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Everything is Energy. Everything that exists, exists on its own frequency. Your thoughts are frequencies. Emotion is energy in motion. What you feel (Emotion) about an experience attracts that same frequency back to you. Its quantum. Understanding how this works is the key to life.By consciously changing the frequency at which you perceive the world, you can change the world.Consciousness is becoming aware of oneself. Understanding who the I really is. One-Self. Remembering who - I am.The human condition is being lost in continuous thought. We are constantly in our heads. Thoughts of the past, the future, what we did five minutes ago.In addition to continuously having thoughts, we also react to our thoughts. The body doesn't know the difference between a thought and it actually happening. It still reacts to the situation the same way. The body produces chemicals as a defense mechanism. This causes many physical ailments.So what I'm trying to say people out there in Facebook land is becoming more responsible and aware of your THOUGHTS! This shall bring forth peace and understanding. Quiet the mind and you will naturally become Conscious. You still the mind, you can hear God.You're higher self is able to communicate more clearly when you quiet all the noise in your head.Ask yourself, is this really happening to me, or is it something I am consciously creating myself. If I am consciously creating it myself, then ask yourself, why do I choose to suffer.Once you become conscious about the thoughts hidden in the recesses of your mind, you can be free. You have no need to suffer any more, because it serves no purposeFrequencies - All thoughts have their own frequencies. Negative thoughts have a lower frequency. So if you have many thoughts of a lower frequency, then the events in your life also reflect a lower frequencyLove is the highest frequency. Emotions give your thoughts the energy to manifest in your realityIf everyone takes responsibility for the way they perceive their reality. Then the world would have to change its frequency too. Heaven on Earth.
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