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Ashtar Telecall: January 12, 2010 – Arrests Are Complete!

Ashtar Telecall – January 12, 2010

Well good evening everyone. Did everyone feel that? Did everyone vibrate with that? That was true. That was love. That beloved ones is who we all are.

Though I have a really big headline for you. For this gathering of our beloved family in true fact of who we are. You may think that we’re separated but we’re not. Feel the energies of the one we all are. You’re your own divinity, your own divine energies welling up and meeting as we come to meet you. In this moment there is no separation. And that beloveds is how things have changed to be.

And so we have a headline for you tonight if you want to call it that. Or perhaps a news bulletin. And here it is. Fasten your seatbelts. Get ready. Here it is. Time is up! You all know what that means? Well first of all, of course you know that time as you know it as you have known it is just not quite the same as what it used to be. It’s been a most useful tool invented by the humans for specific use in allowing death and rebirth of the soul into a new body and again so that you can experience and learn on planet earth. Well guess what? School’s out! And if you recall from your own school days how much you loved recess. For some it could be even considered the happiest part of the school day, could it not? For all of you, probably that occured on some occasion or other. Well we’re entering into the big recess from 3D and it’s permanent. You do not have to go back if you don’t choose to. If you want to, you will have all the tools you need to go and help and be of service. But we’re lifting off and you’re all coming with us.

And so when we say time is up, what we’re saying is, you gotta be sure you got your bags packed full of your tools of higher dimensionality and don’t bring any 3D with you. If you do you’re gonna be overweight on the baggage scale. And you will not be allowed to enter as easily as you would if you have your baggage cleared. Oh, you might have a little bit in your carry on bag, but you really can’t be bringing all the stuff that’s weighed you down through all your lifetimes.

And you’ve heard us before talking about q-tipping and housecleaning and all of that. Let’s review for just a moment, shall we? We know you all love the topic so much but here’s what it is. It’s like go into your own being. You have your entire guidance team and who’s the director of that team – that’s you, beloveds your higher self. So commune, connect, communicate, and commune, and find out if you have some blocks, if you have some dark places, if you have some unresolved relationships or health concerns or whatever it is. You are at the final hour. As a matter of fact, if you listen closely you can hear on the winds of change, you can hear they’re calling, your ascension flight. It’s time to board if you’re not already on board. And we’re talking about your own personal ascension task. Hop on it. Go with it. You’ll love it.

When we say time is up, we are talking not only about the collapse of time on planet earth but we’re talking about those who just aren’t here anymore in the same form that they were, shall we say a short while ago, as you measure time. It’s done! Those guys in the dark hats have cast their lot, one way or another and the arrests have been completed. Now you may seem them on your television sets or hear them on your radio or whatever, you might see them on your computer news screens but remember they are solid holograms now and the switch is easily turned off. We have no desire to cause panic so this last jockying into position if you will is simply just something that needs to happen in order not to cause worldwide panic and pandimonium. Oh there’s going to be some.

Stargates. Well you’ve heard about them and the role that they play and why they are so important. And you should see all of the ships from the countries. They’re circling around in the Gulf of Aden and they don’t know what to do. And that’s okay. They’re military in nature for the most part. And when they’re there, at least we know they’re not bombing somebody someplace else or whatever. It’s time for peace. The time for war is over. The time for fear is over. Now we know that some of you have formed a habit of fear. The time to allow that habit to be anywhere, anywhere in your totality and the totality of your being is gone. Over. Done. We know that you’ve waited.

Let’s put this in perspective shall we? When you say you’ve waited ten years or more, for you know, Lady NESARA to come on stage and get this show on the road and all of that. We honor that. We love you for hanging in there with us. You are honored and appreciated. And here’s something that you may not have thought of. How long have your souls been waiting for this moment? See when you put it in that kind of a perspective, you’ve only been waiting a nanosecond by comparison. Think about that and let that comfort you and sustain you for the very short while that you have yet upon the path of all time. And while you’re at it, jump off of that path and onto the higher path of ascension because there is nothing to stop you! You are free, beloved ones. You are free to fly! To soar!

There is nothing to stop you except any kind of fear that you might have in your own being. And there’s another F word. It has more than four letters. Don’t get too excited there. And the word is Frustration. Oooooo, that sounds really low, doesn’t it? Well it is. It’s low density, low vibe. The real 3D deal. Why do you think the dark hats have played so many games, played so many tricks, done so many sabotage things, continued with the black ops even though they know that they signed contracts that they would give it all up by your year of two-zero-zero-zero. To frustrate you, beloved ones. So you’d give up. Knuckle under. Accept your enslavement, your disempowerment, your unhappiness and all of the things that go with it.

But you didn’t. You see there’s the glory! There’s the joy! And there’s the courage! Because you have known all along who you really are and some part of you has said “Wait! There is something better coming”. And you have literally welcomed and fanned the winds of change upon planet Earth. And you have reached out to your brothers and sisters and to indeed all of the kingdoms. Maybe not all of the time and maybe some of you are somewhat new to the concept of the oneness of all life, not only on planet Earth but throughout the universe and beyond. But here you are. And you are on the threshold and so when we say time is up, yes it’s up for the dark hats.

A new time, a new era, is beginning for you. The old time is gone and soon the very concept of time will be a no-thing, just like money, just like dollars. But you are entering into a totally changed world. You are citizens of the new age that some have called it and let’s just call it 5D and higher, shall we? That pretty well says it all. We’re talking love. We’re talking compassion. We’re talking forgiveness and we’re talking gratitude and when we started talking through this voice a few years ago that same light – mission impossible. There were very few on planet Earth who were focused on those qualities, on those feelings, and upon those energies. And that’s why love is the most powerful energy in the world and the others spring from love. And it sounded good, didn’t it? Hmmm-mmm. We even had a singer make a song about it. Sounded good! We get together and have a jolly time for awhile and then everybody would go home but it seemed elusive. And the more we talked about NESARA and all of the freedoms and all of the Golden Age – the Age of Aquarius and everything else that was to come, the more frustrated, we know, because we’ve been with you all this time in loving service as you serve.

We know it’s been frustrating for each and every one of our family members. Here present in this discussion and around the planet and beyond. And we know that in some cases some who were so excited about it when they first started hearing about it, have in the meantime have left their bodies. But they’re right here, beloved ones. Reach out and feel them. Connect with them and hear their joy. Feel their joy as they see it coming into fruition. Manifest here.

And you don’t have to wait anymore! That’s the real story behind the headline tonight. Behind the news bulletin. Stop waiting! Put yourselves right into it! Just let yourselves feel the joy. Just feel the love. Laugh and giggle if you want to. Fill yourselves with the feeling of it and so you are. You create that reality within yourselves and around you. And it’s becoming more and more contagious. Haven’t you had a family member, a neighbour, a friend, or somebody say something about how they are feeling changes. They may not know how to define the changes, they may not know what’s coming, they may have said “well you’re really out to lunch” at sometime in the past when you tried to tell them about it. Maybe now they’re gonna come and ring your doorbell and ask to hear more because they are feeling it and they want to hear from you.

Stand up! Stand tall in your communities, in your homes, in your family, friends, and outer rings. Share the joy beloved ones because it’s here now! In this very moment, you don’t have to wait anymore and neither does anyone else. Claim your birthright. Recognize and realize that you are in mission accomplishment mode and reach out and do it. Call it forth!

You have a leader in the country of the United States of America and in other countries who dare – who dare to speak publicly about loving one another. And we’ll give you a hint – it’s not religion. It’s about the spirituality of planet Earth being recognized, being honored, being held sacred. So reach up, reach out, and stand tall and tell everyone “Yes, I know. I know about what is happening now in this moment. I know about the times changing. I’m here not only to welcome it but I have helped to bring it about.” Beloved ones do you know how much you and your loving moments and your high vibes and your times of energetic enthusiasm have contributed to making this happen? And it would not be happening without you! Get that! Take that into your entire being – your past, your present, your future. And allow it.

Give yourselves those awards they talk about because you have done such a wonderful thing to be here, to volunteer to be here at this time. Never, ever in all of her history/herstory has planet Earth needed you more than now in this moment. Never have you stood so tall. Never has your courage shown forth. Never have you shined as much as you do in this moment and each one that comes you’re even more radiant. Love yourselves, beloved ones. Nurture yourselves. Let the years that you have accumulated in your beloved body fall away. Bring your child out. Oh, your inner child’s gonna love that it’s permanent recess time now. No questioning that.

This is it! What you might want to call zero hour, zero point in the creation of all the joy and the love for all upon the Earth, below, on, and above and let it radiate out through your solar system, your galaxy, out to all the stars. You came from the stars, beloved ones – we all did. And we’re here together joined in the greatest mission ever. So get with it! Get with the program! If you’ve got ANYTHING AT ALL that doesn’t feel high vibe, light, bright, and beautifully beaming, address it and get beyond it. You can do that. You have the tools. Transmute it, transform it. Make it into love. Have compassion for those who seem to have a dark fog around them. Who seem to be fumbling, they can’t see the light. Shine your light for them even brighter. Be the compassion and the observer of the entire planet and beyond. Connect in with your guides and let them help you to see the way to help someone else.

Be compassionate. Don’t allow yourselves to get pushed back into whatever situation of low vibration you might be observing. Your job, beloved ones, is hold your ground and step higher and higher and invite anyone who is in a lower vibration, in an unhappy place, to join you. Assure them that there is room. Hold out your hand. Don’t let them pull you back. You encourage them and invite them to come forward and up, up, and away. If you are harboring any grudges ANYWHERE – let go! If you have blamed your parents, your brothers, your sisters – whoever for whatever – let it go! Forgive! Ho-oponopono the whole wide world if you need to, but forgive. And then remember the magic words of thanks. Be grateful. Even though we’re all one and all connected and in communion of the spirits, we are. You each have your own individualities. Celebrate, but be all as one. Do not hold yourself any higher or lower than anyone else. Simply if you see that someone is in a lower vibration, invite them to step it up.

We’re all divine royalty here. Every single one of us. Every single being on planet Earth. And we’re all here in divine mission and purpose. So remember to keep yourselves on the high road, on the high path. Rejoice! You can start the celebration if you want to! Get out your party hats! And start making some music and dancing for joy because it’s done. Mission accomplished. The winds of change are still blowing and as we said there are some details still to follow. But you’ve got it, beloved ones. You’ve brought it forth for planet Earth and for all the universe beyond. It’s done.

Oh yes, there’s going to be an airshow unlike any other that has ever been seen. No dates, of course. But keep your eyes to the skies, as they say. Come out particularly at night, it’s easier. Come outside – come outdoors. Wave. Say a hello. Give us a little jig, sing us a little song and then look up. We might be flashing you. And it’s oh, so exciting. And you may get a message and that’s just perfect. We salute you, the ground crew and sometimes we do it with our lights flashing and sometimes you just have a little feeling inside of your heart or your wisdom eye. Sometimes you feel a little tickle perhaps, a few little goose-bumpies. Like we love to say – we’re here, we’re there, we’re everywhere and we are with you as you are with us. So let’s be watching out for each other and let’s greet each other at every opportunity that we get.

Now the voice was asking the other day – she’s got a lot of questions these days – and she was asking “well, alright when we get past the decloakings”, now we don’t even call it first contact anymore as we all know that happened long ago in your time and so we call it the decloakings and the announcements, yes Virginia we really are real! And we’re all about love. And of course we have Lady NESARA coming forth and you’ll have all of the details of that. And when we get past that she says “well, aren’t we gonna really appear in some kind of a recognizable form”. Well, yes you can recognize us right now can you not? Some can see, some can feel. Some can just hear.

But we have assured that we will be running around or flying around the higher dimensions and of course you will recognize us just as we recognize you. Well, isn’t that going to be a delightful party? Start working on that, you might like to do that. Who knows who might come walking through your walls. Who knows when you’re going to walk through your own walls. Now that’s gonna be lots of fun, isn’t it? Perhaps we can just join hands and walk together. And we’ll do “beam me up Scotty” but we won’t need Scotty. And isn’t that going to be fun? We can actually have some fun practicing these things, beloved ones. Just allow it! Allow yourselves to come out and play and to love and to laugh and to be who you really are.

And we have a recommendation for you. You know sometimes we find that there is something in the movie theatre that you really shouldn’t wait for to show on your own television sets. Oh, pretty soon they’ll be one and same but for now. You know the movie called Avatar? Now those people know how to play. People…hmmmmmmmmmm… Pandora people. No coincidences about the name of the planet. Only guess what? This Pandora was full of beautiful beings in touch, in harmony, and you can have that kind of relationship with Mother Gaia if you haven’t already. And guess what? It’s okay if you don’t have any hair anymore. Oh, you can grow that back if you want to but you won’t need long braids of hair to do it. To step out onto Mother Earth or put your hand there and ask her to put her hand in yours. And all of that wisdom is there just waiting to flow to you. And all of that joy and all of that love. The way that as you greet each other with love and joy and hands outstretched and hugging. Remember to do the same with Mother Gaia because she’s here, she’s been here all the time for you and she is getting herself ready. Every little inch of her, every cell of Mother Earth is getting ready for the grand celebration which shall be endless.

So get into it. Get your party clothes on or whatever you wanna do. Get your party hats out. Play your music, start dancing and celebrating because time is up. The time of fear, the time of frustration, the time of endless waking, the time of trials and tribulations and traumas and dramas is bye-bye. So live and love and laugh because it’s now. Bring it on. Bring it on with all the love and the courage and the empowerment of your beings. It’s beautiful to behold. We stand hand in hand with you. Arm in arm as we enter completely into the Golden Age which is now. Let it be so in your divine kingdoms. And so it is! Salute!


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