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  • I know this because I am part of the GFL (Ground Crew) - I have also ascended before - I chose to come back to Earth to help us get out of the muck and to raise the frequency - Once I got out of the Muck, I was able to help everyone around me - I'm from Sirius through Orion's Belt - Hang in there, the light at the end of the rainbow will happen this Quarter of the Year - Blessings B

  • this i can understand. and i really do hope so Brett, can't wait for it. x 

  • I agree that some of the Controllers are still here, but they don't have the power they once did - yes it's not over till it's over - But I'm feeling that we are very very close to a Peace and Loving new reality - One Love B

  • Sorry but i disagree, i feel you may be underestimating our enemies. I'm not saying i am right. but i am not easterly fool, maybe be a little native at times but I'm no push over. i have much faith in the ones who work for the light. but i have come to realized that when channelling with the light we get interference from the dark. We must keep on our toes this is no time to relax otherwise we will find ourselves caught off guard. 

    Also I'm still having problems with the Zeta Reticulans and co in person and channelling, so how can this be the case if the dark E.T's have been blocked out? Also i am very sure the illuminate are still around. I feel you are either very miss inform or maybe have a hidden agenda? (my opinion) but anyone who say's a war is over when the emery are blatantly still in control is trying to fool others as well as themselves. War is never over until there's freedom.. THINK PEOPLE. are you FREE? until i see process for my own eyes and are told from my friend's i work with then i will agree until then i urge people who read this. don't believe everything you read and see on the earth, keep an very open mind and stick with your own gut feelings this is no time to let your guard down. But keep love and light in your hearts.  MUCH LOVE FOR ALL . X 

  • Hannah - Peace 

    much has happened behind the scenes which is why they are starting to talk about it on CNN/BBC the powers that have been controlling media are about to uncontrolled - All Neg E.T have now been locked out of our Galaxy - The Illuminati have been taken apart -  The Underground bases Destroyed - The War in Space is over - Only Light can remain in the days and months ahead - they have no where to run to anymore and are now making deals behind the scenes. get ready all truths will be known on this planet by the end of this year. Blessings B

  • i hope this isn't part of a plot they are going to use to say where the alien's come from if the spiritual awaking happens where the alien's whom are working for the light come down to help us. and then they try and turn the human pollination against them, since after all, all media including CNN are run by the dark and they have already statued there's no life on other planet's? e.g its not like they can turn around now and say hey these guys are from Venus etc as they have reported no life is possible on the planet (which i believe to be untrue) Just a though... 


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