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You can shift into a past self who was a wealthy land owner, or a warrior who was completely fearless. When you shift, you shift into the Consciousness of that experience, you don't Blast to the Past like in the movies. However, when your Consciousness shifts, your entire world reality around you shifts into alignment with that Consciousness. This is what Quantum Manifestation is. We manifest the realities that we CHOOSE from the past present and future. T

hat can include this life time and all of the millions of other lifetimes, even the times when you were on the other side of the VEIL. Right now is when we make the choice of what Parallel Reality that we want to be our MAJOR SHIFT after 2016. The Quantum Shift will be so major that it will be exactly like dying and being born again in just a matter of moments. The reason for this is because it is our DNA that this born to a new reality. That changes us from within.


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