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Calm Alberta with Your Prayers, A Message from Tiara Kumara.

We are merging with elemental nature and
calling in the rains!!


Dear Family,

In case you haven't heard, there is a massive wildfire that is devastating scores of acres,
homes, neighborhoods and entire communities. It is fiercely growing and now spreading to
the neighboring province of Saskatchewan. The situation remains uncontrolled and
highly dangerous Sources say that it is now so big that it will take months to put out.
One of the most powerful things we can do to assist this situation is to call in the divine
intervention and consciously merge with the forces of the elements to help bring calm and
hopefully lots of rain. Will you join me in this group activity and as soon as possible?

Below is an invocation activity to give support to your calls. Please say it with full
conviction followed by a brief meditation.  Visualize the rains coming immediately and
putting out the fires. See the winds coming after the rain to quickly clear the smoke.
Give your prayers up for the people already affected and that all people, homes and
firefighters are safe.
For more information about the fires, please google Alberta wildfire.

Let's go into action now!!   
Tiara Kumara

We now call forth the 'I Am Presence' of every human being who at any time are praying
for the quenching of the fires in Alberta to join us in this prayer invocation...and
In the name of God and the Great Presence of all life, we call forth and invoke Divine
Intervention from the realms of light to assist in stabilizing the massive outbreak of fires
raging across Canada.
By and through universal law, we call into immediate dynamic action...
* The Spirit of the Earth
* The powers of nature and the forces of the elements
* The legions of angels assisting Earth's evolution
* and the field of Unity Consciousness
Please come and amplify our efforts one thousand fold in accordance with the highest
good of all. THY WILL BE DONE!
Beloved Creator, send the transforming universal light into ALL of these wild fires to
neutralize and calm the destructive effects. May these fires be immediately contained
with an impenetrable bubble of pure spiritual energy. THY WILL BE DONE!
Assisting angels and elemental family, let the rains pour over the earth in all of the
affected regions. Drench, soak and saturate the land with the flow of rain until all fires
are safely out. Bring forth cooler weather that supports balance in the realms of nature.
Please protect all of the brave men and women fighting these fires with an invincible
shield of Cosmic Power. Bless them with unlimited energy and every possible means of
support. Expand this field of protection to all people, wildlife and nature in the affected
Assisting angels and elemental family, please clear the air of all toxic smoke and chemicals
caused by the fires. Guard the health and safety of all residents along with their homes
that may stand in the fires path. Stand vigil at their sides until all fires have ceased. THY
Great Presence, may this intervention and its containing matrix be made
imperishable, eternally sustained, all powerfully active and ever expanding until the
Divine Plan is fulfilled for Western Canada and its surrounding areas.

We seal this activity in Cosmic Peace.

* Talk to the fire elementals. Lend them your inner peace. See them responding in great

* Become one with the water element. Visualize the rains coming immediately dampening
the flames.

* Breathe with the element of air. See the winds coming after the rain to quickly clear the

* Give your prayers up for the people already affected. 

* Ask that all people, homes and firefighters are safe. Give support to all volunteers and
agencies assisting.

It is done.
We are so grateful. 


I AM Avatar/,,Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville, NC 28787
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Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on May 10, 2016 at 1:06pm

Dear Drekx Omeega,

You are very right,

Sometimes we are getting messages from the divine also and when we neglect then the result comes what so ever one has to suffer and here see so much devastation has occurred.

Thanks for your concerned about and the message.


Comment by Drekx Omega on May 10, 2016 at 9:13am

Earth Guardianship students, among GFL Ground Crews and their designated land sectors, across all nations, are there to keep the good order of nature.....

A few years ago, we attempted to train a potential sector commander, for that very role in Alberta, Canada, but she instead chose a different path, connected with a college education...and so that role became vacant...This is what happens when individual starseed/sector Ground Crew, seek not to listen to GFL advice.....

I suggest that all indeed fill in the gaps, using a global approach, which will not be as effective, but might help a little..

Comment by amparo alvarez on May 10, 2016 at 4:07am

Thank you Dr. SohiniBen for posting this important message...I sent it to all my driends...including you ...Blessings to you and yours...

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