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Commander Ashtar update for 11th March 2013 /channeling/Channeler Karen Doonan

Channeler: Karen Doonan come to communicate more information to you and to explain some of the energetic upgrades that will now take place within and around the human race. As my previous communication was accepted in TRUTH now I ask that you accept this communication in TRUTH for much is changing and the ability to filter the changes out will decrease as the energies INcrease.

Such is the inbuilt ability to control within the human vehicle that many are on auto pilot, this serves no one at this time least of all the human who is determined to keep their filters applied in order to try to negate the huge changes that are occurring within and across the planet earth.

The new energies are here to help mankind yet many of mankind are refusing to open their eyes believing that change is something to be in fear of. I would ask that all reach out to all at this time for the role of those who are termed "asleep" is to aid those who are on an advanced expansion and growth cycle.

Those who are reading my words are those on an advanced expansion and growth cycle, those who are being pushed beyond where they were by their SOUL. It matters not whether you can accept my presence or even if I "exist" for much is perception and many within the human race dismiss that which they cannot "prove".

This is a narrow point of perception and one that has been encouraged under the old earth energies. To constantly search for "proof" and dismiss with "none" is to live in a controlled environment and exist within the constraints and confines set up by those who sought to control and suppress the human race upon this planet.

As the SOUL that you are in TRUTH now wishes to experience beyond the limits that have been placed upon the human vehicle then naturally energetic upgrades must be downloaded and anchored within each human vehicle.

The downloading and anchoring of LIGHT codes is specific to the needs of the SOUL that you are in TRUTH, the energies that flood across and within planet earth and there for ALL, the codings that are required by your particular human vehicle will be ingested as needed and anchored as needed.

This process is governed by your SOUL and I ask that you accept the guidance of your SOUL at this time. Many within the human race are now preparing themselves for that which they have been taught would happen and the races/realms that exist in the universe with the human race are here as a support energetically to allow those who are able to move past the conditions put in place within their human vehicles experience TRUTH.

TRUTH JUST IS, it is not something that has to be defended for it needs no defense. The LIGHT codings that are being downloaded through each human vehicle work to release the tightly bound veils that you have been taught to wrap around your human vehicle, these veils work to filter out the wider experience of being in human form.

The LIGHT codings where appropriate and under the guidance of your SOUL will allow SELF to communicate at deepening levels with your galactic brothers and sisters. Again I would ask that you accept "under guidance from your SOUL".

To go from not allowing the human vehicle to accept there are other life forms to communicating instantly with every life form is too much of a jump in reality for many in human form. So there will be a process that is guided by your SOUL for the upgrades required to be downloaded and anchored. The process will then unfold within your waking life experience.

It serves no one at this time to try to go beyond in order to get "ahead" for many are falling to the ego that drives the human vehicle within the human race. The experience of being able to connect to the energy that you are in TRUTH whilst still in human form at galactic level is a process that must be anchored and experienced.

No amount of trying to explain using the human language will "convince" another human who has not experienced the connection. Such is the control the human logical mind has over the human vehicle for many within the human race at this time. It is not possible to experience through the human vehicle that which you cannot comprehend experiencing.

This is TRUTH that has many in deep frustration. You have been taught that certain phenomenon do not exist therefore you hold the vibration to repel such experiences, this works to further convince the human mind that such experiences are not real and not available, this was a way in which the human race were tightly controlled in the old earth energies.

As those among the human race who have incarnated specifically to challenge this begin to step into more and more experiences based on their memories of other civilisations and planets then this will help to unlock those who are "stuck" within the mind set of "impossible".

The reason that specific Beings chose to incarnate within the human race at this time was specifically to address the lack of expansion that was open to the human race in general under the old earth energies.

New phenomenon will now begin to be reported, new information will now flood the planet and those who are here to help in the expansion and evolution of the human race now prepare to take their places in order to help this be achieved. I would ask why many believe that a "take over" would happen when in reality the experience of each individual human being feeds into the collective consciousness of the human race?

Why would this scenario have been implanted within the human consciousness of the human race if not to produce fear that would then hamper the expansion of the energies that you are in TRUTH within your human vehicle. The most containing vibration to ingest is that of fear, it works to lower vibration and to hold the human vehicle within a holding pattern.

It can no longer work to create under the new earth energies for the vibration of planet earth is now such that manifestation under the old vibrations cannot last, they cannot endure and I give this communication to you loudly and clearly.

What will keep you "stuck" in this harmonisation process is the fear vibration, it can do you no harm, it cannot take over as such, but it can keep you in a cycle of energy that is not serving. The increase in energies over the next few linear days in human terms will seek to address this cycle and to help break it.

It serves no one for all to be in a "holding" pattern and this is what I seek to communicate at this time. For long enough the communication of all realms/races has been experienced in linear time with dates and times given to you in order many times to further contain you.

Linear time is a human creation and locks many humans into the self defeating patterns of the old earth energies. As many of you are now aware the ability to move outwith the linear time created for you is now being accessed.

This allows for more manifestation and greater anchoring of the LIGHT codes, again I would draw your attention closely to the workings of the human mind, if you believe that time exists and do not allow the experience of "no time" to be experienced then you in effect anchor yourself into the old earth energies.

The new earth energies will begin to break down linear time at increasing rates for time is not TRUTH. Everything is NOW and the challenge to all realms/races when guiding the human race in relation to events and timings is to try to place NOW into a linear timeframe.

This has further worked to contain the human race as the human logical brain perceives the "time" passing and nothing happening. This works to further the old earth energies. Many of the changes to your world and to your civilisation are such that they are not seen at the levels they can be FELT.

This is the key to the new earth, for it will take some time for the human brain to "catch up" with the heart. The heart is able to experience beyond the human logical brain, the energy that you are in TRUTH able to experience outwith and within the human vehicle.

When the human vehicle is going through the process of harmonisation it may not fully accept this TRUTH and discount the experiences that you have outwith the human vehicle as dreams. They are not dreams they are experiences for ALL JUST IS. It is the synching of the experience with the human vehicle that allows for the manifestation of all that is experienced in the waking life reality that you have.

I am Commander Ashtar and I will communicate more in due course. I ask that you understand the wider picture that is available to ALL at this time on planet earth. It is important that you move from "I" and "me" to ALL for you are ALL connected.

The old earth energies playing on the concept of separateness and "each". You may all be incarnated into a physical human vehicle but that does not mean you are not connected. These connections will further increase and I ask that you allow the human vehicle to begin to make sense of these connections.

Sitting in one part of the world does not negate the experience that the energy you are in TRUTH has outwith the human vehicle and the connections you have in TRUTH with all who are on this planet. There is no "leaving behind" or "missing out" for that is born of the old earth energies and the view that each are separate.

This is not TRUTH and not supported in the new earth. ALL ARE ONE, ALL are connected and ALL ARE. Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved Article may be reproduced in its entirety if author and authors websites are clearly stated and article remains unchanged in any way including the format which is written. (unless written permission is obtained from author).


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