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Awakenig;JFK’s Inaugural Message for 2013 ~ via Giselle Koy ~ January 21, 2013

 JFK’s Inaugural Message for 2013 ~ via Giselle Koy ~ January 21, 2013
Now is the hour of this Nation. The hour of decision making.

Not by the people, that time has come and gone. But by the Almighty Powers that gave birth to this nation long ago and sent forth great emissaries of light to see to its Declaration.
Yes it is with noble beginnings that this country began and it is through noble efforts that this country shall begin anew.

For a dream to become a nightmare, fear must be instilled. And instilled it has been. Until now, for in this hour the veil of secrecy and the hour of deceit are being lifted.

Yes, this final hour in America’s history and earth’s legacy; the ripening of all the finest notions of the human spirit and its righteous governing bodies.

America. Land of the free soon to be, for once and for all.
Let this hour be the call that reaches where it counts; in your hearts and because of your hearts. The return to governments that serve the people; truly, completely, willingly, justly and under the fine appointment of the powers above, the true government of All.
Thank you ladies and gentlemen.
I return you to your new President of the United States?
Linda said...

I would love to believe this it eluding to JFK's return to take to seat? What a spin that would be.....all things possible in the wacky world of QP. Probability probably tiny tiny...however, that's one that's fun to dream.

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