Dr. Angela Barnett

The Moon was created as a gravitational matrix for the Earth.

There are electro-gravitic implants within the body of the Moon, deep within it. They are discovered and registered on your instrumentation as what you have referred to as mascons: massive concentrations deep within the body of the Moon about what you would call 20 miles below the surface, that are large disc-like objects, that are responsible for creating a relocation of the gravitational matrix and moving the Moon, to its present location, and regulating its orbit.

The Moon is actually a Station that allows the Communication from Source Energy to flow back and forth from the Earth and from the electro-gravitic implants in the Moon into the Grids of the Earth. These Grids keep the Earth in Balance with the Light of Consciousness.

The Blue Moons are a time when there is the greatest amount of Light of Consciousness flowing from the Moon into the Grids. When there is more Light flowing through the Grids than there is Light within the human consciousness, there is chaos.

This is the reason that the amount of Light coming to Earth had to be given gradually until the time when there was enough Light on Earth to turn on these BLUE MOONS.

We are now in the time of Harmonic Universe Two when we must become so full of light that all darkness is cleared away.

This is why many are talking about the importance of clearing the chakras for the Blue Moon.

Dr. Angela Barnett

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