Returning COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS of the Pre Light and Sound


This album contains light years of Cosmic Consciousness woven back into a new time and a new reality. My Cosmic Family and I, including the Grandeyanas Emerald Order of the fifteenth dimensional pre Light and Sound Creation Team began the project of seeding a LIGHT WAVE into the 15 dimensions of this Cosmos 950 BILLION years ago. That's right, Mary Magdalene, Yeshuwa ben Joseph, Elaika and millions of others at that time began this wonderful Cosmic Project of sending the Light and sound of the original GOD WORLD creation out into the Universe, Galaxy and Solar Systems 950 billion years ago.

My name has changed billions of times, but my Soul is still with me. My Soul, Of the Breath of Light is 950 Billion years old--- or more, obviously, because this was just one of our projects. I am the same Soul as I was then. And I'm completing the same mission that I started with my Team- the mission to bring all of the original Light of Creation into every corner of the Universe.

This pre light and sound fields of Consciousness contained the absolute reflection of the Divine State of Love and Creation streaming from the Breath of Source. My Soul, "Of the Breath of Light" was one of these streams of Consciousness sent forth at that time. Our Light and Sound teams of Creation had many millions of years of problems with our creation, but, now is the time when we are aligned with the opportunity to re align with the original 12 Stargates that existed when our project began.

The big problem that occurred billions and billions of years ago went down in Universal History as the Original Sin. That sin was the DESTRUCTION of the 12th Stargate, Aramentena. That 12th Star was destroyed by the ones who are called the Annunaki. The Annunaki destroyed Aramentena and replaced her with a Star created only for the purpose of destroying the entire Human Angelic Race Line. The Death Star, Nibiru, was created to block the flow of consciousness between the other 11 stargates so that Aramantena could never return. However, now, we are in a time line that we have waited several cycles of 250 million years for, when we have tried over and over again to align the 12 Stargates. This time will be different.

This time we Shifted our Time Line into a Brand New Reality that does not include the Death Star Nibiru. This was the only way that we could return to that Divine Alignment that will allow all 12 Stargates to bring their Consciousness back into Gaia beginning December 21, 2016. This is the reason Mary Magdalene, Yeshuwa ben Joseph and Elaika are back on Earth completing this project that our Cosmic Families began 950 Billion years ago. This album contains all of the Cosmic Consciousness, memories, Stardust and long lost Love of our Dear Aramantena who has been restored and can now join our family of 12.

To fly above and soar to magic islands born from frequencies of golden dust streaming from the stars realign my consciousness with fairy stardust frequencies sitting on a cloud. One creating visions of crystal light weaving new realities as we sing. Where fairies dance upon the sun and sprinkle stardust on my home. A crystal palace floating on a pond of aqualite lined with angels dreams. Those are born to ride above and soar. Frequencies of golden dust realigns my consciousness with fairies stardust frequencies sitting on a cloud.

These are the realities that those of us who have already been commuting into our crystal cities and completely aligned with the grand minds of our starry families. These are the realities that parents will soon share with their children. These are the realities that children have been trying to share with their parents for the past thousand years. These are the realities that we have been veiled from as seals were placed on our thymus gland. The more we allow the light energies of Sun Alcyone, and all of the Suns of the Galaxies stream through our heads and thymus gland, the more visions of reality will appear. The images of visionary memory of the Aquafarian and Etheric Realms of our higher dimensional thought forms made of energy substance that are placed in the higher dimensional fields by our present moment self become manifest.

This is the Cosmic Magic that Merlin has been streaming into my ears from the voices of angels breath of Cosmic Consciousness. The magical breaths of Merlin's magical kingdom and Zadkiel's co-creative team as well as Uriel, Raphael and thousands of other Entities channeled the visions, frequencies, colors and words of this COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS album. In order to move forward through time, we must absorb high frequency sound frequencies into the crystal cell structure of the body, the consciousness.

As we absorb these sound frequencies into our morphogentic field, our merkaba body field of consciousness, the frequencies expand the realm of the morphogentic field. We must connect our frequencies into the Entities of Higher Frequencies and Dimensional Fields. We must connect our frequencies to all 12 Suns of our Universe through the Elohim of Hearing, the Elohim of Seeing, through Yeshuwa ben Joseph who is standing in the Cosmic Realm through Mary Magdalene who is holding the Light of the third and fourth dimensions firmly within the Pacific Ocean Ascension Portals.

We can create an Island of Light of Consciousness by connecting our frequencies to the frequencies of those who are in our morphogenetic field--those in our standing wave pattern. The field grows stronger until it begins to dissolve and transmute anything around it into the higher frequencies. The more the music is played that contains these higher frequencies, the more you will transform into a higher perception of multi-dimensionality-- of Christ Consciousness-- The lower perceptions will dissolve and become absorbed into your higher frequency field. Everything drawn into your personal Island of Light will raise itself into your perception--your frequency field. Anything that does not want to be transmuted into that field of reality will disappear from your experience.

THE NEW COSMIC THERAPY ALBUM is the vision of our personal Island of Light. It is made of the Standing Wave patterns of Aquafaria. We kept thinking that we would be moving to Aquafaria; however, when our communication with the angels became clearer we learned that we are to create the reflection of Aquafaria on Earth by drawing in the Cosmic Frequencies to Earth and creating through manifested visions of this new reality. That doesn't exactly mean people or loved ones will disappear, that means they will transform into the higher perception that you have of them. They will transform into glorious wonderful beings of light. They won't want to disappear, they will want to transform. Until we accumulate higher dimensional sound frequencies into our morphogenetic field, we remain frozen in time. There has been a time vector shield around us blocking us from our spirit body. The time has shifted so that this time vector shield can fall away now. However, it cannot fall away until the frequencies of our morphogenetic field are raised into the rhythm of love- the speed of light energy connected with the Consciousness- the Breath of Oneness.

This is achieved by aligning the resonance of all of the Frequency music, which already contain the Tone of Home, the Five Spheres, the Love Frequency, the Divine Consciousness. However, the individual Consciousness must truly be aligned into this entire Divine Plan of returning into the Oneness of our Original Divine Selfhood. We must internalize the new future moment by bringing in the pulsation of the rhythm, or the higher frequency into our body. This pulsation of a higher frequency is what moves us forward in time. If the new dimensional frequencies are not brought in and the new visions of the new moment are not brought into our consciousness, we remain frozen in this 3D time veil. In order to move to the future, the future of the 5th dimension, we must accumulate these frequencies. Each thing and each person around us is something we created as an electro-tonal thought pattern.

Now, Crystal Magic Orchestra is collecting these new entities of high dimensional frequencies or electro-tonal thought patterns that we wish to become externalized or manifest into our manifest field. We draw to us these entities by breathing their frequencies out into our morphogenetic field. We create these electro tonal thought patterns by connecting to their higher frequencies. As we connect more and more to their frequencies of thought, the more the multi- dimensional reality appears to us. We can also bring those around us into this higher frequency by seeing the God spark in them. By perceiving them to be of the higher dimensional reality , they will transmute into this higher electro - tonal thought pattern. The lower will transmute into the higher. If you have accumulated frequencies of higher dimensions to allow ascending out of perception, you also have the frequencies to transmute and transform those around you. You will go through many steps of transforming before you disappear. You will go through stages of improved health, higher visions, great memory and thought into great creativity. You will magnetize all that is needed into your experience. People will want to be a part of what you have.

The ones you love will desire to become transmuted into the higher frequencies. A morphogenetic field is a standing wave pattern holding patterns through which matter forms and events manifest. When a field is created it draws into itself and then expands out into manifestation. Older thought patterns and older thought patterns of the masses will stay frozen in the field of consciousness until the frequencies are raised into higher dimensions and new realities and thoughts and frequencies of higher entities are placed there. You shift things in your present manifest field by shifting the past into higher frequencies of a new reality field. You will encounter those realities manifest once DNA strands come into activation through raising frequencies into the next dimension. Re-create the past--change the past with new electro-magnetic impulses into DNA. Listen to the Breaths of Cosmic Consciousness, Inhale the Frequencies of Cosmic Consciousness and Exhale the Visions of Cosmic Consciousness. This is the formula of the creation displayed on this album.

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