Cloudbuster a medicine against chemtrails

Hi,some people say, there are no ways against chemtrails....but thats not right. We had a week or so ago fine weather with blue sky and no chemtrails. But then they started clouding father sky with chemtrails here :-(...... result: rain, rain rain .....Yesterday I took my cloudbuster out, repaired it, put it together and placed it on a nice spot, where it is not to be seen from the outside. Sky was cloudy and rainy....since days uuughhh....the rivers here are overflowing.Result: the sky becomes lighter and I saw the sun there was a bright spot of blue sky right in a circle of 2km around the CB-Spot. Cool.But we definately need more of them in this area :-DPleas watch out these videos abaut how to make a CB and if you have the time and guts make your own CB. Thats fun when you all work together in small groups. Then material will be cheaper for all.Well that side does not provide their videos with an embedded code, so please click the likns :-)Cloudbuster who invented it?here you can read a bit about Wilhelm Reichor a german board:Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Orgonit und Cloudbuster:What to do about Chemtrails:sprayday080208vexcellent videoHow to make Orgonitebasis first?Example how a CB worksHow to built it part1:how to part2:well and as many say, that the making of a cloudbuster or also orgonite and the involved material is unnatural and not friendly to nature okay there are alternatives to be found aaaand I found someone who builts them differently: smaller ones out of: Calciumsulfatdihydrate very natural material....but I am sorry that the website is only available in I willadd additional information if I become aware of more. Have fun building CBs ;-)
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  • Heey Sanne,
    thank you very much forsharing your knowledge about Sylphs. They are really fascinating :-) Yes I also saw some in the sky here. Yes angels in the sies is the right name for them, they look like withe angels :-D.

    Well indeed, the CTs have increased.Youknow what ?? Especially on weekendswhen the weatherforcast says I´ll get sunny and clear blue sky.....theycomeoutas if they wouldn´t want us all to have a bit of sun after a busy working-week....
    keeping us in grey.It is really obvious and I become angry about that. On friday the sun was shining brightly and I was looking forward to take a sun-bath on saturday....all was misty and cloude *grrrrrrrrrrr*
    I need more of these cloudbusters. You know how you can tease them?? Get a couple of HHGs and go out hiding them in the woods,fields and the environment *grin* The´ll have to search for what makes the CTs vanish ;-)
    Well yes we need patience and trust, no fear...just love and light and being praying to the sylphs ;-)
    have a good Sunday
    Love and light
    LE :-)

  • Some other good videos are also to be found at youtube
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