Astral Travels: Blessing the King of the Jungle

etheric-portal.jpg?w=207&h=194&width=207Written by Wes Annac

The following was written for the ongiong “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, we are going to travel to the surface of our fifth dimensional New Earth and perform a blessing upon the animals in this land who will, of course, be acting as representations for animals on our current Earth stuck in lower ways of Living and Being. Even the animals on our planet are evolving and most animals on our beautiful world know of and maintain a connection to the “Source Field” as it has been called, interlinking all Life on Earth.

Animals are indeed beautiful and spiritual beings, and a telepathic conversation with nearly any given dog, cat or other animal will help you to know that. The energies of the animals who truly wish to convene are exponential and pure and this week, we are going to work to bless the animals on our world still stuck in the lower dimensional yet genetic patterns of killing and eating other animals, etc.

It seems that for centuries there has been a “food chain” of sorts with humanity in most cases, being put at the top of it. We are moving away from such a paradigm as a planet, and it’s important for us to use our healing energies to help as many animals stuck in lower dimensional patterns to evolve as possible. Some animals, upon evolving from their second/third dimensional states of consciousness will likely either evolve further into the third dimension or choose to propel themselves back into the fourth/fifth dimension, as humanity is currently doing.

We are tasked with energetically helping as many animals on our Earth as possible to do so and while we of course cannot just walk up to a lion or tiger and offer them veggies in hopes that they will turn a new leaf (we would probably be their next meal!) we can offer the blessing and healing energies we’re learning to work with to help as many dear animals as possible to evolve.

To begin our exercise for this week, I would like for you to visualize and feel yourselves inhabiting the surface of our fifth dimensional New Earth.

As we find ourselves attuning to this reality, notice that we are yet again amongst a large crowd of likely the very same higher dimensional souls who have been with us during nearly every trip to our New Earth. Notice that we have attuned to an assembly of sorts and, similar to a previous exercise wherein I channeled what was being said during the meeting for us all to absorb, there is a being up on a stage-type of setup speaking to all of us.

It’s my belief that this soul is speaking of the very blessing acts we’re about to perform, as well as the necessity of them. Before we move on with the rest of our exercise, I would like for you to really visualize and manifest specific things about this reality we find ourselves in. Do you notice the brimming, colored vibrations that form the air around us?

Have you noticed, visualized or felt the large aura of energy naturally emanating from this entire group? This collective energy alone could likely assist plenty of animals and even humans, but the blessing energy we’re going to use is much more affirmed and as a result, much stronger.

Have you felt the energy of the speaker or attempted to visualize/imagine who the speaker actually is? Truly, it could be anybody!

As we feel the harmonious vibrations of the higher dimensional exchange that is this mass meeting, notice that off in the distance we hear a very loud lion’s ROAARRR!

As we hear this, we and much of the group with us naturally transport ourselves to the area we heard the roar emanating from. Feel ourselves gently arise and float away from the large group (again, with much of the group accompanying us) over to an area just off in the distance away from where we were absorbing and being a part of the meeting.

Whether this area is north or south, east or west from where we were at is entirely up to you dear subscribers, but you are asked to feel the new area we are now in which seems very much like an African landscape. As we draw ourselves closer to the noise, notice that we begin to make out the sight of a family of lions, which we are continuing to float toward.

Though we are doing so with infallible, energetic bodies, we are now floating in front of and viewing a lioness, a lion and their cubs. What do these truly beautiful creatures look like to you? Imagine and visualize specific features about these majestic animals, and feel the vibrations of strength being radiated from them.

Obviously, the lioness did not make the large roar that brought us here and rather, her “hubby” if you want to call him that was expressing his perceived domination over the rest of the animal kingdom.

As we are beginning to learn, the paradigm of one towering over another is long beginning to disintegrate and even so, the lion and the beautiful lioness we are floating in front of do not feel the new paradigm we are entering, and are rather only concerned about their next meal. With our blessing and healing vibrations, we are going to help change this in hopes that what we give out will help lions, tigers and so many other strong and tough animals to eventually lay down the paradigm of killing others for food.

Now, I’m not suggesting we use our energies to try to make the lions vegetarians, but the overall paradigm of towering over another or feeling worthy of taking another’s Life (or rendering another unworthy of having a physical Life by taking it) is what we’re attempting to help change.

Notice that the lioness is jumping up and beginning to scamper away, while her male lion counterpart remains where he is at. The lioness is to go on the hunt for food and when she is able to find and unfortunately kill her prey, she will be bringing it back to the male lion and their cubs.

Visualize and notice that seemingly out of nowhere, the entire scenery around us has changed. Whereas we were floating in front of our departing lioness and her male counterpart, we now exist at a beautiful pond where gazelle are grazing happily. They too have been looking for food, and have found it in the form of the grass they are grazing on.

Feel the vibrations being emitted from these beautiful animals, and feel that they have no desire to do anything other than graze and exist harmoniously with each other. They have no desire for conflict, and will happily graze and keep to their “pack” so to speak.

Our exercise is going to be changed-up a bit from this point and as I hope not to garner confusion in any of you, I’ll ask you to simply bear with me.

Notice that as we watch these beautiful gazelle graze, the lioness we previously saw is now creeping up from within the jungle near (but far away enough from) the pond. The lioness’ intention is to hunt these beautiful souls and bring them back to the male lion and their cubs and while this would otherwise seem like a routine happening in the animal kingdom, we are going to use the opportunity to bless this representation and help to see such things come to an eventual end.

Notice that the lioness is very carefully planning out her next moves, as she does not want to startle the gazelle too much but knows that if she does, she can and will chase after them. Before any such chase ensues, we are going to offer our blessings so worry not; we are not about to visualize anything negative happening to our dear gazelle friends.

Visualize and notice that the lioness now very boldly jumps out from the woods (perhaps an uncommon characteristic) and will be attempting to chase the gazelle. Before she is able to do so, I would like for you to freeze this entire visualization, with the lioness in mid-air. Now, analyze this frozen moment and feel the energies of the eager lioness and the scared gazelle alike. Notice that even though our visualization is frozen, the energies being given out by the animals around us are still flowing as if the scene hadn’t been frozen at all.

This is where we are going to offer our blessings. I would like for all of us, with the still-large group of fellow New Earth travelers accompanying us, to look at and really feel the energies of the lioness and the gazelle alike as we prepare ourselves to bless all of them. Take a shallow (or perhaps deep) breath in your physical bodies, and visualize the purest of higher dimensional energy coming up through you individually (we will first focus on our individual giving of energy).

Visualize and really feel this energy coming up through you and if possible, attempt to refine your perceptions of it so that you can perceive of it in a greater way and manifest it stronger as a result. This is truly a miraculous thing you are doing, and you can now visualize and notice the energies of our fellow subscribers and the rest of the New Earth collective around us as they are all fed into a large “cloud” of energy that we have long begun to become familiar with.

Allow this cloud to grow as big as possible, and affirm that the purest of blessing energies be given to it. Affirm that specific old paradigm-ending vibrations be added to this overall cloud, and offer the energies of peace to the lioness and the gazelle alike. Those specific vibrations will be instrumental in helping to end the old paradigm in this specific form it has come about on our world.

Now, with one big push of collective intention, feel as we all send this large cloud of collective blessing energy right to the frozen visualization of the mid-air lioness and the gazelle she is hunting.

Notice that as we do this, the “scene” becomes unfrozen and the lioness simply lands, having no desire to hunt the animals she was previously adamant about hunting. Notice now that the male lion himself and their beautiful little cubs have entered the picture and as the lioness begins strutting toward one of the gazelle who is no longer afraid, notice that she gets up on her hind legs to offer it what could only be described as the animal version of a hug, which is accepted by the gazelle (that is truly what I saw after our blessings were given).

My friends, we have used our blessing energy to Create a sustainable and peaceful environment wherein the perceived and looked toward “king of the jungle” can harmoniously exist with the beautiful animals they would otherwise hunt. Truly, this is the paradigm we are entering as a planet and it would be silly to assume humans to be the only Earthly creatures entering this paradigm. This evolution is planet-wide, and will be affecting every dear creature involved.

As always, you are encouraged to remain in the landscape we have worked upon this week and perhaps convene with the fellow New Earth travelers around us, or even with the lion and lioness, their cubs and the gazelle. Notice as we wrap up this exercise that now, far more animals have joined the fun and are now existing harmoniously with us and with each other.

We are helping to piece together and bring to completion the surface of our fifth dimensional Earth, and you have all been long encouraged to continue practicing or doing specific things while you are here. Truly, each blessing we perform is becoming more and more enjoyable to write and be a part of, and I thank each one of you for your participation in and enthusiasm surrounding our continual weekly exercises. We are Lightworkers, tried and true!

This concludes this week’s astral discussion.


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