Astral Travels: Blessing Stress

funny-stress-poster1.jpgWritten by Wes Annac


The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, we’re going to bless representations of the frustrating, stressful energy passed around various people on this Earth. Stress and frustration arise nearly every day for the majority of people and in my opinion, the very energy of stress drains us and keeps us feeding the lower states of consciousness the Earth is known for.

Our aim on this Earth is to transmute the energy of the lower dimensions in the various forms it has come about and this week, we’ll work as well to bless representations of people affected by stress every day.

A few weeks ago, we worked with the Hathors on manifesting different landscapes and locations at once, and viewing such locations via portals or “windows” we visualized. We’re going to utilize that visualization this week as we work to bless stress in the various forms it has come about.

To begin for this week, we’re going to visualize ourselves existing in the realm of our dear friend the tree. Recent subscribers should know that we’ve traveled to the realms of our tree friend quite fruitfully in the past, and the serene landscape we travel to that boasts our dear tree is every bit as harmonious as it is real.

Our perceptions of the astral realms are growing in every moment and as such, we’ll find ourselves able to perceive of the greater depth and beauty of these realms as we work from them more and more.

Visualize and attune to the great depth and purity of this heavenly field of nature surrounding our tree friend. Visualize and see the forest-border beyond the wide open field we’re floating in, and visualize a large, exuberant tree with many branches extending out. Feel the harmonious vibrations emanating from this dear tree and from every aspect of this land, and attempt to feel your own flowing vibrations.

We exist with the rest of the sentient consciousness in this realm and as such, our personal and collective vibrations will emanate-out along with everyone else’s.

Walk or float up to the dear tree before us. Attempt to communicate with it; thank it for its sacred presence here in the astral realms of this Earth. Commune with it; perhaps float up and sit on one of its branches. The Love flowing from our tree friend is unprecedented and pure, and the blissful moment that is our communion with this tree can last forever if we allow it to.

Time as we experience it is not a factor in this realm and as such, you can spend as much “time” as you’d like with our tree friend before we move on.


After enjoying the presence of our tree friend and taking-in the immensely-beautiful landscape around you (as well as creating specific things to notice about this land) we’re going to manifest the “portals” we previously accessed when working with the Hathors.

With our entire group of subscribers standing/floating near our tree friend, visualize as four “windows” of sorts seem to come into view out of thin air. We’re viewing literal portals to various different places and specifically, we’re going to witness representations of stressful, frustrating and frazzling situations.

Look into and visualize the first “window”.

Watch as it begins to form into a scene of a very busy 24-hr diner and specifically, of a waitress in that diner. She’s on a twelve-hour shift, her feet are hurting and she’s simply ready to go home. She can’t do that yet, however, because she’s serving half of the very-busy diner and is running left and right just to satisfy everyone’s orders.

She’s frustrated and upset at the situation. She’s tired and ready to go home and sleep-off the enormity of her shift, only to awake and do it all over again. She’s angry at the cooks for messing up one table’s order, and the people at the table are equally angry at and conceited with her.

Attempt to feel the energy of this overworked soul. She exists in a very heavy, weighed-down vibration, and is constantly going and moving in an effort to survive. She’s temporarily lost the feeling of calm, as her hectic Life is rushed and busy and her resulting happiness and satisfaction with Life is small.

Now, look into the second “window”.

Watch as the picture forms into a college lecture room, and zooms-in on one particular student. This young man is listening intently to the lecture being given and, at the same time, studying frantically for the test he’s going to take. The test seems important to his entire future, and he’s very stressed out and scared over the prospect of failing it.

Take a deeper look into the Life of this soul. He’s nearly-addicted to coffee and caffeine, having constantly used them to stay up late at night and cram (study frantically) for various tests and assignments. Feel the nervousness and tension in this soul, and feel his overwhelming desire to pass college and get a good job.

Calm, peace and happiness factor little into this soul’s existence, as he’s kept continually worried about the next exam or the next test of his mental ability to remember physical things. He’s seldom able to “cut loose” or relax in any way, and his existence seems to be based solely around stress and fear of failure.

We will now peek into the third “window”.

In this window, we see a frustrated and angry driver yelling at cars around him on the highway for not going quick enough. This person has an appointment to make, and is very frustrated and upset about the situation. Impatience breeds stress and frustration for this soul, and the anger he expresses toward others on the road serves as an outlet for such frustration.

Overall, he’s an angry individual who’s unhappy with the circumstances surrounding his existence but rather than surfacing that unhappiness, he seeks to take it out on others and express impatience and anger in everyday situations – such as driving on the road.

This soul has become lost in the frustration he seeks to express to others, and that very frustration has kept him from realizing the Divinity of his existence and the prevalent joy and happiness of this moment of Now.

In the fourth “window” we see each scene and each person all-in-one, and we see an all-encompassing lower energy making its way through each of them. We see and feel this energy for what it is; pure lower dimensionality that seeks to express itself through as many Earthly conduits as possible.

Visualize this energy, and ask yourself just what it looks like. Visualize its specific colors, and see the manner in which it works its way throughout every last frustrated and stressed-out person we just witnessed. Actually see the energy pouring through our frustrated waitress, our frazzled college student and our impatient driver.

See that in many instances, this energy largely causes the stress and frustration these souls find themselves immersed in.

This energy makes its way through as many people as possible and for the most part, the degree to which it’s let-in determines the potency of its effect. The people we have just witnessed no nothing beyond letting this energy in and as we watch it affect each of them simultaneously, we will ready ourselves to perform our blessings.

Affirm that the purest of Christed energy begin coming up through your astral body, and visualize the resulting flow. See and feel the beautiful, colored vibrations of spirit as they begin flowing up your astral spine, and visualize the marvelous cloud of collective blessing energy each of us subscribers is building.

What does this blessing energy look like as it comes up from within you? What specific colors are being radiated out? We can affirm that specific colors be added to the energy we give out, as we are the conduits for such energy to come forth.

When our collective cloud of energy is big enough, we can visualize it “hitting” and merging with all four of the windows we’ve been viewing the dear, frazzled souls through. As our energy begins flowing into their realities, watch as the once-murky and dark energy that was encompassing each of our frazzled souls begins changing into a much lighter, purer energy.

The colors return to the auras of each of these people, and the stress that’d ruled over them has subsided for the time being. Each of them finds themselves reaching personal strides in regards to healing their anger and overall, their moods have lightened.

As always, our blessing energies are intended to go toward the souls being represented, and the aim of this week’s exercise has been for us to bless every person on this Earth still immersed in stress and frustration.

We’ve long heard of the illusory nature of those very emotions, and they anchor an energy unto us that’s meant to feed the lower realms we’re ready to grow away from. Continue spending time in this realm if you wish, as there are an infinite amount of blessings and energetic tasks you can perform while here.

There are so many souls on this world needing blessed and now that we’ve tapped-in to and re-found our natural ability to do so, it’s time for us to “get to work” in any and every way possible.

This concludes this week’s astral discussion.

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  • Love working with the hathors and will do this :) thanks Wes
  • Thank you so much, Feather. The tree is happy to welcome your presence in every moment. :)


    Much Love,


    Wes :)

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