Beautiful! The Return of the Solar Feminine

This is an older article I found searching for something else, and it was one of those things that just happend to show up at the right time.  This is a wonderful article by Celia Fenn and Quan Yin about the return of the sacred feminine- it is very apt for our time and another piece of the puzzle for us all.  Enjoy!


What is the Solar Feminine Energy

This may be difficult to understand, since this energy has been absent from the planet for so long, and only lingers on in the memories of those who recall the Great Fire Goddesses and their power and creativity. Pele is one of the original Fire Goddesses and an embodiment of the Solar Feminine, as are Sekmet the Egyptian Lioness Goddess, Amaterasu the Japanese Creation Goddess, and Brigit, the Celtic Keeper of the Sacred Flame.

When the Earth Grid was manipulated to exclude the Solar Feminine, humans forgot that women could Powerful Creators. Their creative functions were limited to childbirth, and the Lunar Goddesses became the "mothers" and the keepers of the Feminine Energy on Earth. As a result, in the dualistic and rational belief systems that took hold on Earth, humans were conditioned to define the masculine and the feminine as oppositional, and to assign solar energy to the male and lunar energy to the female. But the ancients knew better, and their pantheons included Solar Goddesses and Lunar Gods.

And so, at this time, humanity is once again recognizing the Solar Feminine energy and the Lunar Male energy.
To embody the Solar Feminine Energy is to be strong, passionate, creative and energetic.It is a Creative energy, and belongs to artists, writers, musicians, and dancers. (The Solar Masculine, by contrast, channels this energy into the mental sphere and produces philosophers, scientists, politicians and business people). The Lunar Feminine energy is gentle, receptive, nurturing and meditative, it is the energy of the Archetypal Mother manifested in nurses, teachers and caregivers. The Lunar Male energy is also gentle, meditative, nurturing and caring, and people who run this energy enjoy professions where they can care for people or support people whether in business or in professions such as doctors, physiotherapists, or even lawyers.

To be a woman and to embody the Solar Feminine energy has been very difficult. Women have conditioned to identify with the Lunar Feminine energy, and those who express their Solar energy have often had to go the route of the Solar Masculine, which sets up Inner Conflicts between a Solar Masculine outer life and a Lunar Feminine model that seems not to "work" or "fit" who they are. With the grounding of the Solar Feminine Energy the Archetypal model of the Fire Goddess and her intense but Feminine Power and Creativity will once again be available to women. There are going to be a lot of women on the Planet who are going to start feeling a lot more comfortable with who and what they are at this time. And a lot of men who will have a better understanding of what their partners and female friends are about.
But also, being able to move an understanding of the Masculine and Feminine energies beyond dualism and into complexity, will break the patterns of dualistic thinking and the judgments that so often go with them. People may choose to embody one of the energies, or all of them at different times. Humans will no longer be trapped in "either"/"or" scenarios, but can exercise freedom and choice to express whatever aspects of their being appeals most to them at that time in their lives. It is a choice of aligning with a harmonic and a tone that most suits your sense of who you are. And the return of the SolarFeminine will certainly be the enabler for this new freedom and creativity.

Powering the Solar Feminine : The Orange-Pink Ray

The Harmonic Tone or Color Energy that is powering the return of the Solar Feminine a this time is the Orange-Pink Ray or vibration. This energy unlocks and activates the Heart Chakra and the Sacral Chakra. That is why so many people have experienced intense cleansing on the emotional and feeling levels with the arrival of the Lion's gate energies this year.

The cleansing has been a fiery transformation and a "clean out" of all the negative and destructive ways in which the solar energy has been used since the Solar Feminine was excluded from the Earth. This includes the use of sacred "fire" for warfare, and especially nuclear warfare. It is no coincidence that the topic of Nuclear War has once again emerged into Human Consciousness at this time.

Other issues that have been raised by the powerful cleansing ray are related to sexuality and abundance, or relationships and money! All these past life and present life issues are coming into consciousness now to be released from the Earth's Matrix Grids so that the Solar Feminine may once again bring the balance that is needed to the planet.

If they were not released at this time, humans would continue to play out these dramas and would miss out on the benefits of the harmonics of the Orange-Pink ray and others that resonate with the Solar Feminine energy. So the intense discomfort that so many of you are experiencing at this time is so that you can be clear channels for the Divine Feminine energy in its full expression. Well worth the discomfort!

When these old energies are released and cleared, then the Divine Feminine energy can flow clearly through the Heart and Sacral chakras. The Heart activation produces energies of Unconditional Love and Harmony. The activation of the clear Sacral Chakra produces Creativity, Passion, Sexuality and Abundance! And I think most of you are thinking, about time too!

This is the time to move forward and enjoy the warm and wonderful energy of the Fire Goddesses as expressed through the Orange-Pink Ray. 

Quan Yin also directed me to share with you this information on the Orange-Pink Ray that was channeled in the 1990s by Vywamus through Janet McClure. The information is found in "Prelude to Ascension : Tools for Transformation" published by Light Technology Publishing.

Vywamus calls the Orange-Pink Ray the "Eleventh Ray":

"Because the tenth ray has paved the way for it, we call Ray Eleven a bridge to the New Age or to the next level. But it already is, in a very special sense, the next level. When you work with this ray you've unlocked something very important.......As this ray begins to come in, we see many people seeking their higher purposes. The color, an orange-pink, seems to me important. It gets you in touch with divine love expanded by divine wisdom. The eleventh ray color combination contains the source light, which we equate with love (although it isn't pink), and also the second ray, fifth ray and some first ray. These are the kinds of rays of which it is composed. It is very special because it is a bridge to a whole new era in human living here on earth. The first makes it very penetrating. It is softened then by the second, and again made more penetrating by the fifth. What does it need to penetrate at that level? It is the remnant -remover, we could say. As the new opportunity comes closer and that final cleansing approaches, the final removal of the former remnants will be cleared out.

Does that say something about the times that are coming......If it is not balanced by humanity, the first ray destructive mode could be "interesting". In clearing out the remnants there might be war, catastrophe. It can be used that way, but it doesn't have to be. If you balance it with the penetrating quality, which sees beyond the necessity for destruction, for clearing out, and you add some divine love to it, then it can be used without the destructive connotation. There does not have to be destruction if the energy is used in the highest and most appropriate manner. The opportunity will be there to use the energy as humanity chooses - that's always true, isn't it? It is a penetrating ray that clears out the remnants. You can look at the situation if it is within self and see what is still there, the remnants of what you've had. Or, if it is Earth, then humanity in general can look at the remnants of what needs to be let go of and can move Earth into a final clearing.

But the Eleventh Ray - I like the bridging connotation, and I like the choice that it gives. And that's important. It says to me that the Source really does allow us free will - that we may choose how we transcend or transmute from one level to another. The choice is there. (pp184-185).

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  • This is very important to remember at this time :)

  • this is a excellent blog post,there is quite a lot that i have studied over the past couple of years on the feminine return energy,when you think about it in layman terms,we have had many incarnations of male and female embodiments of incarnations,and as i discussed with a family member not to long ago on this subject,in actual fact,we are all ANDROGONOUS souls, both male and female energies,and after many millenia of mother earth with the dominant male energy,now the 2 energies are returning to unite as one,the joining of the 2 soul selves(or put more basically,the connection of union with our higher-selves.
  • I've felt Quan Yin a few times, I think I may have had oriental lives where she was important to me.  Lol, but I love Woman in all her names and forms...Kali, Athena, and Isis- those are my homegirls, lol... (ha ha I'm dating myself here, they don't say that anymore, do they?)

    Yes, you know, I've seen numerous aquaintances leaving their spouses in the past year... strange... but the men are still reeling and I don't know how deeply it's sunk in, lol.  I'm waiting for her to make herself seen.

  • Thanks Anita.. it's been really wonderful to experience "her" awakening... I think we will have more Lady Masters now that the energy has been beamed here..isn't that a nice thought? 
  • Hi Kelly. This is a nice post! When every man and woman on this Planet Earth are equal we then will get balance. The soul (self) is feminine and masculine, and as we Ascend women wisely can integrate masculine Aspects, and men can integrate feminine Aspects. This benifit us all.. In Norway we have tried to balance this.
  • Thanks, Soulz :)  Don't you find that the divine feminine energy that is FINALLY here on earth is being ignored?  It seems that people don't understand that there are two sexes, lol. And this is a giant part of ascension..the merging of the feminine into the matrix.  I had a good blog about the sacred feminine Shekina energy a few months back, it had to do with the spirals that have been appearing around the world. 
  • Wow, I am glad I went through your page, I missed this! Now I have that "YES" feeling!! I finally put a puzzle together of what flame energy I was ubsing in my "dream" the other day, It was this colour! The orange/pink flame!! And my heart is in pain lately, uncomfortable! But all here in this article is VERY relevant for me RIGHT NOW!! Thankyou sweet, sweet soul sister!! I love you =) =) =)
  • Thankyou Helene and Annaja, I am glad you feel it too, there is such a freedom now that I feel as a woman that is hard to explain... and sometimes the sun makes me feel drunk, lol- dizzy, lightheaded and floaty... its great...much cheaper than wine, lol.
  • HappyKelly,

    Thnk you so much for this puzzle piece, the picture is shining through ever more to create a free choice.

    Much love and light Helene


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