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Ascension Quest; Don't Mind Me- I Am Just Mutating #3 { Chem-trails & DC's Plan to Stop Ascension }


How many times a week does your  city or town get sprayed?        Ever Counted?

Have you ever noticed white lines in the sky?  

All you you have to do is look up!

Over every Major city almost daily now.     


Part  #3;Chem-trails-Sorry to join in so late, as I have been sick in bed. I see you all are still enjoying yourselves. For we are here to help solve this problem so that we can Ascend. Anyway, Yes its all of the above and even more! This weapon that the DC created does all of the above plus it works in conduction with HAARP. It has been created as a multi-design weapon system that has been going on for at least 60 yrs. So lets see where we can start, We all know about the weather modification like what they did with all the super storms,Sandy, Isaac and Katrina plus all the minor storms, floods, droughts, earth quakes and Volcano eruptions. It is also designed to reflect rays back into space and thats how they got so much money to create this multi-faceted weapon, to reflect the suns charged particles and neutrino beams plus the different kinds of rays back into space , to pretend to stop or slow down the Green house effect, slow down carbon emissions or make us believe they can do all of this to get the big bucks.

       But in reality it is mostly designed to kill us off slowly and stop us from Ascension which is its main goal. By spraying us with toxic materials of virus's man made in labs on and under the earth. These virus's work on the upper respiratory system, they mimic flu, colds, As-ma  and many other more serious upper respiratory disease's that can lead to death. And these virus's are used to make us think that the virius's that the MSN along with the CMO and WHO org. present to the world as epidemic's caused by some animal or bird every yr its a new one. They wont people to be so sick that they will spend huge amounts of money on Pharm drugs that do nothing on the man made virus. So then they do what I did and go get a flu shot which will also only make it worse! But even worse than this, the DC has a Diabolical plan using back vaccines to cause us to be sterile and create another world wide black plague but this time to wipe out billions not just millions like the Spanish black plague did. So the Chemtrail weapon and the bad vaccines work together.

  As for the nanites or nano-bots,miniature robots half organic and half metal are programed also like the bacteria that they can program, to attack our immune system which is already over loaded with bad bacteria and GMO'S, and all the other poisons in our food in huge amounts, our water such as the Fluoride  which is a waste product of aluminum and Which is also in the chem-trails, which is stored in the brain as a poisen and shuts it down. Here in Belize we also have Mercury in the water from all the Dam Dams. Both these metals are poison and as such are stored in the brain where we have the most fat to keep the poison from spreading into our system. There is other heavy metals in the chem-trails designed to reflect the rays that we need to Ascend and at the same time to shut down our own natural immune system and our brain function. All these things together along with all the Fear in MSM &MSN ,TV, movies and video games, keeps most of the people as sheep, sheepoles that are being lead to the slaughter.And for the light workers we are being feed lies from the DC, Archons, and the Visitors.

Of course there have been many books written on Chem-Trails and HAARP but not from all the light workers point of view, because we are also concerned with the Ascension Quest Event which is part of the Divine Plan. We have to survive if the rest of mankind is to reach a survival level to also survive. They will not make it without us and we will not make it with the help of the true Spirit Realm and the True ET friends, which are not the ones that are lying to us now. They think that we can be lead as sheep like our brothers who are sleep walkers. But they have over looked one most important thing. We are not just light workers but we are rebels and warriors! We have been preprogramed before we came to this earth for this mission and they cannot keep fooling us for long. We are to them ,not only do we know who they are but we also know what they are doing and what they plan to do not only to the sheeple but also to us.


They think that they can fool us and put blinders on us like they do to the sheeples and expect us to follow them to our death and not to Ascend! Well they have another think a coming! For we know that we are being lied to here on ACC and the other forums for light workers. The Visitors are very good at imitating our masters and guides, and ET friends. But we now know that more than half of the channelled material is fake, a false flag and just down reigth lies designed to lead us forward and not see all the deaths and sickness coming from the Chem-trails and all the other weapons designed to destroy us and mankind. And now ere only weeks away from Ascension ,if it happens on time, and we are still being lead forward with our blinders on. I for one no longer believe in all that we are being told, not to mind all the sickness and deaths from there poisons on us. Not to mind all the wars and rumors of wars, not to mind all the corruption and the failing economy or the NESARA Program that never happened.

So are we going to take this lying down , are we going to let them kill us off slowly and stop us from reaching our goals of Ascension? I think not! We went to school before we came here to change our battle plans if necessary, just like in sports or war, you have plans laid out but also does the opposing team or enemy. Ad what they do , or how they react to your plans means that you,they, we ,have to change plans. We only have 3 wks left now to make the Ascension Event and at the rate that we are going now, and the rate the DC,Archons, and the Visitors are going means that there is a possibility that all of us, 144,000 light workers may not make our goals to 5D and if enough of us don't make it, then there wont be a cosmic consciousness awakening of the mass of mankind to bring them into 4D.

So we have to change game plans now and figure out how to make it to Ascension, so that we can activate our DNA codes to 12 strands and our carbon base bodies to crystal base to become the new Star-beings that was our Mission our reason to come here. But of course we need much help in the face of all that has happened and all the lies that have been fed to us. I still believe in the Spirit realm and Our ET friends but not all, not even half. And to know WHo is who and what is what we need to learn Great Discernment ,not only now in these last days but also in the future.

     What more can be said? No one ,not even those of the higher realms know exactly what will happen. We  do know that many of the people will be stuck in higher 3D and many more will move into 4D and there are 7 levels there to move through. I follow the belief that some of us light workers will stay in higher 4D , some say about 20 yrs before we can move into 5D and it is said to take another 300 yrs in 5D for every one else to catch up. And of course there those 144,000 who will move straight into 5D and some will later move even higher. So there are many different stories ,cause there are many different levels that we are on at the same time. So that each story will support the level of the person who recognizes his goal from where he or she is and move from there. So there is no one story that applies to all but eventually we will all catch up with one another in the higher realms for we cannot do this without our brothers.This is the law of the universe in eternity. So we need to stop the DC and the Visitors who are trying to stop us from Ascending, which will start in the next few weeks. For we are the Future Star Beings !! Love &Light, Adonai

"Entrance into the Father's kingdom waits not upon marching armies, upon overturned kingdoms of this world, nor upon the breaking of captive yokes. The kingdom of heaven is at hand, and all who enter therein shall find abundant liberty and joyous salvation."

Photo: "Be not deceived by those who come saying here is the kingdom or there is the kingdom, for my Father's kingdom concerns not things visible and material. And this kingdom is even now among you, for where the spirit of God teaches and leads the soul of man, there in reality is the kingdom of heaven. And this kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit." "And this kingdom which I declare to you is not a reign of power and plenty. The kingdom of heaven is not a matter of meat and drink but rather a life of progressive righteousness and increasing joy in the perfecting service of my Father who is in heaven. For has not the Father said of his children of the world, 'It is my will that they should eventually be perfect, even as I am perfect.' "Entrance into the Father's kingdom waits not upon marching armies, upon overturned kingdoms of this world, nor upon the breaking of captive yokes. The kingdom of heaven is at hand, and all who enter therein shall find abundant liberty and joyous salvation."
Change On The Inside

Change on the inside makes us think it’s real,

To something that is more than we now Feel.

Allowing ourselves to become,

The total of the sum.

Seeking the inner voice,

For wisdom that only comes from choice.

What are we when the day is done,

but a reflection of the rising sun.

We are not this body we call ourselves,

We are our brothers and all of our cells.

Our mind is but a fragment,

Of the creator’s Love.

Descending upon us as the,

Peace of a dove.

What do we perceive,

When we open our eyes.

Only to begin the trip,

Of what we will realize.

We all want to experience,

The divine relationship of unity.

Only in our love,

Can we be in serenity.

In some ways,

We lie to ourselves.

To save the days,

We leave behind on the shelves.

When we are together,

With the family within.

All doubt is lost,

In the wind.                       

By Rev.Joshua Skirvin 11/29/12

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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on November 30, 2012 at 8:33am

Thanks Sally. I to believe we must hold on. I trust in my inner family that I call "the Great Spirit" The trinity concept and more. I also trust in the outer family of the light workers to help me through. But Spirit did guide me to write this as it is important that we know what is truly going on. And if for some reason some of don't make it on time , well then we know what happened and why, so that we don't blame ourselves and we keep right on going until we do. Then we can turn to the outer most family and help them up the ladder to Ascension to lower 4D.L&L,Adonai


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