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The Khazarian Mafia’s “rules-based world order” is staging a desperate offensive to stay in power and avoid war crimes tribunals. To this end they blatantly stole the UK election and installed blackmailed pedophile Keir Starmer as Prime Minister, MI6 sources say. The next phase will be to try to install either Michelle “Big Mike” Obama or Kamala Harris as President in the US, they say.

Here you can read how Barack “Thunder of Satan” Obama mentored the new UK prime minister to help him tell his story



It looks like the memo the media parrots got was:

– throw Biden under the bus

– start preparing the public for Big swinging like a bull Mike


The plan by the KM Zionists is that Obama from his basement will then be able to control both the US and the UK.

As we shall see below, this plan is doomed to fail.

For now though, the KM are on the offensive. In the UK, even official election results show the election was stolen. Starmers’ Labour Party got 412 out of the 650 seats in the UK Parliament with only 33% of the vote. In another sign the election was stolen, Nigel Farage’s Reform party got only 4 seats despite getting 14.3% of the vote while the Liberal Democrats got 71 seats with only 12.3% of the votes. The corporate media is trying to say this was because of the “first past the post” electoral system in the UK, but MI6 confirms the election was stolen outright.

In a sign the KM are playing hardball, our colleague Michael Shrimpton -who provided us with the Starmer KGB file we published last week- has gone missing and it is feared he has been killed. This was to prevent him from writing in detail about how the election was stolen, MI6 says.

In his first speech since becoming the Prime Minister, Starmer fully pledges his allegiance to Ukraine and Zelensky.

Now Starmer is “following the fake Biden show -aka Obama from the basement- by releasing 40,000 criminals on the street to create more crimes and justify martial law down the road. 


The KM need martial law to keep Nigel Farage and his party from power. That is because Farage’s party is the only one to officially call for an investigation into vaccine deaths among other things,

It is also clear most of the British Royal family was killed in order to install a fake King Charles to anoint Starmer.

In France as well, the election on July 7th was stolen to keep Emanuelle Macron Rothschild in power and install a pro-EU, NATO and Ukraine government, French intelligence sources say.

These operations are being run by the Nazi faction of the KM, including most of the surviving members of the Rothschild family. They are now hiding in Holland under the protection of the Dutch Royal family, according to Pentagon sources.

They are going to stage one last and desperate attempt to start World War III or Armageddon, CIA sources say. This is what their big NATO meeting planned in Washington this week is all about, they say.

In preparation for this, Europe is now being heavily sprayed with chemtrails. These are necessary for a major holographic sky event designed to fool the public and cause panic, the sources say.  

As the video below explains, this is supposed to be the grand finale for a plan signed by 160 nations in 1994 to reduce the world’s population by 90% to 800 million by 2030. This was to be accomplished using fluoride, viruses (bioweapons), toxic chemtrails and finally the UFO event. Multiple sources are saying this event is scheduled for August.

This final Hail Mary genocide attempt will fail because most of the world’s military is not going along with the plan, Pentagon sources say. However, they confirm some sort of sky event to scare everyone will take place; just without the mass murder originally planned.

In North America, the white hat military based in Mt. Cheyenne is already taking action on multiple fronts. They have the actor playing “President Joe Biden” on their side. He is deliberately saying things like “I am a black woman” and “I will beat Trump again in 2020.” to discredit the KM who is behind his fake presidency.

Trump has called Biden an “old, broken down pile of crap” and suggested Joe is about to “quit the race”, as he criticized his TV debate performance in a new video.

The election campaign in the United States is a pitiful sight, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov comments. He says “If the system of so-called American democracy produces such results or such a course of the election campaign, everyone could draw their own conclusions about how it’s all orchestrated, how it’s arranged,” he says. He does not seem to fully realize there are two factions fighting to the death behind the scenes.  


In a sign US Commander In Chief Donald Trump is against the Starmer election theft, he said “Congratulations to Nigel Farage on his big WIN of a Parliament Seat Amid Reform UK Election Success…” while ignoring Starmer.

The white hats have also made a big move in Canada. This was seen in the Thursday announcement that David Vigneault, director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), is resigning from the spy agency’s top job after seven years. CSIS sources tell us he was forced to resign after he was caught “trying to cause a nuclear disaster in Alberta,” in order to declare martial law and keep Justin Castrudeau in power. This plot has been stopped said the sources, who refused to provide more detail.

However, there can be no doubt Vigneault failed in his duty to protect Canada because he allowed fraudulent elections to install actual real-life Nazis into power in Canada. Hopefully, this will all change with his removal and the Canadian military can do their job of defending Canada by going after the criminals who murdered countless Canadians with toxic vaccines.

We also got information from the Japanese royal family about what is really going on in the UK with Starmer and the fake King Charles. Sources close to Emperor Naruhito say the Japanese imperial family visited the UK in late June in order to sign documents related to “a new rainbow currency” the US government hopes to issue. Emperor Naruhito, who personally knew the original Charles, says the person he met in the UK was a fake. The real Charles died two years ago, he says. He also says that during his visit to the UK, he went to a fake Windsor Castle set to sign the documents.

This is the Amero 2.0 plan, and is backed by Obama and the Nazi faction of the KM holding out in Holland, the sources say.

The original Amero plan from 2008 called for every US dollar in the world to be replaced by two Ameros. The Chinese and other creditors to the US Corporation rejected this plan because it would have meant a 50% reduction in the value of their hard-earned dollars. This is why dollars held outside of the United States were quarantined from new dollars issued by the US Corporation since that time.

Under the new plan, the US will issue a rainbow currency of its own, separate from the overseas US dollar. The overseas US dollar, for its part is soon to be renamed the BRICS currency, Asian secret society sources say.

In any case, the new rainbow currency will fail because the US economy, -which used to account for 50% of world GDP- is in fact tiny now. Even though the Western corporate propaganda media says the US has the biggest economy in the world; this is a blatant lie.

Here are some comparisons with China to show why:

China generates twice as much electricity as the US

It produces 12.6 times more steel and 22 times more cement

It sells 26 million vehicles per year compared to 15.5 million for the US

The Chinese buy 434 million smartphones per year, three times the US amount.


The numbers showing US GDP is larger than China’s are fictional numbers inside of bank computers that are not backed by reality. You cannot eat numbers inside computers.

Asian secret society sources confirm the Obama people have tried to seduce them into supporting the new rainbow currency by promising a black woman as US president who would be subservient to China. The sources say that while they were fooled by Obama in 2008, they are not going to be fooled again and will not accept this new currency.

Another problem with the rainbow currency plan is that it will bankrupt the US military.

The military white hats for their part are proposing issuing $100 trillion worth of gold-backed dollars to help support a new multi-polar world system. Under this system, the military-industrial complex would follow the rule of law and act as enforcers for the International Criminal Court.

Big moves towards a new multi-polar system have already started this month as Russia assumed the Presidency of the UN Security Council. Russia promises “to build a fairer and more democratic world order.”


“The world is going through a rapid and irreversible change…a multipolar world is now a reality,” Russian President Vladimir Putin says.

Putin also says Russia is waiting for the power struggle to end before deciding on resuming strategic dialogue with the US. However, he says

Russia is taking seriously Donald Trump’s pledge to end the Ukraine conflict. 

The power struggle is coming to a head this summer.

Be prepared, locked and loaded with an extra dry powder keg. The KM are planning to activate the 30 million illegals in America (not counting how many are in Canada). 

In the latest sign the mayhem has already started, a mob of looters ransacked an Oakland gas station convenience store and caused thousands of dollars in damage as the frustrated store manager claimed police took nine hours to respond to his plea for help.


Just look at the state of the Democrat Party. As a Pentagon source writes:

Their candidate is a mumbling meat-puppet who led us into global conflict on the verge of WW3.

Their only policy ideas are killing babies, men in dresses, and open borders.

They resort to violence when they don’t get their way.

They have infiltrated the media, academia, and tech, using their power to lie, censor, omit, deceive, manipulate, and brainwash.

They have weaponized all levers of government and the private sector to go after their political opponents and citizens who oppose their rule.

They actively interfere in elections, encourage illegals to vote, and outright cheat by harvesting mail-in ballots.

They defend and encourage pedophilia and the sexualization of children.

And now they are calling for Biden to go full-totalitarian military dictatorship, and use force to take out Trump and his allies.

We have been told by our contacts on more than one occasion that SCOTUS has already made a decision on the 2020 voter fraud case brought by the Brunson brothers and the announcement of such could come out at any time – which would dissolve the Biden Administration and all of Congress.

That is why the Supreme Court ruled Donald Trump is immune from criminal prosecution when it comes to constitutional powers.

That is why Acting Supreme Court Judge Juan Merchan has vacated Donald Trump’s July 11th sentencing date and will delay it until September 18th “if such is still necessary”




It will probably not be necessary as this news item hints:

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe is rumored to be President Trump’s top pick for Attorney General. If appointed, Ratcliffe reportedly plans to prosecute CIA contractors and employees who allegedly interfered in the 2020 elections.


“This is all a circus show. Everything has been planned for a very long time. This is to keep the sheeple diverted from what is really going on behind the curtain,” a CIA source comments. 

In any case, while the undeclared Western civil war rages, the rest of the world is moving on. A Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit attended by Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Putin last week said: “Tectonic shifts are taking place in global politics, economics and other spheres of international relations.”


The group calls for:

A comprehensive reform of the UN involving developing countries in its activities

Unconditional implementation of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC)

Condemnation of the actions that have led to numerous civilian casualties in Gaza

An end to double standards in the fight against terrorism, which cannot be justified by anything.

The group also noted the Taliban in Afghanistan is ready to join the fight against terrorism. While they did not say it explicitly, everybody paying attention knows it is the KM that is responsible for terrorism and war around the world.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan hinted at it when he noted “certain Western powers appear hell-bent on turning the Ukraine conflict into an all-out world war…It is obvious that arms dealers need money. And the market for arms dealers is the West.” He added he hopes peace will prevail in spite of this.


In a sign he is working towards a peace agreement of his own Turkish offices, industrial and military facilities are being stormed across northern Syria and Turkish workers and military personnel are leaving northern Syria in large numbers, according to Polish intelligence sources. Meanwhile, Iraq’s capital Baghdad is set to host upcoming talks between Syria and Turkey aimed at normalizing their bilateral relations, according to Arab sources. The decision to resume dialogue and reach reconciliation between Ankara and Damascus was supported by Russia, China and Iran.

In another sign the Middle East is moving decisively against terrorism, Iran’s  president-elect Masoud Pezeshkian says he will “extend the hand of friendship to everyone.” Our sources say he is working with the white hat alliance.

Of course, the elephant in the room is Israel. To understand why regime change is needed there, take a look at this Al Jazeera video about what it’s like to live in Palestine today.  

Next, listen to Stew Peters explain the secular nation-state called Israel chose that particular name so that Scofield Bible readers would think they are actually the Israel of the Bible.

Our sources tell us that Israel will soon be replaced by the Nation-State of Judea and that peace will be imposed.

Behind the scenes, the US military white hats have reached a deal with the SCO whereby they will take charge of security in Eurasia (including Judea) while the Anglo-Saxons keep the ocean free and open.

This is reflected in a policy brief written by Dr. Sumantra Maitra for the Trump-affiliated Center for Renewing America that calls for Europe to defend itself while the US transforms into an “offshore balancer” vis-à-vis Eurasia and “a logistics provider of last resort” for the EU.


Hungarian President Victor Orban, who took over the presidency of the EU on July 1st, is also clearly on board with this plan. He has flown to Kiev and Russia and now China to negotiate an end to the Ukraine conflict.

According to our sources, Germany, Hungary and most Eastern European countries have agreed to join the new Eurasian security agreement proposed by Russia. North Korea, Mongolia and India have also agreed to join, according to Asian intelligence sources. What’s outrageous is that the Russians are promising to stop China from bullying its neighbors.

Another clear sign that Europe has broken away from the Rockefellers is that it now gets most of its gas from special Russian tankers via the Arctic.



China and Russia are also working together to develop Arctic shipping routes, as Russia wants to supply more oil and gas to China in the face of Western sanctions, while China is seeking an alternative shipping route to reduce its dependence on the Strait of Malacca.


In Asia, there are also growing efforts to unify the Korean peninsula. “[South Korean President] Yoon Suk Yeol and his gang, who are currently in the worst political crisis, are trying to find an ’emergency exit’ in an escalation,” said Kim Yo Jong, sister of Kim Jong Un and North Korea’s de facto leader, pointing out that the petition calling for the South Korean president’s impeachment has already collected over a million signatures.

The Koreans do not want to join NATO and fight against their fellow countrymen. The Japanese also reject NATO expansion into Asia.

Of course, NATO is freaking out because it wants a war. Here is NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg’s response to the Hungarian prime minister’s push for the alliance:

Listen to him stutter nervously as he says that Orbán does not represent NATO after his visit to Russia.

The reality is that Ukraine and NATO are being thrown under the bus, despite the claims of the KM puppet governments in Britain and France. According to Polish intelligence, Ukraine today has only a quarter of its energy production capacity compared to the situation before the Russian aggression. Now the Rothschild magazine Economist writes that Ukraine has a month to agree on debt restructuring with its creditors and avoid bankruptcy.

While Ukraine is going bankrupt, Vladimir Zelensky’s wife has just bought a brand new Bugatti Tourbillon, one of the most expensive cars in the world,


No wonder Ukraine will be told that it is currently too corrupt to join NATO.


But as things stand now, the West is too corrupt to join the rest of the world.

For example, watch KM boss Bill Gates say that to save the planet we need to either stop cows from farting or stop eating beef.

Less funny is that the “Gates Foundation has funded all kinds of genetic engineering on mosquitoes and there is a lot of talk about using mosquitoes and mosquito bites to vaccinate certain populations,” said lawyer Tom Renz in the Pennsylvania Senate.

This type of misconduct is not new. A CIA medical officer notes: “Pfizer was founded in 1849 by Jewish-German immigrant Charles Pfizer and has been in business for 175 years without curing a single disease.”

Make no mistake, these people are mass murderers. Here is some of the latest evidence:

A groundbreaking new study from Germany has found that “the more vaccinations administered in a state, the greater the increase in excess mortality.”


In Italy, a newly published peer-reviewed study suggests that life expectancy among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine has fallen by 37%.


A peer-reviewed study in Forensic Science International found that 73.9% of deaths following COVID-19 vaccination were directly caused or significantly contributed to by the injections.


In the newly released video below, President Trump says he will investigate Big Pharma over the rise in autism and fertility, allergies and childhood diseases.

Our sources tell us that Trump will ask Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to head the committee investigating Big Pharma.

Trump must also set up a committee to investigate Big Green.

In the following video, a former Australian government official explains how wind turbines are taking $40 billion a year out of her country and moving it overseas. She explains that the power companies get $600,000 a year per turbine, but the turbines don’t add any energy to the grid.

“This shows how billions of dollars are being laundered around the world. Imagine how many countries around the world are doing this. All in the name of green energy. We know the 5 Eyes are involved,” says a Pentagon source.

The situation is similar in agriculture.

A British farmer: “We’ve had enough. For the last 20 years we’ve been under attack by the political class who are telling us how to farm the land. Now we’re being paid to stop growing food and grow wildflowers instead. This is madness.”

Twitter: http://x.com/nofarmersnofood

And then, of course, there is the still unresolved question of what to do with all the blackmailed paedophiles who dominate the West.

Elon Musk writes: “Why is there not one – just one – even *attempted* prosecution of the Epstein client list (Bill Gates and Reid Hoffman spring to mind)?… Either the FBI is doing its duty, or there is a strong case for dismantling or abolishing the entire department.”


Since Musk is in the US Space Force, this is a sign that military action against the FBI is imminent. It’s about time.

Military action against the Vatican is also necessary. The Vatican has just found Archbishop Carlo Vigano guilty of “schism” and excommunicated him from the Church on the orders of the false Pope Francis. Viganò says he considers the accusations against him an “honor.”

More than two dozen US bishops issued statements attesting to Viganò’s credibility, including some members of the current leadership of the US bishops’ conference.

Mel Gibson wrote a letter to Archbishop Vigano: “It is truly an honor that someone has kicked you out of a false, post-conciliar church… I have great respect for the way you defend Christ and his Church… May God bless and protect you. If you need anything, just ask and I will try to help you. With admiration and eternal respect.”


We also expect real revelations about aliens from the Vatican, etc. Polish intelligence conducted research and came to the conclusion that reptilians, Anunaki (also lizard people, dinosaurs, reptoids, reptilian beings) are fictional species of humanoid reptiles created by fantasy and science fiction writers. They were then popularized by supporters of conspiracy theories according to which they are real beings living on Earth, endowed with intelligence and the ability to look like humans.

We have personally met people who claimed to be aliens, but they certainly looked and acted human.

However, the Vatican does seem to have contact with beings from other dimensions, which they refer to by names such as angels, devils and jinn. It would be nice if we were fully informed on this subject.

As a final thought this week, we note that Amazon has deployed over 750,000 robots that have replaced over 100,000 humans.

It is clear that AI is now a more pressing issue than aliens.

But if there is an alien show this summer, please get out your popcorn and consider it entertainment.

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