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Ascension Quest; What is the Relationship between the Divine Qualities and Nova Earth?

God Meeting God

What is the Relationship between the Divine Qualities and Nova Earth?

 What is the relationship between the divine qualities and Nova Earth? To answer that question we have to look at what we mean by the divine qualities and Nova Earth.

And before we do that, we need also to establish why the subject is important in the first place.

So let’s begin, as we so often do, by discussing the purpose of life because the importance of the divine qualities arises as a facet of realizing and accomplishing the purpose of life.

I maintain, and you’re welcome to disagree with me, that life is a journey from God to God. Its purpose for us is to realize our identity as God, after which we merge again with the Divine. Its purpose for God is to afford God the opportunity to meet and experience him/her/itself (God has no gender) in a moment of our enlightenment.

God is singular, the universal subject, one without a second. Because God is all there is, God must be us and we must be God. Our sources acknowledge this; for instance, the Arcturian Group:

“There is only one omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Consciousness…. Everything embodied within this Divine Consciousness is manifested outwardly in forms consistent to the state of consciousness of the individual.

“God manifests as Divine life individually manifesting Itself. That is the truth of oneness, all are alive with the one and only Life there is. …  God, Source, Divine Consciousness, is all there is, and is embodied within and as you. You are its manifested expression, animals also express this life as do all living things, for It is the only life there is. ” (1)

The only way the One can meet itself is through a moment of our enlightenment. Every time one of us realizes who we are, God meets God.

We created beings journey up Jacob’s ladder of consciousness. Prodigal children, we’ve enjoyed the world and eventually return to the Father/Mother One free of worldly possessions and attachments. Our return to God concludes a journey that took us from unconscious awareness of our identity as fragments of the divine to conscious awareness of it.

“In the eternal life of the soul,” Matthew Ward tells us, “Ascension [in general] is spiritual growth, soul evolvement, and each soul experiences this in many places in the universe while ‘Ascending’ into the Oneness of All—a return to our Beginning.” (2)  Right now we focus on the stage of that long journey that takes us from the Third Dimension to the Fourth and finally to the Fifth.

         Matthew describes our Ascension as “actual movement from one energy placement into a ‘higher,’ or lighter, placement.” (3) What causes us to shift to a higher placement is a rise in our vibrational frequencies.

Matthew explains how this upward shift in frequencies comes about: “The glories of the Golden Age will be available only to the souls who absorb the light that will enable physical survival along Earth’s ascension journey into the high frequencies of fifth density.” (4)

SaLuSa agrees with Matthew that the future of all “is bound by the degree of Light that you have drawn to yourself, and whether it is sufficiently high enough to enable you to ascend.” (5)

What happens when we assimilate light? Matthew tells us that “it is the light within a body that transforms its carbon-based cellular structure into the crystalline form that enables the body to live in the high vibrations of energy planes beyond third density.” (6) “That is why persons who choose to live in the light can ascend with Earth and those who choose to cling to their dark ways cannot.” (7)

Nova Earth refers to Gaia and her inhabitants in the Fifth Dimension. According to Matthew, for us to “go along with Earth [to the Fifth], you need a ‘travel ticket.’ Getting it is as easy as choosing to live in godly ways.” (8) What Matthew calls “godly ways,” we call the divine qualities. By that term we mean the actual attributes of God.

     One of the tasks before us is to discover what these divine qualities are. We can probably agree that some of them are love, truth, peace, compassion, generosity, freedom, equality, tolerance, impartiality, equanimity, and so on.

The more godlike we are, the more refined our vibrations are. If we want to raise our vibrations so that we shift our point of perception from the Third Dimension to the Fourth and thence to the Fifth, then we must align our thoughts and actions with these divine qualities or “godly ways.”

We have to leave behind the crude and coarse behavior of the Third Dimension. We have to leave behind dualistic or “dark” ways such as self-servingness, competition, greed, hoarding, and the like, trading them for unitive or godly ways like compassion, cooperation, generosity, sharing, etc.

Our divine nature is not something we acquire. We always already have it. It’s simply concealed by the overburden of lies, perpetrations, self-interest, and other behavior tolerated in Third Dimensionality but unconducive to life in the Fifth.

In fact if we act in Fifth Dimensionality as we did in Third, we’d probably feel unable to tolerate the more refined atmosphere and need to retreat from it in short order, were we to win entrance to it by some temporary but superhuman spiritual effort.

Anyone who’s had a spiritual experience after a moment of telling the truth deeply only to lose it the very first time they told a lie will know what I’m talking about. We may reach Fifth-Dimensional heights on occasion but we cannot stay there unless we tell the truth, love others, keep the peace, and generally live in godly ways.

     So the relationship between the divine qualities and Nova Earth is that living as the divine qualities refines our energy levels, helps convert our bodies from carbon-based to crystalline, and is our passport to Nova Earth. Living as the divine qualities is our assurance that we can remain on the Fifth Dimension once we succeed in shifting our point of perception from Third-Dimensionality to Fourth and thence to Fifth.

That makes mastering the divine qualities the first order of business for all of us and the most vital subject for us to explore and understand. {We are all one family in God.}

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