ASTROLOGY FORECAST ALERT (summer 2024): Neptune Conjunction Star of Scheat. Misfortune, but also fascination with esoteric areas (i.e. astrology, psychic areas, the occult, or public involvement)

Photo above courtesy of Astrology King. The star of Scheat is currently located at 29 degrees Pisces 42 minutes. Neptune is in the process of completing the transit of it's ruling 12th House sign of Pisces (and entering the first house sign of Aries). One thing that one must remember about Pisces is that it is the "last house" of the zodiac before spring starts (or when the Sun enters Aries, or the first house of the zodiac). Thus, there is a "final cleanup" before spring starts, and Neptune is transiting the last degree of Pisces (at 29 degrees) and forming a Conjunction with the star of Scheat. Neptune rules deception and disappointment, but spiritual inquiry and psychic interest may also be in full force with this transit of Neptune Conjunction Star of Scheat. Involvement with the public is also a good theme. Unfortunately there is an unfortunate aspect of this star that warrants caution. Below are notes regarding Scheat:



Summer of 2024 may feature some extreme public misfortunes, along with violence. There is going to be great public involvement taking place; one must be careful for inciting conflicts with this Neptune Conjunction Star of Scheat transit taking place this summer. A recent report claims a woman was arrested in San Antonio, Texas for shooting up a fast food restaurant (due to the restaurant forgeting to include the hash browns and a biscuit with the food order). Also, a young man recently set fire to the wrong home in a revenge plot. Finally, there was reported "gold madness" with the previous transit of Neptune through Pisces; the price of gold has been climbing into record territory. This price increase may continue unless the Federal Reserve raises rates (or if others start shorting the living hell out of gold, which is suppose to keep the price of gold down).

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