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Contact with Blue Avians Channeler: Cari Eden Kindl

I was interested in meeting the beings called the Blue Avians so I went into a deep meditation, fully awake. Usually I am not able to see exactly what I ask to see. That has happened though. I saw a bird like humanoid with a plum extending out of the back of its head. It had big watery eyes that blinked quickly, a long thin body and feathers throughout the body. It had a small beak like mouth. And human like hands. It was communicating with me telepathically and told me that I would have to keep my vibration high to be able to hang with them. I was shown their home. It was beautiful with green trees and bright crystal clear water. I saw water was gushing out of this vertical tube into a round pondlike area like a water feature for playing. What I remember most is that I felt so happy and free. The level of joy and bliss was so powerful that I could feel intense electricity through my body. It was almost more than I could take. I was laughing and crying at the same time. I did not want to leave but I zoomed to another Avian that was working a console of sorts with a huge glass or screen in front of him or her. Then it began to fade. I was really sad to leave.

I learned that the Avians are here to hold a certain vibration to keep humans from losing their marbles as the frequencies are rising. They are sort of acting like power transformers. They exist within blue spheres. NASA has reported that there are massive blue spheres inside our solar system. But they have no idea what they are. They communiate telepathically and they are not agenda oriented so there is not a lot of mental chatter about earthly things like financial systems or the cabal. There is another group that is engaged with those things as most know called the Galactic Federation. There are many many groups of conscious collectives in the cosmic body that are engaged with the process of this particular human ascension event. The Blue Avians are fifth density beings but can appear as 3d beings. When I say fifth density I mean they are vibrating at a different rate than we are physically that is in alignment with compassion and unity 5th dimensional concepts. For me they define more clearly the fifth dimensional being and existence. They embody the spirit of play, creativity and compassion without. They seem to use technologies that are in alignment with life force.


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