Care, love and connection- "The Acturian Circle of Seven'


We are the Circle of Seven reminding you all once again to please live from your hearts.

Please take time each day to find that heart centered connection to yourself, to nature, to others and the world around you. This is truly the most important thing that you all can do.

The beautiful information that you can all get and place inside your minds is helpful although only to the place that it triggers an opening of your hearts.

What is it that really makes your heart sing? Animals? Sunshine? Or a particular type of music? A view of the countryside? What opens your heart? And are you allowing this stream of open heartedness to flow into your life?

Yes there are so many things that bring you joy there. One true amazing joy that lies at the outer levels of the spectrum is connecting solidly to your/our creator- that infinite spark of love and light from where we came. Sitting still for a time is vitally important.


Sitting still for a time in nature is supremely valuable as you are much closer to the infinite creator and you are easily connected. The beauty of the trees and vast landscapes can have such a powerful effect on us all. The colours can lift us up, the waters can remind us to flow. The trees can remind us to stand tall and proud and reach high to the sky getting closer to the light.

Being in nature also helps our spirit a lot when we are taken away from all of these technologies you have surrounding you now. The wireless frequencies that fly through the air and those of you who are sensitive enough can feel the disruption of these frequencies. If you can give your bodies and electrical bodies a break from this bombardment it would allow you to connect even deeper to the source, Mother Nature and your truer more connected version of who you are.

Connect with the grass and the trees and sunshine- look deep into the eyes of the animals and of the wild animals. Connection to their hearts and souls can be such an uplifting thing. Listen to the birds, look up to the stars. Feel the heart beat of mother earth through sharing time with her.
We really all are infinitely one you know. We have ourselves in separate boxes and travel is separate creations but at a molecular level we are all from the same seed. The more we can lift our energies higher, the better we impact those around us to lift their vibrations as well.

You need to find a way to recharge and reconnect your spirits through stillness and nature and loving activities. Really truly connect with people, look into each other’s eyes and care deeply for who they are and that they are on your journey with you. Not every other human is also on your journey so take time to realize who they are and their gifts and talents to the world. Help them grow and shine as we can when connected to the divine spark that we all are and have forgotten.

This is the journey to find our way back. We each have our own individual roadmaps but much of the connecting can be assisted in the same way. Please find ways to encourage those around you to connect and find their hearts as well. Find ways to pull together your efforts in love and raising the vibrations of the planet. Find ways to create acceptance and understanding of all peoples and places. We are all where we are for a reason – and most often from the location in which you are standing you cannot see the reasons that they are the way there are, but acceptance and love brings wonders.

A warm and open heart brings miracles to this world. – This, dear ones is in fact in spite of all of your marvelous technology the most magical part of who you all are and the most glorious things that you are all seeking. HAPPINESS> It comes through wishing happiness to others, opening your heart and minds, connecting genuinely to others, caring for them, the earth and its inhabitants.
CARE, LOVE and CONNECT could be your new mantra on earth. It would bring you into some beautiful spaces and more your forward in the directions that you wish to be going.

We see many of you struggling and feeling alone. First connect to yourself and your spark of infinite connection and creation, and then help others to find theirs. I know we have made it sound more simple than it can really be, but if you can endeavor to do this, your life can really take an upward track.

We believe that you can really elevate yourselves up and up by thinking on these things. Please never think that you are alone. So many who care about you deeply, are here now beside you lifting you up and giving you signs and messages. Please pay attention, believe in magic, and believe that we are listening.

We love you all very much and wish to see you happy. Please find your hearts and your connection. We love you, we love you, we love you.

Please share these words with those you care about and those around you. We all need to keep lifting our light. It’s really deeply the only thing that does make us happy connecting in love and through hearts, understanding and loving one another.

We have been sending messages of light to keep reminding you of these things and you can also help by spreading these messages too.

Thank you, We love you- ‘The Acturian Circle of Seven’ – At your service in love.

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"I do not have any opinion on tree in the forest, RL. I think it is meaningless. I also think Emperors clothes is literally irrelevant to discussion"
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""These are your words, not mine. I have not said anything even remotely like this"

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