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there's alot of information out there that can cause stress...planets smashing us, our sun shooting us death rays, et's coming to harvest our brains, we're doomed for that great earthquake...all stressful stuff.  i wish i had something good to share with you   all i can contribute is my sight of this place.  we are doomed with separation, always a side to choose, and we kill those that doen't believe our way...and we are always the right one, better one....sides in religion, politics even our sports, people killed at a sports game, gee, are we missing the mark.  until we master ourselves we are spinning and going nowhere.  we are source energy, we are energy, intelligent enery, ever wonder why we are all so much alike.  well most of us, i'm sure all here have found correction within.  a secret key, stay in the now..the past is gone leave it there, the future will take care of we surround ourselves with love..i feel the love and when we all feel the love we'll find ourselves not in doom but our great beginning.  don't be discouraged, be happy.  much love, barb

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  • you are so ready, me too...we'll keep loving everyone

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  • hi andy,

    sad but perhaps true...lack of love...humans doing a major ego overhaul will help bring back our fairy tale...i do get weiry but as a whole i have faith in us all...everyone.  we are light beings..the veil of darkness must be visable due to our free will..most won't believe we have darkness in us but we all do...corrected and connected we shall become.  love and light 2u2 and lots of joy.  barb.

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