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Ascension Quest; Archangel Indriel ~ “When Your Heart Takes Flight.”

Archangel Indriel ~ “When Your Heart Takes Flight.”
24 February, 2013

“You are a wanderer, dear Human. You go this way and that, forwards and backwards, never knowing that with every step you take you come that much closer to the very thing which you are seeking. And what is this thing, you wonder? This exalted state of being? You claim to not be altogether sure. But I ask you to think on it. Think clearly and without the Ego’s interference and it’s tiresome obsession with everyday trivialities. Ask it, “Step aside, please”, and thus it shall do so, and with grace. You know quite well what you want. You know you seek your purpose, your mission and the answer to life’s most profound and elusive questions of who am I, why am I here, and from whence did I come?

Test the waters. Try on a new suit of clothes, and should the first not fit, then try another. And another. And another. When the fit is right you’ll know for sure, because this is when your heart takes flight. You will know a rush of joy, of blessed peace, a moment or two of intense connection and stunning synchronicity. Paradise. Nirvana. The Holy Instant. Call it what you will. When you experience these things it is a sure signal that you have arrived at your long-sought destination. Remain there, indefinitely. Maintain that feeling. You have fought hard and won, so therefore dwell in this place of peace forever more, and then press forward to help others in their quest to get there, too.

So you still feel lost? Oh, child, you are entirely on track! The timing is merely different for everyone, so cherish yourself and let God’s plan flow at it’s own Divine pace. Truly, I mislead you not. As each new opportunity for change presents itself, ask of your heart the following questions:

♥ Does this bring me closer to God? To feeling at peace? Complete?

♥ Do these tasks come naturally to me, or does it feel like a grueling, uphill climb?

♥ Do I love to do this thing, or am I in it exclusively for the abundant rewards? You may have both, Child, there is no shame in that.

♥ Does this work aid only me, or am I serving others in the process?

♥ Is this a soul crushing experience, or does it make my heart take flight?

And there you have it. It is not nearly as hard as you once thought, would you not say? Listen to your inner guidance and you cannot fall astray. Follow where your heart takes you and you will always end up that much closer to God. Dear Lightbearer, that is the greatest place of all to be!”

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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on February 26, 2013 at 2:53pm

Nice pic FW, it looks multidimensional. Some of those images in the pic I have been seeing in my mediation. I think the green thing is the kundalina snake. That small man in the flame image is what I see most, and do you?Adonai

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on February 26, 2013 at 8:40am

Short but sweet. I especially like the part concerning the Ego; Step aside please. I have to do this several times a day with my Ego, for he very stubborn . Sometime he's so bad that I have to ask my Holy Spirit to step in and remove him for me. A good portion of the ACIM-A course in Miracles, is all about this, How to over come the ego. JC said the Demon is within you but also is the kingdom of God. Go within to find your answers, all is Love.Adonai


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