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Benjamin Fulford - September 8, 2014 w/comments from David Wilcock & Heavenletter #5036 - It Is Natural for You to Be a Seeker

The views below are those of Ben Fulford and not necessarily of this blog.  Consider it data which needs to be sifted through.  Ben has been wrong a number of times in his predictions of future events, while his leads on past events are many times correct.  Ben often speaks as mouth piece for the dragons, and sometimes what he says is meant as coded messages for various parties in the on going drama on this planet.  -AK

Monday, September 8, 2014

Benjamin Fulford - September 8, 2014: anniversary of 911 comes with no arrests but some untimely deaths

This week marks the 13th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 Nazionist terror attack and subsequent fascist coup d’etat in the United States. US “acting president” Barack Obama shows his true colors by the fact he repeats thoroughly discredited Nazionist lies, including those about that mass murder event.

Obama himself admitted last week that he was an actor. In an interview with NBC, when asked about why he went directly to the golf course immediately after making a statement about the supposed death of American journalist James Foley, said “Part of this job is also the theater of it…a part of it is, you know, how are you … not something that— that always comes naturally to me.”

However, there is a faction that is definitely going after Obama’s Nazionist script writers that will hopefully force Obama to read from a new plot line. The recent suspicious crash of Richard “vaccinate all kids under 5” Rockefeller’s plane, and the life threatening injuries inflicted on 911 planner and former FBI boss Louis Freeh have been followed by another suspicious death. This time the victim was Larry Glazer, whose plane had its oxygen supply cut off, a common form of sabotage. Glazer’s family are co-owners of George Bush Seniors’ Zapata oil and have worked with the Bushes for many years.

Also, actress Joan Rivers died of complications from “throat surgery”, shortly after calling on everybody in Gaza to be wiped out, in what is seen by many as either an attack on the Nazionists or a fake death.

Many more are going to die before this is over, CIA sources say.

That is why the terrified Nazionists are constantly screaming and threatening new terror attacks. The latest is from the Mossad linked site Debka threatening dirty bomb attacks in the Middle East and a European city on the 911 anniversary. However, the smart people at Mossad know the gig is up and that any attempt to blame a new attack by them on ISIS or Al Qaeda or any other front will not divert the inevitable payback that would hit Israel.

Meanwhile, the Nazionist attack on the Ukraine is going badly, a Russian government source says. “The Ukraine is going broke, the army on their Eastern front are defecting because of lack of food, ammunition, and pay. Their central government, likewise, is beginning to collapse because of a lack of funding,” he says. All Russian President Vladimir Putin has to do is wait because winter is approaching and they will have no gas, he notes. Germany, which also needs Russian gas to get through the winter, is increasingly anxious to settle the Ukranian crisis, he added.

Putin, for his part, needs to make sure people friendly to him seize control of the shores of the Sea of Azov between Russia and the Ukraine. This is to make sure Russia controls the giant gas deposits there that are one of the real causes for this crisis. That is why fighting is still reported along the shores of that sea despite a supposed cease fire.

The 67 world leaders gathered at the NATO summit held last week were unable to come up with any real solution to their imploding Ukrainian gambit, according to MI5 sources. The best their armaments company sponsors could come up with was to get them to use their new fake cold war with Russia as an excuse to build arms stashes all over the world for a “rapid reaction force.” They also all publicly said they will not send weapons the Nazionist regime in the Ukraine.

The governments of the US and Europe, however, cannot afford to go on a weapons buying splurge these days though because their economies are imploding. The IMF, formerly the apex of world financial power, is bankrupt. The Federal Reserve Board, the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan are also in a panic because their fiat fairy dust money sprinkling is not producing the magic results they hoped for.

The EU has actually put negative interest rates on bank accounts to try to force companies to spend it.

The problem is that their entire business model based on leaving everything to the free market is not working because a system based on individual greed only creates wealth concentration, not prosperity. The EU enterprise will collapse unless its leaders come up with some dreams and plans for the future of all their people. Scotland and then England are likely to be the first dominoes to fall out of the union.

The United States, for its part, remains the worst basket case and now relies almost entirely on China to keep from going bankrupt. That is why US National Security Adviser Susan Rice is now in China on a begging mission for Obama and his handlers to make sure the US corporate government can survive beyond this September 30 fiscal year end. The Chinese are not going to let the US go bankrupt but they will use their financial leverage to force many concessions, Chinese government sources say. In particular, they will ask the US to jerk their Japanese slave government’s chain and force them to stop provoking China, they said. In addition, they are asking the US to become fully transparent about the 12 nation Trans Pacific Partnership they are trying to negotiate. They will also ask the US to abolish the TPP provision that would allow a secret corporate court to have power over governments, they said.

Presidential actor Obama has already agreed to come to China in November to kowtow to his Asian masters, they added.

The Japanese economy, meanwhile, is in a tailspin, shrinking at an annualized 7.1% rate in the latest quarter thanks to excessive cabal looting disguised as “Abenomics.” What “Abenomics” really means is that the Japanese slave government has handed over control of all listed companies to cabal controlled funds. The cabal is now asking for cuts in wages, mass firings and looting of pension funds in order to squeeze more profits out of these corporations. In addition they are asking for a cut in corporate taxes and ongoing hikes in consumption and other personal taxes in order to squeeze even more out of the beleaguered Japanese people. The resulting collapse in the Japanese economy proves you cannot squeeze blood out of a stone.

There is an anti-cabal revolt brewing in Japan because of the cabal excesses. The Japan Revolutionary Party and the Japan Independence Party will make their move when the timing is right, party sources say. The move will involve arresting the people involved in fraudulently stealing the last general election for Abe. Nazionist agents in Japan like Gerald Curtis, Michael Green and Richard Armitage will also be dealt with, they said.

Also, the collapse of the Japanese slave state’s economy means the cabalists will have to try to beg even more out of China. That means even the low IQ right wingers who counted on the US to help them in a fight with China are finally waking up and realizing they will have to talk with India and Russia if they want to keep a balance with China.

To that end, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was invited for a week-long visit to Japan that ended on September 6th. However, the Japanese corporate slave media became very quiet in its coverage of the visit after it turned out Modi was not interested in joining Abe’s plans to pick a fight with China.

Russia’s Putin is expected to visit Japan this fall but Russia is not going to join Japan against China either, the Russian government sources say.

Instead the Chinese and Russians are pushing the Japanese to join the BRICS alliance and Japanese government sources say there is a growing lobby calling for exactly that.

That is another why Obama will be rushing to China in November to try to keep a semblance of the US “pivot to Asia” intact. “Please don’t leave us out of the party,” will be his main message. “Then arrest the criminals who control Israel and your country” is what the BRICS answer should be.


Comment by dwilcock on September 9, 2014 @ 12:59 am

It does seem that the world situation is reaching a critical mass, sooner than most people think.

I have been working very hard, including starting my third book, which I feel very excited about.

The insiders I’m in contact with have spread rumors of a major financial system change happening before the end of this month, going from Federal Reserve notes to Treasury notes.

Again, though, we’ve heard this about five times before and it never actually happens. Plus, for all those people who hope the dinar is going to skyrocket in value once this happens, every real insider I speak to says that is not the case.

The Bush faction created that fiction in order to partially reveal and partially obscure what is going on, and then to profit off of it by selling worthless dinars they acquired from the Gulf war.

The work on the book has stopped me from doing as much in the geo-political sphere as I normally would. I am completely neutral about whether we will see anything major this month, since the Cabal keeps trying to accomplish huge changes and it doesn’t pan out that way.

It is a real exercise in patience to watch this slowly grind along. However, in the process people are waking up at an astonishing rate. As an example, read the comments on this Huffington Post article:

Al Jazeera Retracts Story Suggesting ISIS Beheadings Were Staged

Notice that almost every commenter agreed that it was a fake event, used as a phony provocation to try to get us into another war.

I don’t want to belabor the point about why the beheadings are fake, as that only encourages them to do others that are real — and far more grisly.

I will say that the military insiders shared data with me that is gruesome, but helps to understand what is going on a little more. If you are squeamish don’t read this!

If you actually open someone’s throat with a blade, such as in combat, there is 20 to 30 PSI in the blood. Unlike the movies, you get a tremendous surge of blood that can go 20 feet and starts as soon as it opens. This can also be seen in the beheading of a chicken.

It’s not something you have to wait to see. After four or five pumps, the heart has already ejected most of the blood in active circulation, although there is about 80 percent that will still be lingering in the capillaries. That portion has to be drained — but the point is that if someone’s heart is beating fast, the active blood could all emerge within just a few seconds.

Both of these videos fade to black when the throat is allegedly cut, and we see no blood whatsoever. This is not what it would look like — it would make a horrible mess.

There are two main ways they successfully behead people in the Islamic culture. One is that you sit in prayer position, have your face down on the ground, and they use a large axe. The other method is with a long and sharp blade like a scimitar. They have to catch the neck bone at the beginning of the stroke and then pull, hard, hoping it will saw through the bone on a long pull.

Soldiers trained for intense combat are given pigs to behead. With smaller knives like the one used in the video, it is almost impossible to finish the job. This is done deliberately to teach them how to go through the process. I was told some soldiers, using knives even bigger than the one in the video, can literally spend 45 minutes sawing away at the neck bone of a pig before getting through it.

So bone is extremely tough and durable — and that is another one of many reasons why the man in the video could not have beheaded these victims with the alleged blade he was holding.

This is grotesque stuff, but when videos like these may be used to try to rope us into another war, it’s important to know what we’re dealing with. I totally wouldn’t put it past them to do a more gruesome and accurate beheading as a result of this. Thankfully, though, it appears that the militaries and governments of the world realize what is going on and are not going to engage.

It would be nice to see a big change this month, but the “smart money” does still seem to be on the idea that the overall trendline stays remarkably stable. Hence I have not made any posts trumpeting the idea that major events could happen this month, because they probably won’t.

Ben is saying the Cabal running the US will cut a deal with the Chinese that will get them through this month — and onward. It will be interesting to see how this all develops. Sorry for the beheading info — I’m just passing along what I was told and hope it may help you understand more of why these particular events appeared to be staged.

- David Wilcock

Heavenletter #5036 - It Is Natural for You to Be a Seeker

Posted: 08 Sep 2014 03:26 PM PDT

MC Escher tribute art

Heavenletter #5036 - It Is Natural for You to Be a Seeker

September 8, 2014

God said:

What is meaningful to you? This is what you follow. This is what it means to follow your heart. You want to follow your deepest heart. Surface desires are one thing. Deep desires are another. And, then, you have to know, there are desires you follow that you are not yet conscious of. You have dreams that you don’t even know you have. Deep dreams as well as surface ones.

You may not have known you wanted Me, were seeking Me, and, suddenly, here I am, and you know instantly. You don’t understand how you didn’t know. Now you are astounded.

By whatever name I may go by in your town, you have been seeking Me which is the same as to say that you have been seeking yourself. You have wanted to become acquainted with yourself all this time, all the time you floundered. All the time you thought you were seeking something else, you were seeking Me. You have always been a seeker. You may have been a vague seeker, yet a seeker just the same.

And as much as you deliberately or haphazardly sought Me, now that you have found Me, you seek more and more of Me, and there is more and more of Me to be found. Your seeking stretches out into Infinity. If We, you and I, were two horses, We would be flying as One, neck and neck, flying over the concrete world, flying with the ease of angels, welcomed on every surface, the moon, the stars, in the innerness of the sun, and in the air and in the consciousness of the world.

You seek the sought, even when what you are seeking isn’t clear. You are a seeker. Your nature is to seek. Your nature is to become close to everything and to love everything as if it were your own. You own nothing, yet all is yours. All is for you. All is a rhapsody playing itself for you. You are the hearer. You are the heard. And it is you seeking to hear.

Now We come to it. There is nothing separate from you in the whole wide Universe. There is nothing separate from you anywhere. There is no where, no why, no when, no how, no time, no space. All that you know and all that you don’t know is within you. Nothing is hidden from you. You may not see it or hear it. You may have glossed over it like your glasses when you can’t find them. They’re there. They’re right there. But, of course, it is an inner seeing and hearing that We speak of.

You are the Big Bang. You are the Creator and the Created, and you are the distance between even as there is no distance between.

All of Creation is even more mysterious than you imagined, and all of Creation is also simpler than you imagined. What is simpler than One God? What is more mysterious than One God? And where does that leave you? It leaves you right with Me, the Original One in Whom you always were and are. Never have We been separated. Absolutely not. Only in your vision, only in your memory, in your memory for which there is no need because there is nothing but Oneness, for the past is an illusion.

All there is is Infinity, and here We are, here I AM, the One ensconced with you, My beloved, ensconced with you for all of Infinity in which I sail and of which you sing, yet the fact is that I am the Sailor and I am the Singer and there is no you at all. You dreamed a dream that you were separate and elsewhere. You are beginning to wake up from this dream. As you wake up, you dissolve within Me. This is a good place to be here with Me as One. And so it is.

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