Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 30th January 2015- www.omna.org
Greetings and love is sent with great volumes from the Universal Level of the Creator’s universe, the Christ

consciousness vibration is truly activating and penetrating its energies upon the Earth. The core vibrations

of the Christ consciousness within the Universal Ashram are expanding and activating with power filling our

Ashram and Chambers of light with such supreme vibrations of love. All Ascended Masters, Archangels
and Angelic beings of the Universal Level are gathering to witness the deep awakening of love within the
Core Christ energies of the Universal Level.

It is akin to the most supreme golden ball of light so filled with
vitality and life force energy continuously expanding its intensity and emanation from the Christ Chamber
travelling throughout the entire Universal Ashram. The love vibrations are greater than we have previously

I can only describe the vibrations as delicious for all aspects of the being, clearing and deeply
inspirational. We are all in awe as we gather to be present with the expanding and intensifying Christ
Consciousness Core of the Universal Level, as we do we notice the same expansion and amplification
within the essence of the Christ consciousness of our souls.

We recognise this expansion as an outer
example of the truth emerging from within our souls. It is such a glorious moment in our Ascension as we all
gather as if before a blazing fire to observe within and absorb all that is given from the divine Creator.

I, Lord Melchizedek, the Universal Logos (overseer) share our experiences from the Universal Ashram as
this is an awakening of the Christ Consciousness which is influencing all aspects of the Creator including
yourself and humanity.

The Creator has brought forth the Era of Love beginning from approximately 2012,
since this time the Creator has been expressing pulsations of love into the universe of the Creator to
support, awaken and guide all to a space of love within their beings and to therefore bring heightened
vibrations of love into fruition and greater experience.

These vibrations to me seem as if they are the
heartbeat of the Creator beginning slowly and quietly gradually increasing speed, rhythm and volume. New
and heightened vibrations of love are always expanding and flowing from the Creator, you can create an
intention now, as many of us Ascended Masters have, to be in continuous and constant alignment with the
love of the Creator.

‘All aspects of my being are in a continuous alignment of receiving the new, expansive and ever flowing love
vibrations distributed from the core of the Creator to aid the Ascension of myself and all into Love
Ascension, fulfilment and existence. I continuously receive the vibrations of love born from the Creator
supporting every aspect of my being eternally. Thank you.’

Due to a focus upon love on the Earth and the inner planes all aspects of the Christ Consciousness are
being united and empowered. The Christ Consciousness is a collective energy of supreme active love. It is
a love which encourages each soul to breathe the fresh and true vibrations of the Creator, expressing a love
born from truth thus encouraging creative expressions of love to be ever more present.

Deeper expressions
of love is the purpose of the Christ Consciousness especially at this time of Ascension, as it brings power,
courage and strength to love so all may believe and place their trust in love. You will notice over the coming
years that the Christ consciousness is ever present as it draws you deeper into the space of love within you.
It is present to support deeper conscious awakening of love within your being.

Imagine the space of love
within your soul and heart like a chamber being expanded and intensified a thousand times, can you
imagine your experience of love and magnificent expression of love, this is one of the purposes of the
growing presence of the Christ Consciousness.

Due to the love within you drawing greater love from the Creator into manifestation the Creator has
expressed an energetic wave of Christ awakening which first entered into the core vibrations of the Christ
consciousness in the Cosmic Level overseen by Mahatma , this then entered into the Multi-Universal Level
overseen by Archangel Metatron and then into the Universal Level.

Each Level experienced and still enjoys
the heightened glow and ever expanding Christ consciousness light, gathering to observe and experience
as we are doing in the Universal Level, we are absorbing so many insights, such healing and inspiration
from the heightened presence.

We are uncertain as to when the energy will journey into the Galactic Level
overseen by Melchior, the Solar Level overseen by Helios and Vesta and the Planetary Level overseen by
Lord Buddha. This Christ activation from the Creator is akin to a messenger fulfilling all who are drawn to
be in its core presence, as well as touching and calling everyone into the space of love within their beings;
their soul/ heart space.

The energy after moving through the dimensions of the Creator’s universe will move into Mother Earth.
Mother Earth will receive the Christ light which she will use for some time to bring healing and rejuvenation
to the Earth before distributing the energy into the cells of humanity to aid further physical embodiment of
the Christ Consciousness.

This entire process will occur three times shifting and guiding all and the Earth
through the foundational Levels of the Era of Love in manifestation upon the Earth. As a soul you can visit
one or all Levels of the Creator’s universe to bask in the sacred light, nurturing and nourishing your soul. We
welcome you to visit the Universal Level in meditation or your sleep state to simply sit before the enhanced
Christ Core of the Universal Level, breathing the delicious golden vibrations throughout your being.

‘Lord Melchizedek, it is my wish to sit before the Universal Level Christ Core to absorb all of the benefits of
its presence, to anchor and embody love more fully within my being. Please transport me to the Christ
Chamber within the Universal Ashram so I may sit amongst my light family, the Masters and Archangels of
the Universal Level.

Lord Melchizedek please transports me now with your protection and support, assisting
me in anchoring back into my reality when I am ready. I am ready to receive and explore this heightened
Christ Consciousness awakening born from the Creator. Thank you.’

We are discovering that many souls who visit the Christ Chamber at this time are experiencing a greater
presence of flow and ease in their reality and interaction with their soul and the crucifixion vibrations
enhancing the process of letting go and the end of old cycles.

It is truly akin to a healing balm allowing many
stagnant energies to accurately be dispersed, shifted and eased with greater comfort and simplicity. You
may also feel guided and encouraged to consciously experience the Christ Chamber of the Multi- Universal
and Cosmic Levels of the Creator’s Universe as well in a similar way as I have described.

You may also
feel guided when the anchoring continues to visit the other Levels of the Creator’s Universe.

As you absorb the enhanced Christ vibration you are achieving integration energetically in preparation for
Mother Earth’s transmission of the Christ Consciousness into the Earth and cells of your body.

The enhanced vibrations of the Christ Consciousness and the energy wave of the Crucifixion also have a
collective purpose which is to dissolve all unneeded beliefs, perspectives, theories and views of the
Creator, the purpose of the Earth, the Ascension process and aspects of religious faith.

It is a deep clearing
of illusion which brings forth a consciousness and clear awareness within humanity which is more fully
aligned with truth and fulfilment of the Creator.

Be prepared to recognise yourself, your reality and the Creator in a new, expansive and diverse way. You
may wish to affirm:
‘I am ready to expand my consciousness, I easily let go of all unneeded aspects of my consciousness to
bring forth the truth of the Creator.’

Please join us on the Universal Level we are in raptures of celebration,

Devoted Christ,
Lord Melchizedek

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