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Delete CommentOur creator, Mother/Father God are Spirit entities created in a burst of energy when it divided into a spirit with two individual souls, each administering different heavenly duties! Using the term God I speak of them as but one! God can be seen or imagined as a vast endless ocean. We as sentient beings are but one tiny drop within that ocean making up the totality of God! The heavens or the highest spiritual realms from 101 to the 144th dimension and are within spirit range! God through his archangels created the material realms from the 3rd to 12th dimensions. We use the creative realms such as liveable planets we created, allowing spirit souls to incarnate over and over to grow individually as a sprit! Normally an evolving planet has 1 to 3 races seeded to grow and evolve to maturity than ascend to a higher plane of existence. Because of earth location among the planets, its normal earth cycle is 365 days but its solar cycle is approximately 26 thousand years. Once an evolving planet is seeded with beings it takes 4 solar cycles to evolve physically and spiritually and the 5th cycle they evolve to a higher frequency! In the 5th such cycle earth is ascending to it's a higher frequency to the 5th dimension. As we as humans awaken we sometimes become all puffed up thinking as we awaken we are ones we are not! Awakening is a process and we will have many distractions along the way. But this awakening is very special! Immanuel said we ll have the same birthright as he did 2000 years ago to ascend! When humans ascend back to 5d and when our DNA is fully returned to 12 strands, we will be real earth angels, humans body as soul as one! So dear ones, be patient, kind and loving with one another! Remember we are all at different stages of awakening! We can be seen like that tiny drop from the ocean separate an apart from that ocean God! One that was whisked away on cloud dropped upon the land, making our way to steam, the river then back to that ocean God! In infinity, it is but a very short moment in time! Love and blessings!

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