The Horoscope Of The New York Stock Exchange (05/17/1792) .. A look at three financial panics & the current situation

Three New York Stock Exchange financial panics will be looked at with this report, and these are from 1873, 1929, and 1987. Current year of 2023 will focus on Retrogrades of (1) Mercury (April 2023) and (2) Jupiter (September 2023). This is because these two 2023 transit time-frames will feature Square aspects to the natal N.Y.S.E. Uranus placement very strongly, and "surprises" may manifest as a result. The much-used May 17, 1792 N.Y.S.E. horoscope chart will be the horoscope of reference; this is claimed to be the date of the first reported trade at the N.Y.S.E. site (and this date and time of trade is of dispute). There is also a February 18, 1971 N.Y.S.E. horoscope chart (due to N.Y.S.E. re-organization), but this will make things more complicated so I will stick with the 1792 chart. This chart is below:


The 1873 Panic


The drawing above was a depiction of the 1873 panic on Sept. 18, 1873 (in front of the N.Y.S.E. building). I selected 12:00 PM for mean time; the panic was caused by the closure of the banking firm of Jay Cooke and Company. Banks and other industries were heavily investing their money in railroads; when the banking firm of Jay Cooke and Company (which was heavily invested in railroad construction) closed its doors on September 18, 1873, a major economic panic swept the nation. This was because railroads were the nation's largest non-agricultural employer at that time.


Drawn in green above, the Pluto Square Pluto crisis of transformation is developing (with natal Pluto in the 8th House representing the banking community of the N.Y.S.E.)  I like the position of the 1873 transiting Moon, and this is because the transiting Moon can be defined as "the public" or "the neighborhood." The Moon in transit appears to "kick off" the event as it forms an Oppositon aspect with the 8th House N.Y.S.E. natal Pluto. The public or "the neighborhood" was indeed in a one-on-one faceoff with the 8th House N.Y.S.E. banking community during the most active time of that business day (9 AM - 5 PM). And because the Moon moves about 0.5 degrees per hour, this is a fairly accurate 1873 transit chart time-wise at 12 PM. Drawn in red above, Neptune Opposition Neptune ("horrific deception" or "revelation in a bad way") is strong, as is (drawn in orange above) Saturn Opposition Ascendant and Saturn Square Saturn. These Saturn transits may represent "conflict or open faceoff involving important business or government leaders (Saturn Square Saturn) in the environment (Ascendant) and involved in hard choices (Opposition)." Drawn in blue above, the Jupiter Semi-Sextile Uranus transit may represent "a big surprise" in some way. Please note that one will see this "surprise" meaning of Uranus in the next two panics as well.

The 1929 Panic



Regarding the Great Depression, … we did it. We're very sorry. … We won't do it again.” —Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, stated on November 8, 2002, in a speech given at “A Conference to Honor Milton Friedman" … And if you believe that the Federal Reserve "won't do it again," I have beach-front property in Espanola, New Mexico that is available for sale to you ... The 1929 Panic began a financial age whereby the Federal Reserve will play a key role in creating financial panics that allow purchase of stock investments at a fraction of the cost for bankers and Wall Street insiders. Note that the Fed raised it's interest rate several times before the 1929 Panic happened. ... Above is a photo from Black Tuesday (on October 29, 1929) with people in front of the N.Y.S.E. building. The time of 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM is a favored time for this event because this was around the time that telephones and telegraphs were reportedly jammed with people trying to sell their holdings, and there were communication breakdowns reported due to this large volume of people on the telephones and telegraphs issuing sell orders. Please note that there are conflicts regarding the date and time when the 1929 panic began. Many argue for Thursday, October 24, 1929 because that date was when suicides were reported regarding people losing everything in the stock market. The newspaper headline below is from October 24, 1929.

10996700080?profile=RESIZE_710xBut the day that featured the largest spike in volume at that time (16 million shares) was "Black Tuesday," known as October 29, 1929 (five days after Oct. 24th, 1929). The closing bell took place at 3 PM, and the shouts of "Sell! Sell! Sell!" were reportedly so loud that nobody could hear the closing bell, and many continued trading until physically forced to stop (in some cases).


Drawn in red above,  the natal position of the Moon ("the customers and/or employees of the business entity") has two transiting Squares applying to it: Pluto Square Moon ("conflict between the banking/finance community with the employees/customers involved with the business entity") and Black Moon Lilith Square Moon (hard call, but I would call it as "organized crime [yes, Joe Kennedy was an investment banker] or secret activity involved in conflict with the employees/customers of the business entity)." Drawn in green above, the transiting Moon (which can be defined as "the public and the neighborhood," similar to the meaning of the transiting Moon in the Panic of 1873) appears to kick things off eerily similar to the 1873 Panic. But this time it's with the transiting Moon applying to the natal North Node and the natal Uranus placement. As was the case with the 1873 panic, the natal N.Y.S.E. Uranus placement delivers again on the meaning of "unexpected surprises;" this time it involves "the public" in some way. Drawn in orange above, another similarity with the 1873 Panic is a transiting Saturn-Saturn transit again (or transiting Saturn applying to the natal N.Y.S.E. Saturn position [and this time via a Trine aspect]). The natal Ascendant also gets a Saturn transit similar to 1873, but it's a Saturn Quincunx Ascendant transit this time. Finally, drawn in blue above, both transiting Uranus and transiting Admetos  are both in hard Conjunction and within 2 degrees of the natal N.Y.S.E. Midheaven (and note that Admetos is a Uranian astrology hypothetical planet, and thus doesn't exist). Note that Uranus Conjunction Admetos is also applying hard Semi-Square aspects to natal N.Y.S.E. Pluto in the 8th House and natal N.Y.S.E. Mercury in the 11th House. This may represent "very shocking news" (Uranus Semi-Square Mercury) and "shocking transformation" (Uranus Semi-Square Pluto) in regards to "one's reputation or legacy" (Midheaven, or MC). Thus, this Midheaven area at 10 degrees Aries 16 minutes of the N.Y.S.E. is a hot spot, and Uranus Conjunction Admetos ("ripping things apart") was transiting within 2 degrees over this area in autumn of 1929; the exact transit of the Uranus Conjunction Admetos Conjunction MC (with each planet 1 degree away from Conjunction with the MC) was August 1, 1929. This may have marked a "beginning to the end," especially after the July of 1929 time-frame. This July of 1929 time-frame featured many major news publications recommending the stock market as an investment for regular people who never invested in equities.

The 1987 Panic


Similar to the 1929 Panic, many blamed the Federal Reserve (a.k.a. Willie Sutton) and their 1987 interest rate hike to be the catalyst that led to the 1987 Panic known as "Black Monday." Note that Ben Bernanke never said much about the 1987 panic, but he did write and talk much about the depression that followed the 1929 Panic.


 Drawn in orange above, a transiting 1987 Trine of Jupiter-Uranus features the midpoint of this 1987 Trine to be very close to the natal N.Y.S.E. Pluto placement in the 8th House. Similar to 1873, the role of bankers close to Wall Street may have had a role for providing "a big surprise" that many called a financial panic, but with the introduction of the Federal Reserve Act one really saw the power of the banking community of Wall Street (and especially with the Fed). This banking and elitist community of Wall Street is about to buy stocks at bargain prices, thanks to manipulation of interest rates and communications with the public causing them to believe that a bigger sell-off in stocks is about to happen, along with a depression a few years away (thanks to literary wonders such as "The Panic of '89" by Paul Erdman and "The Great Depression of 1990" by Ravi Batra. I can't think of any better way to symbolize the meaning of "surprising good news for the elite" at that time with this 1987 Jupiter Trine Uranus transit). Also helping out was Oliver Stone's "Wall Street" (which came two months after the Panic of '87). We did get to see a reptilian named Gordon Gekko (played by Michael Douglas) reveal the true reason and root of why the Wall Street elite and banking community like to start financial panics: greed.

Gordon Gekko Greed Is Good

Many claim that Hunter Biden resembles Gordon Gekko. But in all honesty, I watched Joe Biden on youtube  recently, and I swear he is actually Gordon Gekko with all of the moisture sucked out of him. Drawn in red (per chart above Gordon Gekko), a transiting Moon Square Saturn is applying to natal Mars in the 3rd House (which rules communications). There were reports that telephone communications were jammed with sell orders (eerily similar to the 1929 panic), and the public (the transiting Moon) was reportedly angry about not getting service in a timely manner. This may be what this Moon Conjunction Mars transit may have represented; the Square represents this anger of the public at the government (and not at Gordon Gekko and the Pluto-ruling banking community, who are about to get good news on their investment plans as year 1987 closed out). Drawn in blue above, the transiting Sun creates a T-Square with natal Saturn and the natal Ascendant. This defines "attention on the government in the environment." Ever since the Federal Reserve Act was passed we have been witnessing more and more presence of the U.S. government into the affairs of Wall Street, and this was really heightened on this day. Finally, drawn in green above, a transiting Mars Square Neptune applies to natal Black Moon Lilith. Was organized crime involved? Well, I did define the Federal Reserve as a fair equivalent of bank robber Willie Sutton. But to be fair with the presence of deceptive Neptune, I guess we will never know for sure.

Current Situation

Uranus (both natal N.Y.S.E. and transiting) appears to play a role in financial panics, as does the natal N.Y.S.E Ascendant at 26 degrees Cancer 33 minutes. Early 2023 features N.Y.S.E. transits of Uranus Square Uranus (which just happened in late February 2023. Note that natal N.Y.S.E. Uranus is 15 degrees Leo 9 minutes, and this is close to what they call "The World Points" in Uranian Astrology [which means the entity may impact the world in some way, and probably with Uranus-ruling "surprises"]). Mercury Square Uranus is coming up in April 2023, and drawn in red below. This transit period will take place while Mercury is going retrograde in late April 2023.

10997522498?profile=RESIZE_710xDrawn in red above, Mercury Square Uranus indicates "shocking news," but it can also represent big tech in the news (and in a way or manner that some people may have conflicts with due to the nature of the Square).  Drawn in green above; the natal N.Y.S.E. Venus placement gets a direct line-up hit from the transiting Nodal plane. Because natal N.Y.S.E. Venus ("corporations or special cliques") forms a Sextile ("Opportunity") aspect with the natal N.Y.S.E. Black Moon Lilith placed in the secretive 12th House (and may represent "secretive activities behind the scenes that may be sinister in nature"), there may be very secretive activity going on that concerns "N.Y.S.E. corporation connections (North Node Conjunction Venus transit) with sinister activities (natal Black Moon Lilith)." And included in these activities are organized crime intentions. While Black Moon Lilith can represent charity service work (as indicated strongly with the horoscopes of Mother Theresa and Audrey Hepburn), note that Black Moon Lilith can also indicate organized crime activity. Jimmy Hoffa's horoscope had Black Moon Lilith Conjunction Ascendant, and Al Capone's horoscope had Sun Opposition Black Moon Lilith. Thus, April 2023 may be a time-frame that may feature very sinister activity taking place on Wall Street.  Drawn in orange above, Pluto enters Aquarius in real time and Trines the natal N.Y.S.E. North Node. Mundane Pluto usually represents "the banking community" or "activities of the elite," and this transit may indicate that "banking or elite groups to be in some sort of harmonious state" (but it can also indicate "transformation via crisis in a harmonious way," and with Pluto representing the banking community or elite groups involved in such transformation!) New York City traders and bank employees, check your drinking water for lithium, fluoride, and maybe even Prozac ... LSD and DMT may be too hard to obtain these days.

September 2023: Jupiter Square Uranus


September of 2023 (above) features major concern due to the real time transiting midpoint of Jupiter/Neptune. Highlighted in light yellow above, this Jupiter/Neptune midpoint can represent "financial speculation" and "gambling." This 2023 transiting Jupiter/Neptune midpoint will form a Conjunction with a transiting Chiron Conjunction natal N.Y.S.E. Moon transit in September 2023 (and the natal Moon placement can represent "the customers and/or employees of the busines organization" in business astrology). The Conjunction of this transiting Jupiter/Neptune midpoint on the natal N.Y.S.E. Moon will be exact in October of 2023 (with Jupiter and Neptune both in Retrograde). THIS SEPTEMBER TIME-FRAME WILL BE A GREAT TIME TO MONITOR FOR EXCESSIVE BULLISH SENTIMENT (a.k.a. people putting money into stocks who have no business being there), AND THIS IS ESPECIALLY TRUE IF NEW HIGHS TAKE PLACE IN THE DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE OR THE NASDAQ. Gambling is a big concern now, and this is because there is sudden public exposure to gambling via television sports events. I have witnessed very large television audiences watch advertisements of sports gambling opportunities in the past year (i.e. MGM Grand Gambling was advertising its gambling opportunities to the NFL Playoffs audience in 2022 [with actor Jamie Fox] and a 2023 commercial was recently seen [March 2023] offering the NHL television audience an opportunity for "making a book with the NHL"). Thus, this combination of transiting Jupiter and transiting Neptune applying to the natal N.Y.S.E. Moon is not good due to the potential for regular people getting involved in Wall Street who have no business being there. The transit of Uranus Square Pluto (drawn in blue above) is also of concern. While no exact Uranus Square Pluto takes place in 2023, this Square is within 1/2 degree of being exact and thus may define tension within the banking community and elite of Wall Street. This is especially true if a gambling presence on Wall Street is obvious; the Federal Reserve intervened in 1929 and 1987 due to this type of "public gambling environment. " But another reason for September 2023 to be important is the Jupiter Square Uranus transit (drawn in red above). As was the case with the 1873 panic, Jupiter-Uranus transits represent a "big surprise" (and the Jupiter Semi-Sextile Uranus 1873 transit probably played a role in the 1873 panic). The 2023 Jupiter Square N.Y.S.E. Uranus transit may indicate a "big surprise causing conflict" similar to 1873, but please take note: Jupiter-Uranus transits may also mean "shocking good news." Please remember that the transiting Trine of Jupiter-Uranus in 1987 had a transiting midpoint of that Trine that fell directly over the natal N.Y.S.E. Pluto placement in the natal 8th House of banking. And the banking community of Wall Street got "shocking good news" that they were about to buy stocks at a fraction of cost in 1987. Either way, expect a "big surprise" at the N.Y.S.E. in some way as autumn of 2023 approaches. Drawn in green above, deceptive and intoxicating Neptune also gets a play in September 2023. Note the transits of Neptune Trine Ascendant, Neptune Quincunx Neptune, and Neptune Semi-Sextile Saturn. The Neptune Semi-Sextile Saturn transit indicates possible minor tension of government presence since Saturn can represent the government. Neptune Trine Ascendant may indicate "great success with deception in the environment," as well as "international propaganda" or "legal-based or court-room based events having a deceptive effect in the environment in some way." Finally, drawn in orange above, transiting 2023 Pluto and transiting 2023 Black Moon Lilith form aspects to the natal N.Y.S.E. Sun position. Business astrology usually has the Sun representing the CEO or "the director in charge," but the Sun can also represent "the personality of the business entity that is seen by the public" (which is not the same personality seen only by insiders or "the family" who really know the entity behind the public scenes). Thus, the month of September of 2023 may reveal transformation-type tension at the N.Y.S.E., and this tension concerns either the "the director in charge" or "the personality of the N.Y.S.E. entity that is seen by the public." And maybe both.


"Follow the meters, and not the leaders" .. John Lennon


Thanks For Reading.

Love to all,


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