video about ''Yellow Meal Worm here. I used to feed the birds when i worked at a bird center but i never tasted these worms and I have the nerve to eat them. My nephew has eaten them while he was living in Vietnam he says they are much…"
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