The secret battle for the planet earth is intensifying as the white hats and the remaining Satanists struggle over the control of an upcoming financial black swan event. Asian Secret Society and Western military/intelligence white hat sources say no new system will be possible until the Satanists behind the fake Biden regime are removed. The Satanists for their part are trying both to assassinate opponents and sugarcoat their financial system reboot with bribes.

Regardless of this, the evidence of a coming financial anomaly is overwhelming. First of all, as of last Sunday, June 9th, 2024 Saudi Arabia ended the 50 year old petro-dollar agreement. This agreement came after US President Richard Nixon took the US dollar off the gold standard in 1971 and forced the rest of the world to buy US dollars.


Now Saudi Arabia has joined a China-dominated central bank digital currency project using the code China’s e-yuan is built on.


This means the US Corporation lost a power struggle in Saudi Arabia that saw the death of at least ten princes. The missile attack that crippled the USS Eisenhower also contributed to the Corporation losing control over the oil market. The Houthi forces behind the attack say “Its unprecedented targeting by the Yemeni Armed Forces signifies the end of American military dominance over the seas, representing a significant geopolitical fall for the American ‘empire’.”


In a sign the Russians might be involved, President Vladimir Putin said ‘Russia can supply long-range missiles to countries that can strike sensitive targets of those countries that supply such weapons to Ukraine.”


Russia also sent nuclear-armed submarines and ships to Cuba. Russian FSB sources explain “A majority of the Russian people want to restrain the US by repeating the Cuban missile crisis.”

Immediately after this, fake US President Joe Biden did a 180-degree turnaround and said “The United States does not support the idea of using American weapons for strikes against Moscow or the Kremlin.”


The US is reacting to this defeat the same way the Japanese acted after their loss of four aircraft carriers during the Battle of Midway: by hiding the truth from the public. In other words, there is a massive cover-up of the biggest US military defeat since Vietnam.

However, in a sign the US knows it is game over for their control of world finance, the US Supreme Court just gave the green light to the 40 US States who plan to issue their own gold and silver-backed currencies. The court ruled: “The United States maintains a dual system of banking, made up of parallel federal and state banking systems. That dual system allows privately owned banks to choose whether to obtain a charter from the Federal Government or from a state government.”


That is why FRB-linked US banks closed 79 branches in just six weeks making the total so far for 2024 above 400.

The fall of the Federal Reserve Board and its’ US corporation is why the secret war over what to replace it with has intensified.

One faction is the GESARA group whose plans are, as David Wilcock reports on his Telegram channel, as follows:

GESARA (Global Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act) was voted to be implemented by all 209 sovereign nations of the world, per the signed 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change, starting with the restored Republic of the United States, known as NESARA (National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act).


NESARA cancels all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. Many refer to this as a “jubilee” or complete forgiveness of debt. Abolishes Federal Income Taxes in the U.S. Creates a 17% flat rate for non-essential new items only sales tax revenue for the government… Abolishes the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), with employees of the IRS will be transferred into the US Treasury…. Restores Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters in the Republic of the United States of America. Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law. Removes all dark cabal agents, admin officials and all members of the U.S. Congress from their positions due to their continuous unconstitutional actions.


However, Pentagon sources report a “Rainbow US Note that is ready to be circulated for the US economy to ride the storm of the end of the US Dollar.  It’s backed by gold and assets seized from child sex traffickers like the Vatican and European royals and British royals whose assets were seized.  It is also backed by Taiwan’s gold and gold loaned by the Chinese Elders of the Philippines who own 90% of the world’s gold to have a Jubilee and pay off debts worldwide.”

Meanwhile, the BIS controllers of the current financial system say “Roughly 135 countries and currency unions, representing 98% of global GDP, are exploring central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs.”


The head of MI6 for his part says the plan is to join “all FIAT and Crypto Currencies into one single secure electronic unit using an exchange rate mechanism then simply back to back all the various balances against the new unit. Similar to when the EURO came into existence. The new currency is called The Sovereign.”

Japanese right-wingers close to the Emperor add that under this system all current crypto-currencies will be wiped out of existence.

The White Dragon Society and its allies for their part, want to return control of the financial system to the elected representatives of the people and their public servants.

The Satanists are making their own move as well. Remember how they installed “King Charles” 6 months, 6 weeks and 6 days after Queen Elizabeth was murdered? As the picture below illustrates now we know why.



By issuing bank notes with Charles’ picture on it, the group including former MI6 head John Scarlett hopes to bribe enough people to stay in control. This is the group that includes the Rockefellers, Barack “Thunder of Satan” Obama Hitler, etc.


The current head of MI6 says “The problem for us is this pseudo DVD dictatorship out of an organ of the London administration called ‘The Cabinet Office’ so we have to keep on with turning Simon Case but ideally Sir John Scarlet and ultimately you would come up against the DVD so it will take a lot of work in the background. Simon Case appears to have turned under MI5 but the other one will need more kinetic encouragement.”

In a sign the fake Charles is being taken down, the National Examiner had a front page article on May 20th saying “Dying King Charles Plans His Own Funeral’” He even looks dead in the photo.


Then there is the widespread knowledge Charles participated in the Satanic sacrifice of his daughter-in-law Catherine, Princess of Wales. Now they are spinning the story with headlines like “She may Never Come Back as Cancer Could Stop Return to Royal Role.”


The key to overthrowing this group is likely to be the Madeleine McCann case, MI6 says.


MI6 says this three-year-old girl was killed in a Satanic sacrificial ritual attended by the who’s who of the Satanic elite. Among people hunted down or being hunted down for participation in this ritual are former German Chancellor Angela Merkel Hitler, former UK Prime Minister Theresa May Hitler, “Kier Starmer, Tony Blair and that other monster Gordon Brown a rampant monster,” the Vatican, “various Portuguese,” “the EU and all the usuals, the King of Morocco, Australia, SAS and the usual sad sorry lot. Shame on them all.”

So as you can see, the network of Satanic compromise and blackmail runs deep and needs to be rooted out before any new financial system controlled by the people can start in the West.

The battle is raging and it looks like the WHO, the fake Biden Regime, Satanyahu’s Israel, etc. are about to fall.

Let’s start with the WHO because this was the vehicle the Satanists hoped to use to enslave humanity.

First, we note that Tedros Ghebreyesus of the WHO is not a doctor but rather a communist terrorist responsible for over 2 million deaths in his own country of Ethiopia.

Video Player

The terrorist Tedros will not fire 83 WHO staff engaged in crimes like rape and forced abortions, with one victim 13, claiming rape and forced abortion. He says they did not violate WHO’s policies because the victims were not receiving WHO aid.

Dr. David Martin points out that Tedros is just a puppet with a “giant stick up his ass… but who’s moving the stick for the puppet?”

The answer is The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board:

• Bill Gates

• The Wellcome Trust

• The Rockefeller Foundation

Dr. Martins says “By 2023, which is kind of where we are right now, Gates represents 88% of the donations to the World Health Organization from donor organizations and agencies. By any definition, that’s a controlling interest.”

Video Player

Bill Gates donated over $300M to the BBC where he was allowed to go on about his ‘jabs’…” Below you can watch UK MP Andrew Bridgen on how Bill Gates was able to commit MASS GENOCIDE with murderous misinformation.

Video Player

WHO is hoaxing the world again this time with a bird flu pandemic to lock down and vaccinate the world again. They already have the mRNA vaccine ready.

This is what is behind fear porn headlines like:

“Girl in Australia, 2, struck with H5N1 bird flu: WHO”



“Scientists Preparing Bird Flu Vaccines For Humans in Case of Pandemic.” https://www.sciencealert.com/scientists-preparing-bird-flu-vaccines-for-humans-in-case-of-pandemic

Former coronavirus coordinator Deborah Birx now wants to test millions of US cows every week and screen dairy workers for “asymptomatic” cases of bird flu. “This woman is completely MK Ultra mind-controlled. They want to try and pull the same asymptomatic by again with more fraudulent PCR tests,” a CIA medical doctor says.

Video Player

Now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says avian influenza may have no symptoms, but the illness can be fatal. “We’ve already gone through this, haven’t we?! Symptomless but fatal! OMG! These people are evil. The fear-mongering is relentless,” the doctor comments.



NASA (Not A Space Agency) is doing its part by spreading fear about little green germs about to invade from outer space.


To try to figure out how to convince more people to get vaxxed, the Public Health Agency of Canada is distributing mail-outs to conduct a large-scale study aimed at determining whether citizens have become more vaccine hesitant after the COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Do NOT reply, it’s a setup to get your data. You “will be marked,” Pentagon sources warn.


The fact is the medical mafia have cried pandemic wolf too often and people have woken up. The latest report from UK Health Security Agency confirms that 70% of Frontline healthcare workers REFUSED the COVID-19 booster vaccine in 2023/24.

Politicians are also waking up. “We were told take the vaccine, the so-called “vaccine” and you won’t catch Covid, take the vaccine and you won’t pass Covid on, both of those things were totally, completely untrue. We were told the vaccine was safe in every way; frankly, it had not been through anything like the normal testing… So I do think there needs to be a massive investigation not just into harms that were caused by the vaccines, all vaccines cause side effects., but there does seem to be an alarming number of people, young men in particular, who have developed myocarditis and other heart conditions,” says UK politician Nigel Farage


“The mRNA injections may have very well killed 17 millon+ people around the World. So there is nothing safe and effective about it. They never even tested that stuff,” says German MP Christine Anderson.

Video Player

Now the UN, WHO, and WEF Have Just Been Declared Terrorist Organizations by a Republican County Assembly in Florida


Oklahoma, for its part, will not enforce any mandates from the World Health Organization, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum under a bill signed by Gov. Kevin Stitt.


They are also publicly roasting US vaccine tsar Anthony Fauci (or an avatar). Fauci has now confessed he “made up” COVID rules including 6 feet of social distancing and masking kids.

Video Player

The Guy sitting behind Fauci at his televised hearings is going Viral. We can see why.

Video Player

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke for most Americans last week when she said Fauci must be tried for crimes against humanity

Video Player

The management of Google also needs to face trial for its censorship about vaccine truth.

In a sign that Google is still under Satanic control, they have started censoring Google Translate.

In one example they translated this: The rulers who are with the dark forces on the four continents do not want to give up, their plan is strengthening. Every baptized person has a slave number, written down with them (the dark ones) into repetitions of the sentence “I am a young man.”


In another example, Google mistranslated an email from Polish activists saying their CitizenGO Freedom Bus was blocked in the middle of the road in Geneva and surrounded by police. “The police told us that they had received a call from the UN security office that a bus was driving around the city ‘spreading propaganda’ and that it needed to be inspected…they are afraid of our message, they will do anything to silence us. So I ask myself – what are they so afraid of?”

When I put this Polish information into Google Translate it came back with just the repetition of “I am a scientist, I am a scientist.”

This group is in Geneva to protest WHOs attempt to impose a worldwide totalitarian dictatorship using a “pandemic” as justification.

In a sign the Swiss are renouncing these medical criminals, Switzerland became the first country in the world to ban Mammography. Screening services are also suspended in parts of Canada, Italy, Scotland, and Australia, It turns out 50-60% of “positive” results are incorrect. In a mammography, the breast is compressed with a large weight and then a healthy, very sensitive mammary tissue is bombarded with radiation. A study of 690,000 records shows mammography is a leading cause of breast cancer.

Of course, there is still a huge nest of evil to be cleaned out there. “By joining the unilateral anti-Russian sanctions, Switzerland has lost its neutrality,” Russian media note.


Satanic Nazi leader Vladimir Zelensky is trying to organize a big Ukraine summit in Switzerland next weekend. The plans are imploding. He sent out invitations to 160 countries but only 70 responded and most of them are sending junior delegations. Fake US President Joe Biden, Chinese President Xi Jinping, the leaders of India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and South Africa, etc. will all be absent.

Knowledge of the evil and corruption in Ukraine is becoming widespread. In the latest, Zelensky is under fire for allegedly spending $200 million to buy a luxurious five-star hotel, casino, and resort through his company “Film Heritage Inc.”

Video Player

A lot of this money came from stealing organs. As actor Steven Seagal declares Ukraine is “known for organ trafficking, child sex trafficking and Nazism.”


Here you can watch a Russian government spokeswoman say the Coca-Cola Company is implicated in the purchase of children from Ukraine. We’re talking black market organ harvesting. Remember that Vanguard, Blackrock, State Street and Berkshire Hathaway are the largest shareholders.

Video Player

In a desperate bid to stay in power, the Ukrainian government has compiled an “enemies list” and has added certain members of the U.S. Congress and certain American citizens. The list has organizations such as Codepink and Rage Against the War Machine, the Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and Turning Point USA. The list includes the Daily Wire hosts such as Ben Shapiro and Michael Knowles, the linguist Noam Chomsky, the economist Jeffrey D. Sachs, Dr. Ron Paul, and RFK Jr.

The list also includes dozens of sitting American politicians, like Senators J.D. Vance (R-OH), Rand Paul (R-KY), Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Josh Hawley (R-MO), Eric Schmitt (R-MO), as well as the former President Donald Trump, Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, and Representatives Bob Good (R-VA), Jim Jordan (R-OH), and Jim Banks (R-IN).


Zelensky will not last long. One of his main backers, French President Emmanuelle Macron Rothschild, has called a Parliamentary election after his party was trounced in EU elections. Good bye Macron Rothschild. The military tribunals are waiting for you.


Another supporter has also fallen as this news item shows:

Cause of Death News : BREAKING: Belgium’s political landscape was shaken today as Prime Minister Alexander De Croo announced his resignation following the surprising gains made by right-wing parties in the EU Elections.


The big Kahuna, the fake Joe Biden, is also not likely to last long. Here you can watch Senator Joni Ernst caught with the microphone turned on saying “Bottom line: Never trust a man whose uncle was eaten by cannibals” (a reference to Biden)

Video Player

Also, Social media users think ‘Biden pooped his pants’ in front of the world at the D-Day Celebration

Video Player

In a desperate attempt to restore popularity, the fake Biden promised a border “clamp down.” At the border, a reporter says ‘There is no fear of this new executive order.” More talking with no action, as usual with the fake Biden show

Video Player

Now even corporate media outlets like CBS News are targeting the fake Biden Show by reporting such things as “A single anonymous donation of $64,000,000 that helped Joe Biden get elected in 2020”.

Video Player

Next Marco Polo founder Garrett Ziegler has put out a huge dossier on Hunter Biden:

“We reached out to every single pimp, hooker, drug dealer, and business partner on Hunter Biden’s laptop…We put all of his emails and photos online… You have FARA violations, money laundering, sex trafficking, and conspiracy to commit bribery…In total, it documents 140 business crimes, 191 sex crimes and 128 drug crimes committed by the Bidens.

Free Copy:



Photos found on Hunter’s laptop allegedly show him with one of Obama’s daughters, her face is not visible but her credit card (dusty with cocaine) and her dog (or an identical one) and a skin mark on her leg seem to suggest it is her. Why would Hunter have a photo of her credit card in his laptop?


James Kunstler reflects the prevailing view on Biden as follows:

The most astounding part of America’s “Joe Biden” three-plus-year thrill ride is that the Party of Chaos and Hoaxes was able to pretend until just a few days ago that this political phantasm could run for re-election. Now, regime insiders are forced to confess that they can’t hide it anymore. They spilled the beans as “unnamed sources” this week in a huge Wall Street Journal article. The president is going necrotic in full view of the whole world. His mind is gone. He looks ridiculous when he shuffles in front of the cameras. He utters obvious absurdities and lies. His wife has to lead him around like a dog on a leash. Everyone can see it. He’s got to go. ASAP.


In a sign the fake Biden show is about to end, the fake White House in Silicon Valley is now for sale.


After Biden, Israel will be next. The criminal nature of Israel’s control of the US political system is now being widely exposed. In the latest, Rep Thomas Massie explains every Republican congressional member has an “AIPAC babysitter”, who helps sway voting in favor of Israel.


In a sign of how extreme and evil this support is “Israel has a right to try and target those civilians,” says US State Department Spokesman Matthew Miller about US policy towards Gaza.

Video Player

Israel will not last long. Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan told the D-8 Council of Foreign Ministers that there is no doubt those who perpetrated the massacre in Gaza will eventually be held accountable. The organization brings together Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Türkiye, totaling 1.2 billion people and a combined gross domestic product of up to $5 trillion.


Also, Iranian sources confirmed to us they are not going to be fooled into starting a nuclear holocaust by invading Israel. “Today, the Iranian Guardian Council rejected Mr. Ahmadinejad’s candidacy for the presidency of Iran. Ahmadinejad has been an advocate of the battle of Armageddon for a long time,” an Iranian source informs us. Instead, they will wait for war crimes tribunals.

The rats are bailing the Benyamin Netanyahu ship. War Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz, a former defense minister and former IDF chief of staff Gadi Eisenkot and Yechiel Tropper, a member of the Knesset & a close confidant of Gantz all just resigned from the Satanyahu regime.


Soon the truth of the crimes of the Synagogue of Satan will be known to all.

For example, at the funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah in 1869 Rabbi Reichorn delivered the following statement: “Thanks to the terrible power of our international banks, we have forced Christians into numerous wars. Wars have a special value for Jews because Christians sacrifice themselves to each other and make more space for us, Jews. Wars are the Jewish harvest, and Jewish banks are fattened by Christian wars. Over 100,000,000 Christians have been wiped out from the face of the earth by war, and it is not over yet.” Synagogue of Satan p. 37

The reeducation of the people will follow the fall of the Satanists, As the clip below illustrates the US school system has been owned by bankers like the Rothschilds, JP Morgan and the Rockefellers for over a century.

Video Player

The truth is about to set the sheeple free.

As an example of what free people do instead of wage useless wars, take a look at the massive tree-planting movement taking root in Africa. Thousands of farmers are ditching barren fields for lush, diverse forest gardens that feed families, improve the soil, and expand tree cover. This is part of the African Union’s Great Green Wall initiative, an epic 8,000-kilometer (roughly 5,000-mile) barrier of vegetation that holds back the encroaching desert. According to the Guardian, “This will be the largest natural structure on the planet.”https://www.thecooldown.com/outdoors/trees-for-the-future-africa-reforestation/

That is just a small taste of the sort of things humans will be doing once they are allowed to plan their own future instead of being herded into oblivion by Satanists.

Once the West is cured of its Satanic infection, it will make up for all evil done in its name. We will soon be reaching for the stars.


Source: benjaminfulford.net

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