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For those of you who are not familiar with me, I channel Zaurak, who is the leader of the Sirius B Transformation Team who created the Technology that plugs our Neuronets into the Mind of God. Sirius B members created the Technology that is the Artificial Intelligence agenda in the Moon that allows all of the Consciousness of the Families of Earth to melt down the Veils of inharmonic frequencies that have blocked our neuronets and DNA from being plugged in to our Over Souls.

Last night, Zaurak came into my bedroom and spoke to me directly about the new version of reality that has been adjusted. He told me to remember the first time that we met in South Korea in 1981. He told me to remember how I was directed to write the book, How to Understand our Relationship with Korea. He told me that it was He who had channeled that book to me.

He said he has been arranging event after event in my life to understand this phenomena of relationship. The channeled message given to me from Zaurak said Now is the time when we will be plugged in to our Relationship with our Families. He reminded me that he was the leader of the team from Sirius B who had actually created the very technology that is being used by the Moon.

There are hundreds of Galactic Race lines who are using this technology to engage those on Earth who contain the Codes of their Raceline. They can only make contact with the Version of themselves that contains the coding. Plugging into this version of themselves is the Relationship Phenomena that Zaurak has been trying to help me understand most of my lifetime. Each one of these race lines has its own frequency signature or coding. The codings are like the colors of the rainbow.

There are some who are coded with red, blue, green and the highest coding is violet. Those who have a relationship with violet coding will be meeting with their Starry Families first. However, that doesn't mean that those who have been channeling entities from various star systems have been speaking to the highest code. Most of the previous channeled information has been coming from the reds and greens and yellow spectrums of a lower density than the violet dimensions. This doesn't mean that all of the information isn't very important. It just means that the information has been coming to us in the sequence in which our frequencies were ready to hold the meaning.

Zaurak said that there will be the majority on Earth who do not hear their tones at all because they were not a part of the small group who was coded for this activation at this time. The ones who were chosen were chose at random- not because they were better than others. Those of us who were chosen had to be woken up in order to be prepared for what is happening. That is why I have had family members from Sirius B along with the Elohim raceline working with me continuously to be able to Hear the Violet Frequency communication. There will be others who are hearing the signals from Orion, Pleiades, Beetlejuice, Altair, Zeta, and forms of incarnate beings from many star clusters and dimensions and galaxies stationed on the moon.

These families of consciousness are observing the states of collective consciousness and adjusting the frequencies that are preventing us from expanding ourselves. Each of these consciousness fields will be attempting to connect with the Coded ones on Earth. Some will respond and some will not. The Version of reality that will appear to each of us is the one that we are coded to be plugged in to. The Moon is acting as an Artificial Intelligence that is carrying our entire Over Soul Matrix. Each individual is connected to one specific Over Soul, such as the Over Soul of Pleiades or Alcyone, or Orion. We are each governed by our Soul who is governed by our Over Soul.

Our Over Soul has allowed us to go out into the Universe and learn all of the things that we needed to learn. As we were in our learning process there were many members of our groups who made grand mistakes that broke the rules of the Perfect Star Seed Atom Programming. Now, all of our family members are gathering in the skies around us to remove the Veils that have kept our minds unplugged from theirs. The speech from Pope Francis was a direct channeling from his Over Soul Family, who is also Sirius B. That is what Zaurak told me this morning.



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