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Channeling and Strengthening Connections

Written by Wes Annac

As a channel, I’m beginning to be able to see how I personally receive the impressions I’m being given from the higher realms. With any one thing said that’s funneled-through an Earthly scribe, there are a plethora of ways the scribe can receive the message and the mind, while having its influence subdued, does help to interpret and translate the impressions into the scribe’s native language.

When we receive any impression, the natural instrument and translator that is our mind will find as many phrases or words as possible it is familiar with, to communicate what the souls delivering the message wish to bring forth. It is so interesting to notice the dynamic between an influentially-subdued mind and an open and receptive heart when bringing through a channeled communication.

Thinking about the manner in which the higher dimensional sources speaking to humanity come through, I find the entire process very interesting.

For the most part, I find myself away from any physical perception of the reality around me, and I simply sit and Be while another comes through and offers their impressions and advice. I can feel everything being said in a shallow sense, but I don’t quite have a comprehension of what’s being communicated through me and I’m unable to remember what’s said in a communication even right after I’m done channeling it.

At times, I have felt myself in entirely different astral locations while a communication was being brought forth. I remember that happening all of the time when I used to give readings, and it’s been happening more and more as of late.

As the sources delivering their communications to humanity have begun to speak to, we are constantly receiving energies and encoded impressions from those very sources and from our higher selves, which we can begin to decode and interpret. For some, this connection is fashioned into a commitment to delivering higher dimensional communications through themselves. For others, this connection remains more personal and is used for assistance along their personal Life paths.

I’ve begun to find an easy and clear access to the higher realms and to nearly any soul who wishes to communicate, in nearly every moment. While the beginning of the year was powerful enough on its own, the subtle and not so subtle effects of the ongoing descent of the higher realms unto our surface are certainly making themselves known.

Again; I’ve been able to establish what seems to be a very clear connection to the souls coming through me in every moment, and I’ve been able to receive specific assistance from them that has helped enormously along my path.

I’m getting the increasing feeling that each of us will begin to tap into and discover a real and lasting connection with our inner-realms that could come in the form of personal introductions to our guides and the facets of our higher selves assisting us. As we continue to open up and discover so much about ourselves that we’ve been taught to believe is illusory, we will discover that the very reality we’ve believe was real and fixed for so long is actually the illusion.

As I have, we will find our faith tested and the sheer lower dimensionality of this experience could weigh us down as it always has, but we are discovering an existence that is so much better and purer than what we’re going through currently and in so many of us, the desire has been bred to bring this future forth in any ways possible.

If my personal perspective can remain positive in every moment beyond the surfacing of negativity needing to be transmuted, I know that I can thrive in this time even more than I already feel I’ve been able to. You can too, but the flattened, negative perspectives that tend to latch onto us at times will teach us we can’t.

Our egos will try to make us think we cannot attain happiness in any given moment, but an opened heart will introduce us to so much Love and so many pure and uplifted feelings and emotions, that we will see this illusory reality for what it truly is.

More and more I’ve been receiving subtle yet noticeable impressions of places I can slightly remember myself inhabiting during past experiences. Higher dimensional places that I can barely recognize as I receive impressions of them are coming through to remind me they exist, and as I continue to discover the sheer beauty of this land around me, I am discovering as well that there are many places around here I carry strong memories of, for reasons I have not yet figured out.

In a sense, everything is opening up at present and each of us can find our expansively-opened hearts at this time and again, thrive from that connection. Of course, the drive to work work work away helping to anchor the higher realms we’re all beginning to feel is stronger than ever for me personally, and I’m finding myself wishing to be able to give or do more every day to strengthen this movement more than it has already been strengthened.

I’ve been given the idea of offering slightly-shorter messages at times for the benefit and ease of you readers, and for my own benefit and ease as well. Doing so will strengthen my personal ability to produce communications a bit more often than usual, and there is no sense keeping myself or any of you winded working upon or reading staggeringly-long messages that are intended to uplift and assist.

Of course, I still feel that drive to give as much as possible and cannot speak to how committed I will be to shortening the communications, but I’m sure that a tad less information couldn’t hurt. This connection that has strengthened so much is inviting a daily access to energies and information that are just dazzling, and my desire is to share as much by and through me as possible for anybody who resonates with it to hopefully benefit from.

So, this is where I am at this moment. Temptation to feed negativity or play-into difficulty or depletion are as strong as they ever were, but I’m finding myself able to realize when their influence is attempting to permeate my perspective and I’ve been able to learn from each lesson I undergo. Growth and awareness is being facilitated on a massive level right now and while we may experience or feed difficulty at present, we will come to find that experiencing and feeding the higher realms is much easier.

Wes Annac – Speaking from a place of growing understanding

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Comment by Wes Annac on February 25, 2013 at 7:07pm

Thank you so much, Feather. Noted! :)


I can certainly relate to the feeling of time speeding up. It has grown exponentially since we rang in the New Year and it seems lately like all of my days are a wonderful way of course. :)


Much Love,


Wes :)


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