BLOG POST #5 - 8/5/13

Excuse me for my absence from this website, as I've been checking out other forums. 

Tomorrow is my birthday where I will be turning 17 (yes, I'm that young), and while my birthday is coming up I have been pretty much expanding and combining ideas that range from: the Occult, Deism, Metaphysics/Ontology; to Taoism and Zen Buddhism. That being said, I feel that the esotericism of today has been watered-down and devoid of real Metaphysics; with the New Age being a copy of Theosophy and Theosophy being a copy of all of the ancient mysteries without much Philosophy. The New Age, as I have said before, has been too much riddled with reptilians, UFO/Aliens, indigo/crystaline beings, you name it. This is no disrespect to my friends on this website who are into that, but the main reason why I was here was to basically try to bring Philosophy into the esoteric circles. 

This goal has evolved into not only learning from people, but to bring my learnings to teach to people - regardless of the quantity of people. My goal is to try to incorporate Magic, Alchemy, Meditation/Contemplation, Symbolism, etc., into the realm of Philosophy, Metaphysics/Ontology, and even Naturalism (which is what I'm currently exploring). I'm also going to incorporate the classical educational systems of Trivium (Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric) and Quadrivium (Music, Number, Geometry, and Astrology) into the mix. 


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  • It was very kind of you to post a link. I have yet to see you post anything of what your truth might be. You state your goal is to teach and I would like to hear what you have to say.

  • @Bruce

    Well, I've been on many but this one is the best:

    PS. To me, I think the whole channeling bullshit is fake. I would just stick right to actual Metaphysics if I were you. 

  • Happy birthday! I read your bio and I am amazed at all the things you were and are at the age of only 17. What are the websites that you find interesting?  I like this site. They let you say whatever you like on any topic you want but most of the topics are channeled information and I find they all say about the same thing in varying degrees. You would think people from other planets would have a lot of really interesting things to say but I am not finding that to be so.

  • Hi dear. I admire your passion and research into Spirit. I have found a spiritual path you may be interested in researching as well. Eckankar. It's a wonderful spiritual path that answers a lot of questions that nobody else seems able to answer. Although some try to turn it into a religeon, to me it is simply one of many spiritual paths, one that works for me. Just google it. Let me know how it resonates with you. I look forward to hearing from you. You are a fascinating young man.

  • Nice post!. I look forward to what you are bringing that is different and hope that I can add something of value to it.

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