ASCENSION PROGRAM crystalai COSMIC MYSTERY SCHOOL OF THE OMNIVERSE Thank you for your interest in the ASCENSION PROGRAM. I will be placing a purchase link on the website. The Ascension Program will be an Extremely Intense SIX WEEKS. I know that this is only enough time to introduce you to the Fundamentals of Ascension. However, you will also be provided with Readings, Links, youtubes, diagrams that you can continue to use in the future as you continue learning to Ascend for the rest of Eternity. First, to make sure you really want to do this. The course will cost $200 for Six Weeks. There will be more courses beyond this one to go into more depth on each topic. This Course does not Require your background knowledge from what has already been taught through the Newsletters, because I have already placed some of those newsletters in the TextBook. Some of you will remember reading this information before. There is a VERY BIG difference between READING an Article and Understanding the meaning of that article and the relationship of that piece of information into the BIG PICTURE. You can pay with this link to pay $100. You can make two purchases of $100 or just indicate that you want 2 of the $100 Email Consultations. This is an EXTREME reduction in price from my original courses which were $1000 for a three day course. The information from those courses will be included in this one. I would also like to ad the fact that the MANIFESTATION WORKSHOP is $100 for a Four Week Course. And that the journal work from that course will be included in this one. If any of you decide that you would like to have me offer a more intense workshop in Manifestation after this one, I will do that. Just a little background knowledge of what you may or may not already know. There have been a few who have already become Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse Students, who already paid $200. Those students will be invited to this workshop. I will create some rules for this course because I want students of this course to ACTUALLY LEARN SOMETHING. The method that was used in the CMSO has not been working because I have not been providing Course Work that you need to study and then provide answers in ESSAY FORM. For instance, the Question for the Final in 2014 was EXPLAIN the Frequency Fence and the Quarantine Fence. The answer to that question was in one of the Audio Listening Files in the MASTERS ROOM for an entire year, and yet, not one student had found the answer to that question. I have also recommended reading VOYAGERS 2 by Ashayana Deane dozens of times. I only know of one student who has taken the time to do that. This is key information for those of you who actually want to Ascend. BASICALLY, I don't want you to waste your money. I want you to learn these most important points about ascension, what it is, how it is performed, how it relates to the Fence that broke our DNA apart, and how our DNA can be braided back together through the use of the Universal and Cosmic Frequencies. I recommend SKIMMING through the ASCENSION PROGRAM textbook because I would like you to know a little bit about your TEACHER and how I grew to know this information. The Course Work will be centered around answering the Question on page 337 - WHAT IS ASCENSION? The Course Work will include having you practice the Techniques given to be used when you listen to your Frequency Music. 342-384 This Course will definitely help you make better use of your ETERNAL LIFE ALBUMS. The Course will provide you with Questions taken from information in Chapters 6, 8 and 9. The Essays that you write will be yourown personal guidelines to realizing what you understand and do not understand. You can always ask me questions about points that you do not understand. However, my answers will be to the Group because the Group provides the opportunity for the Guardians to provide a LARGER ANSWER. I will not answer questions EVERY DAY, or EVERY HOUR. I will answer Questions when the Guardians give me the ANSWER. All of the questions that you ask me are being asked to the Guardians the Ascension Teams. These are not my answers. All of the information that I write is CHANNELED information. This means that your Consciousness will be tuned in to the Guardians and Ascension Teams during the Course, because that is how it works. THE FIRST RULE FOR THIS CLASS is DO NOT BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN NOT UNDERSTAND. The SECOND RULE is Do Not Believe that you do not have the INTELLIGENCE or the Background needed to Understand. The reason that these rules exist is because WE all have the Mind of God. If we don't understand, it is because we have not learned how to listen for guidance. That is all. People think they cannot understand because they were programmed to believe that they cannot understand. That is why we are working on de-programming the THINKING BRAIN. THE THIRD RULE is to Continue practicing the Candle Technique one hour every day while listening to your music. THE FOURTH RULE is I would like to have permission to give all of those who are in this group the email address of the other members so that you can chat with each other if you choose to. The very fact that you have each chosen this Journey tells me that you Need to Know Each other. Usually, when any Mystery School is formed, those who are attracted are the actual representatives of the 12 Race lines who are now combining their Frequencies together for the RE-Birth of our original Normal Eternal Life Plan. ASCENSION is not Automatic, even in a normal system. There have always been those FEW who have spent the focus of their lives within Mystery Schools, and those who have chosen to just live life as normal. ASCENSION means leaving the World, the beliefs, the society, the THINKING BRAIN. It means TRANSMUTING all old information out of the Brain through the Mid Brain which is Frequency Specific in order to pave a path into the Mind of God as the originator of all KNOWING. That is the First Step. Asension includes learning to turn the body into the Star Dust Based Body by merging the physical body into the Plasma Body, the Aurora Body, the Light Body. This ASCENSION PROGRAM is not related to any of the OLD NEW AGE or OLD MYSTERY SCHOOL TEACHINGS. I do not recommend combining other teachings with this one. It is very much related to Keylontic Science, Christian Science, the Complete Teachings of the 12 Level Avatar called Jesus Christ. Those teachings were never known COMPLETELY AND CORRECTLY on Earth prior to the 2005-2012 time period. The first step to take before you decide to take the course is purchase the TEXTBOOK, and at least read chapter 6, skim through the rest, and then email me. If you would like to spend SIX WEEKS Focusing on ASCENDING, please email me at

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