conduit of negativity?

When I found this website I was very excited. After using this site for a few days I realize something,we suck as a race and and probably will not make it through this everyone here is severely distracted and most allowed very important emotions to be shut off,love and light and acceptance are really great emotions but if you love and except everything and another entity who has not put away their greed and lust or hunger to be better than some one else those love and light will probably be seen as weakness,so remember we are humans if you feel used or abused you dont say well I guess its ok I love you,you kick their fucking ass tell them they suck and what they did was wrong,say do you understand and if they do not then teacu them correctly,or something like that I dont think allowing critical emotions to just be ignored or allowed to pass you by,take that emotion and use it for whatever purpose you see fit,i notice alot of people here dont actually say what is nessecary for growth in humanity alot of wasted time and energy,you will never get that energy back a waste,waste of your lifeforce,when if we were sharing instead of arguing about how valid our opinions are and how invalid another persons is,i have seen this go on for two days over a discussion,why the fuck would you waste your time seeking validation from the thoughts of someone you will probably never see or meet, this site is made to distract us of course you think,no this is a place of love,love doesnt out and demean the people its intended for or carry on pointless arguements in the name of something you although many pretend to but none of you really know, and the reason is you still seek approval from others,i thought this was a place for the enlightened but all I seem to gather from this is alot of pretending and hiding from your humanity you need to face yourselves stop arguing and posting videos instead of your feelings I dont know the intent of this place but apparently its to make you soft weak and accepting of othe irs who only wish to extort or demean you I dont knoe about dna or ascension personally I beleive it to be bullshit crammed down the throats of those in search of something to beleive in when all you need do is beleive in humanity you cant correct people with love especially those who only act for personal gain,remeber your true goal enlightenment this shit is here to stop your growth and cloud your mind body and spirit you are being conditioned to back down and do what your told because love said to I really do have much love for humanity but I will never allow the vindication and justice of purifying ignorance. To br swayed by the words of people that wish to delude themselves and only exert prowess and the ability to point out the flaws of others you did not come to the earth this time to learn you are here to guide remeber the lessons you chose to learn in your past lives enlighten yourself, only you know you and only by stillness and devotion can you find it we all are enlightened immortals it is only up to you by facing yourself and your emotions to reveal the potential we all have supreme power ablity and god within and around us with the realization of the self and ones place you truly unravel the mystery we call human.
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  • Dont think was saying that this site is bad or wrong I simply feel as though it can be used to collect share and compile data instead of wasting time bickering,over who possess more wisdom or light,this should be more like a spiritual think tank of sorts as im sure it was intended to be,it just saddens my heart and angers my soul,i too am emotionally scarred broken home shitty childhood ive shunned the numerous friends I once had im really alone most of the time but I am not crazy about people so the seclusion is welcomed but I do understand where youre coming from,at least you choose to create and indulge, much better than tuning out to the television, so dont be bored share your ideas and feelings with everyone that is a very good way to pass time at least when the net is involved.
  • i do agree with you but there again, i go on this site to pass time really, i feel isolated where i live, and the people that i know that live near are not enjoying their lives and take medication etc etc, so i find myself on this site as i have no other way of passing time, of course i work and do past times like bike rides gym etc, but when you are alone and have a dysfunctinal family and a weak network of friends, apart from roaming the streets, i cant think of any other way of getting through the day, so .....................

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"I would not go to hospital now even if I shattered my femur"
2 hours ago
SAN 不滅 left a comment on Comment Wall
"My brother works in the nursing service and has reported that there were patients who had nothing, were always at home, tested negative, at home and in the hospital and then death allegedly died of coronavirus from the hospital. This happens a lot…"
3 hours ago
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"I have already mentioned several times that the so-called pandemic is a distraction. It serves to hide the financial crisis. The coronavirus is not the reason for the Finance Crisis. The Government want us to believe that. This my thoughts about."
3 hours ago
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"Moreover, it is always better to find the most simple explanation to a problem first, before looking for "Tesla ray guns," UFOs, lizard people, et al....

This pandemic 2020-21 is fake, because it is based upon fake medicine and fake science...

4 hours ago
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"Logic must inform you, SAN 不滅 and also your intuition....I will suggest that as you seem unable to go within for answers, we are here to help with clarity...

The salient point is that STATISTICS can be manipulated to suit hidden agendas..

5 hours ago
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"It is striking that many people come to the hospital because of another disease and died there in the end of a coronavirus infection. I don't know if you can prove that the patient actually died of this coronavirus infection, but who contradicts a…"
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"As my nation becomes a resurgent power, especially since Brexit I notice how Russia likewise becomes resurgent, especially with Putin at the helm of that great nation...
My nation, Great Britain, is, of course, a great historical rival (sometimes…"
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"SAN- Hospitals are literally murdering people for money

This is not an overstatement

Ask yourself---why do no people die of covid outside of hospital?"
7 hours ago