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Am I bringing down the grid of love?
When I hate that children are murdered on a daily basis for the sake of selfish satanists who don't want to be held accountable for all their crimes?

Am I bringing down the grid of love when I cry for the souls of the lonely, the lost and the weak who are being trampled on constantly?

Am I bringing down the grid of love because I refuse to be ignorant of all the evil that is upon the earth?

If I am then this is no love I want any part in!

Ignoring a situation does not make it magically disappear and thinking things away does not wash the blood off your hands! Only atonement can do that! The whole world was watching. There are witnesses everywhere.

Only ONE atonement can do it. What Father who sends His Son is going to let anyone who denies Him into the Kingdom of heaven? Many enter like thieves and robbers and will be punished!

Anyone who denies Yahshuah as an atonement will not have a leg to stand on in the day of judgement.

All those who practice falsehood will have no part in the kingdom of heaven. All this happy clappy fairy crap does not wash with God! He can see right through you! Ascension and trans-humanism is the new age deception. If you have opened your third eye you have eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Did God not say in the beginning you should surely die? Also did God not set the same mark upon the foreheads of the children of Cain, the first murderer? Why is everyone following Cain? Solomon turned from God and worshiped false gods/used demons to become ruler of this world. The son of man, however is not of the world. David is not in this world and the true kingdom of heaven is not this world. Do not be deceived. You won't find Abraham, Isaac orJacob here. The most high is the ruler of all and you have turned Him away for Jezebel.

Sananda IS NOT JESUS!!!! Do not be deceived! Charlatans! Demons! Jinn! That's who you converse with when you converse with the spirits of this world. Do not be deceived! You can't just think it all away. It's just NOT that simple.

You want Jesus? You pray to Yahshuah Ha Mashiach, asking Him to make atonement for you. He is truly the only atonement for your sins. Ask for the Holy Spirit to dwell with you and rid you of kundalini. Believe me God's true love is so much more powerful than kundalini alone. It's something else! Definitely worth doing! Live in truth, not these lies!

I know many of you will not have eyes to see and ears to hear as few are chosen by God to see the truth although many are called. Life is hard, life is difficult and you don't have to do it alone. You need only ask the true atonement Yahshuah Ha Mashiach for salvation. May the fire be with you and not overcome you for hell is real. Don't let them tell you otherwise and so deceive you. If you think this life hurts you haven't seen anything yet. Get out while you still can! While the door is still open! This door will close soon-take the narrow path and accept the cornerstone the builders (Freemasons) rejected.

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