Connections with creator gods & angels

Arch angel Uriel's light & beautiful cascading light rays of ascension :D

As i sat in silent meditation, channelling energies from distant places, deep within the earth, planets far away, crystal clusters inside the earth's mantle, connecting crowns & hearts to people, allowing them to see for themselves the truth that they are one with the spirit of the earth if only they reach out & listen to her nurturing strength & yet still bliss.

Reaching for angelic guidance over & over, asking for assistance & divine will, shedding tears of joy & feeling the rainbowed christed love in each person's hearts, pushing away force fields intent on control & domination, I reached out to Lord Jesus the shepherd, words echoed ..... i can't ,i can't, i can't fading into nothing....
Yes you can, Yeshua can, Love so string & powerful
i fell to tears, love so strong that i culd barely hold form, with every slight fall, filled with pure love over & over again

all fear transmuted into balls of light ready to be used against evil, fear & worry washing away into christed light.
For the earth was breathing divine love & the angels flew joyously

children laughing & playing comfortably, making breakfast in the early hours
I love you arch angel uriel ,all the lightworkers & healers of the world :D
the 144 thousand <3

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