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About 15 minutes before Pluto entered Aquarius, the following small asteroid impacted the planetary surface near Berlin:

With Pluto in Aquarius, existence of underground tunnel networks is going mainstream:

As Pluto progresses though Aquarius, the dark forces on the surface are deeper and deeper into fear:

Clearing of the Indian and African Illuminati networks is proceeding with full speed. All their bases throughout the Solar system were cleared a few days ago, and when the Aldebarans were removing their last ships in Low Earth orbit, this was brought to the attention of the surface governments:

And no, it was not the Russians:

Of the Indian and African Illuminati networks, only about 50,000 members in the tunnels below temples in India and about 70,000 members in the tunnel notworks below Subsaharan Africa are still remaining. These are expected to be cleared in a few weeks as well.

The main problem aside the surface Illuminati network is a remnant of the Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC) that escaped the clearing process between 2018 and 2020, and remained inactive until now:

On February 8th, Orsini family has activated the IBC in order to prevent the Resistance movement starting the surface operations.

The first thing they did was to activate one part of physical biochips that escaped detection of the Light forces and was inactive until now. This part of the biochips is a backup processor that is able to send audio video feed from the brain synapse signals via cell phone tower network into the main processing center which, according to sources, is located in an underground facility near the border of Guinea and Sierra Leone. Although this biochip activity is weak, it does represent an added layer of control upon the surface population and it moderately disturbs the plans of the Resistance for the surface operations. The Light forces will use their technologies to deactivate that part of the physical biochips relatively soon.

The IBC has currently about 18 million mainly Reptilian and Draco members in humanoid bodies on the physical plane, scattered throughout bases in the Solar system, mainly in the Kuiper belt, and with a small base even on Mars. These bases are connected with a network of jumprooms. All this will also be cleared relatively soon.


On the physical plane, the main stronghold of the IBC is a network of underground tunnels in Western Africa, especially in southern part of Senegal, in Gambia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Benin and in western Nigeria. This network consists of about 100,000 Reptilians and Dracos in humanoid bodies. Some of them emerge to the surface and are then infiltrated into Europe through southern Italy posing as migrants.

Another smaller stronghold is in a tunnel network beneath Colombia and northwestern Brazil, with about 15,000 Reptilians and Dracos in humanoid bodies. Some of them emerge to the surface and are then trafficked as migrants into the US through the Darien Gap:

Both physical subsurface strongholds of the IBC are connected with Solar system bases with jumprooms, constantly replenishing the supply of Dracos and Reptilians in both locations.

West African IBC stronghold is also connected to the network of secret biolabs in Africa, all of them under the control of the Orsini family:

Guinea and Guinea Bissau are the center of a Reptilian dark vortex portal that suppresses Goddess energy. This leads to the horrible living conditions for women in that area:

The whole area of Western Africa which is now the location of the underground IBC complex was participating in the transatlantic slave trade for centuries, and that led to horrible energetic conditions in that region:

Much healing is needed there, and the Light forces are asking as many Cintamani and Galactic Cintamani stones to be safely planted in the Western Africa where the IBC complex is located (blue ellipse on the map), and in Subsharan Africa in general.

As you can see on the map, very few Cintamani stones now exist there:


Our Ascension Conference in Phoenix was very successful. We have laid the foundation for the energy work that needs to be done for the United States in this year to go through the transition in the most harmonious and peaceful way possible.

The conference notes are here:

(Official reports : Cobra Conference on Ascension in Phoenix USA with additional links+documents( the 2 days, February 2024)


PFC NOTE : We would like to inform you that our French Prepare For Change team will make a broadcast in French to explain the conference on our new official French Prepare For Change youtube channel, if you are a French-speaker/if you can understand French, subscribe:

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Our Chinese team has developed a very interesting app that can connect Lightworkers worldwide.

The English version of the app is here:

And the Chinese version here:

Victory of the Light!

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  • The Moment of the Event

    Here are various phases of the transition. At the moment of the Event, this is where old society collapse. the dark forces need huge amount of energy to maintain the control in the perspective of thermodynamics. They will run out of the resources to maintain the control the system. And the nuclear of the new society will be created. You are the ones responsible. From you, the new societies will be created! start islands of light, teach people, create networks. When the critical amount of light is held by the expanding network throughout the planet, First Contact begins. This is the corporation between the surface population and galactic forces. There are already many motherships entering here now. They are huge network of the ships already in underground of the moon. The structure below and on the planet will be ready. After Pluto entered in Aquarius, this process is accelerating, and things are becoming more intense in the solar system, maybe within few weeks from now.

    As you can see in this graph, we are here now (just before the Phase IV). The event is here (entering point of Phase IV). And the polar shit is here (phase VI). We are at the extremely accelerated purification of all the darkness, so everything is getting crazy. All the darkness suppressed is coming to the surface. This is the purification phase. When that process is climaxing, and this is the moment of the Event (Critical Heat Flux). So this will be the craziest moment. But it is not the moment of the galactic pulse. It is not the moment of the polar shift. Not the moment of the micro nova event. It is the moment of the light forces intervening the surface of the planet, removing the dark forces, and starting the process of healing the humanity. Then humanity has some time to go through the healing process and get ready for the polar shift or coming solar maximum flares, or the galactic super wave.

    As we are getting closer to the Event, you need to understand that you will have a very active role in that process. There will be a lot of things to do and you are going to be very busy, but it will be more peaceful time. We all have to support each other.

    Solar Flash

    When the solar flash happens, many species can extinct because the tsunami coming afterwards will wash everything away on the surface of the planet. What is the solar flash is, actually? It is the galactic central sun first activates the core of the suns in the scalar field. As you know, our sun changes its polarity in every 11 years or so. But here, we are speaking about galactic interreference in scalar. So, as the galactic central sun activates our physical sun in every 13,000 years, usually during the solar maximum. Again, we are having the solar maximum next year.

    Magnetic Polar Shift

    This is a trajectory of the magnetic north pole of last century. The magnetic field was already moving. We are already in the initial phase of the magnetic polar shift. This magnetic polar shift triggers the physical polar shift. At the moment of magnetic polar shift, the strength of the magnetic field decreases quite much, and the structure between earth’s crust and mantle will change. There is a certain transition zone between those two, called Mohorovičić discontinuity. This is a very thin layer. And when the magnetic field around it decreases, it loses its intensity and become more liquid, and mantle can not hold the crust anymore, so they are both disentangled. But the rotation of the mantle continues while the crust stop rotating, creating huge tsunami on the surface. It will shift the polarity of the planet.

    Here, you can see the decreasing the strength of magnetic field of this planet. With the Carrington Event that happened in 1859, which was a very strong solar emission, dismantlement of the earth magnetic field has started. The process is accelerating in the last few decades. There is not much scientific evidence because most of these data is suppressed and very hard to find them. I took the graph from a website called Suspicious Observer.

    Now: -25 percent of magnetic field has been lost. And usually it decreases 1-2 percent every year, but now perhaps more.

    There was a very strong solar flare in the new year’s eve, strongest one almost in decades. To me, it was the strongest experience in this lifetime. This is getting so strong and even stronger.

    Solar Flare

    Once in every decades we get x20 solar flare. Once in every centuries we get x30 flare, which is even more powerful. And in very rare case, we get x40 flare. Those are very strong event, and if something like this happen now, it will definitely flip the pole, creating the polar shift.

    Solar cycles
    (I could not find the right image)
    (Different progress is shown in one graph)

    This graph is also taken from the Suspicious Observers’ video. As you can see, x1 flare is not dangerous. With x5, like in few months ago, it was more dangerous. X10 is more dangerous, and x20 can surely cause the collapse of magnetic field. I can not trust this graph completely because there was x20 flare in the beginning of December 2003. It was a very strong one, it created a quantum leap on that day, but it did not damage the magnetic field very much. So, there other factors involved. For example, it depends on if the solar flare is directed towards the earth or not. If it was not, there is no risk, but if it was towards the earth, it can be quite dangerous. If we have x30 flare away from the sun, we could see that from the northern hemisphere, but not in the southern hemisphere. So, there are many factors involved in this process.

    If the sun erupts, it will emit many particles bombarding the earth magnetic field. If the bombarding is too strong, those particles will reach the surface of the planet, they can cause spontaneous fire. There are many fires on the surface of the planet because of these particles. So, the global warming theory is completely nonsense. What is happening with the intensity decreasing and changes in tectonic activities, we see many volcanic explosions and earth quakes.

    This is a current solar cycle. this line(in red) is the prediction, and this is the actual. As you can see, we are in the more powerful cycle, and some expect the complete collapse of the magnetic field in this year. We will see! But next year will be much stronger year.

    There might be malfunctionings of current electrinicity. There will be many glitches because of the solar activity, so do not rely too much on the electric devices like cellphones or computer. I personally had many many glitches in last few decades. Things will not work anymore as they used to be. Blackouts might happen more often.

    (Note: the image above is taken from an article writte by Cobra entitled “Bubbles of Heaven”, which you can find here with explanations

    another complementary article here )

    What happens in the non-physical planes, there is a removal of subquantum anomaly and activity of Mjolnir technology which I will speak about today and tomorrow. We are now somewhere here (Phase III) since 2019. When it reaches the maximum transition, the Event will happen. After it happened, the flustration will be less and less. Here is the moment of the polar shift (phase V), and galactic super wave(phase VI). So, galactic super wave will be, in a way, more harmonious event than the Event itself.

    The problem we have now is the suppressed energy. Humanity has been suppressed during the last 26,000 years. There was too much suppression that created violence. Not all the damage can be transmuted in peaceful ways. This is the reason why we need the Goddess energy so much on the surface of the planet to reduce the amount of violence. The Event will be a catharsis that can cause violence, too. Many people will not be able to take what they have been done. One of the Event operations on the surface would be bring as much goddess energy as possible here. But after the Event, transformation process will be much more easier. And solar flash, polar shift, and tsunami should not be so traumatic. After the planet earth is purified, there will be a golden age. Well, I have explained this many times on my blog.

    As we are getting closer to the Event, you need to understand that you will have a very active role in that process. There will be a lot of things to do and you are going to be very busy, but it will be more peaceful time. We all have to support each other.
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