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The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter. Thanks to Meline Lafont for the photo.


This week, we are going to receive a message from Archangel Michael in a special way. As we have previously, we are going to meet up with Michael and His legion, and I will act as a conduit for Him to bring forth a communication. I have recently received the idea to meet up with Michael and channel his guidance for this week’s exercise, and I do not know what he plans to say or do specifically. I guess we will see!


For those who may be unfamiliar, we have met up with Archangel Michael previously by utilizing a method of manifestation similar to the ones we have used when meeting up with the Hathors, the Golden Council of Acclipthys and some of the other souls and collectives we have met up with during previous issues of this Newsletter. When receiving the idea to have us meet up with Michael and absorb His impressions, He seemed enthusiastic about it and I look forward to seeing what He has to say for us all.


It is not often I bring Michael through, and His very presence during the communication will be boosted by our having already met up with Him.


To begin this week’s exercise, we are going to visualize and feel ourselves in a new astral landscape than what we usually travel to. This landscape is a beautiful, colorful forest with thick and vibrant trees and flowers. You are encouraged to visualize and manifest specific things about this wonderful place, and as you stabilize the impressions of this place that are coming through and presenting themselves to you as you aim your vibrations toward them, notice off in the distance that there is a small field among the thick trees.


It is smaller than a football field, yet easy and comfortable to walk/float around in. As we find ourselves drawn toward it increasingly, ask yourself – what does this field look like to you specifically? Are there any unique features to it? By that I mean, are you visualizing or blatantly noticing large or colorful flowers, interestingly-designed trees or anything else to that extent? Or are you simply imagining a field comprised of all the same physical trees and plants we’ve been used to expecting to see?


One of the most important things to know about these travels that I routinely attempt to emphasize is that we and our Creation powers are truly unlimited in these realms, and we can imagine the most wonderful and interesting of things during these travels. We can Create astral, creative art upon our beautiful canvas and with our manifestation powers that are derived from our visualization and imagination abilities, we can have fruitful and grand experiences that we will enjoy all the more knowing we have Created them.


To continue along our exercise; notice yourselves and all of us in our group in this field, as we have floated/been drawn toward it. We have been pulled to this place in a similar manner that we were when working with representations within our fifth dimensional Earth. We found ourselves drawn to this field as we continually focused ourselves upon it, and we have all noticed and Created specific things about it.


This is a beautiful field and as we enjoy ourselves and our presence in this great place, notice as a wooden stage of sorts seems to emerge or “grow” out of the ground near where we entered this beautiful field. Notice that the stage has vines encompassing it, and there are different colors radiating from it. Visualize and Create specific and unique things about this stage, and really make the Creation of it all your own.


Jump up onto the stage if you wish to. Really acclimate and familiarize yourselves with it, because doing so will solidify its Creation. You will notice even more interesting and awesome things about it, and these will be things you’ve Created for yourself to notice. A very interesting thing about our inhabitance of these realms is that we are constantly Creating things within them, even if we feel we are “still” in our astral actions.


Even right now, we are going to visualize and Create a manifestation that Archangel Michael will be able to work with, to meet us in these astral realms.


I would like now for you to visualize, see and feel a portal of energy opening up just above the trees, in the sky of this small field and the overall forest encompassing it. This portal is similar to the one’s we have manifested when working with the Hathors and all of the other aforementioned beings, and those of you who’ve been with us for a long time should know the general template of manifestation for this portal and are likely already Creating it accordingly.


For those of you who have recently joined our crew; what we are visualizing and Creating is a swirling portal of pure, higher dimensional energy opening up in the etheric sky of this land we’re in. This portal we’re visualizing is very similar to that which can be seen by many in meditation when beginning to develop and open their third eyes, and we are using this portal along with the ascended souls we are and have been working with, to find a connection with them.


Visualize and Create this colorful, swirling portal of energy and begin to notice as a transparent being and an accompanying Angelic entourage are drawn closer and closer to this portal from their “side” of it and finally, come through and begin descending down unto our little field. Visualize and request to fully and purely feel the energy of Archangel Michael and the Angelic souls accompanying Him, as Michael scarcely seems to travel alone.


Make a mental or even vocal affirmation if you like, that you be opened up to the real and pure energies of Archangel Michael. Affirm that no “imposter” beings or beings of a lower consciousness be with you or around you, and affirm that Michael Himself cleanses you of any lower or dense energies so that you can fully perceive of His presence around us at this time.


Visualize and watch as Michael and his accompanying Angels descend down beautifully onto the stage we have Created for them. I notice that while in the air, the Angels seem to dance and float around a very happy and smiling Michael as they descend down onto the stage. The sheer aura of Michael and His Angels is so encompassing, and I can feel multitudes of blue-ish blessing and healing-based energies just from this interaction.


We are perceiving of and meeting up with Archangel Michael for the second time. What does dearest Michael look like specifically to you? What do the Angelic souls surrounding Him look like? How does this whole encounter feel?


For me personally, the energy in this astral area is now very intense as we, a group of powerful Earthly travelers, are in the vicinity of a dear and equally-powerful (and Loving) Archangel who has done so very much for the evolution of this planet and its species.


Floating upon the stage with His accompanying Angels, Michael would now like to deliver His message.


“Beloved awakening souls and astral travelers, I am Archangel Michael and I welcome you to the humble astral reality you are Creating increasingly in every moment. You have been led on so many of these travels; both by the person bringing us through and on your own as well, and your personal ventures working upon these planes have been noble indeed.


We wish you to know that your work, while expansive already, is to increase far more than what you would expect. For many of you, the Lightwork you are performing will become a very preferred method of helping not just your world, but a plethora of other worlds and civilizations to ascend. What you are doing right now will encompass your interests, and you will find an increased ability to perform the travels and the Lightwork you are performing at this time.


The result will be a Mastered ability on your part to work with the energies of the higher realms and Create what you wish to experience, as well as use such Creations to truly help every soul find the higher states of consciousness and the growing awareness that you are now just beginning to find.


You will be meeting up with us so very much more; both in the astral sense and in the very real physical sense of us being able to be on your world in the time ahead. This will have been because of your efforts, and we wish now to commune and celebrate with you for the accomplishments you have already made.


This is a celebration, dear souls. It is a celebration of your power; of your ability; of your strength and sovereignty and of your realization of each facet of your role at this time on the surface of the evolving Earth.


While our scribe will wrap this exercise up per the ceasing of this communication, we as well as he invite you all to work upon these realms more and specifically, to stick with us and continue the celebration that is this astral meeting. We are able to perceive of each other, and this is the greatest connection that could be established between us and you, for it is a very real and literal connection and is one you will be able to open up to increasingly as you realize not just the ability in yourselves, but the ease in making these travels and connecting with us.


While you are welcomed to go in peace if you wish, at this moment we encourage you to stay with us and in the vicinity of our energies, as we have so very much to show each of you personally and we know and can feel that you are excited to learn every last bit of what we have for you. You are noble indeed, and we welcome your presence in every single moment.


You will find that we are always here for you, no matter what.”


Thank you so very much to Archangel Michael for that inspiring and welcomed speech. If I wasn’t already brimming with energy, I certainly am now. Just as Michael suggested, you are welcomed now to stick around and commune with Him and His angels personally. I know that I will experience multitudes of lingering impressions from this amazing experience, and while I don’t know any of you subscribers personally I am even seeing the awe-stricken faces and feeling the incredible energies alike of so many of you .


You are welcomed to convene with Michael personally, as you are to work in these realms (perhaps even with Him and His Angels) with your Light and help accelerate the collective awakening. Many thanks to Michael, and to each of you for what turned out to be a wonderful exercise; I know they will only get better and better.


This concludes our astral discussion for this week.

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  • Very interesting Jazz, thank you for letting me know. :) :)


    Much Love,


    Wes :)

  • almost describing a landing zone ON ALpha Centauri A there at the beginning..for what its worth.

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