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  We are all here on this multi dimensional plane of learning now.This is why I call this the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse.

This is the typed version of the recorded channeled dialog between Mary and Jesus (Yeshuwa ben Joseph) about the SKULLS.

These 12 portals just opened us into 12 stargates of inter dimensional beings from 12 Universes and all of those who are related to them. BUT, REMEMBER, these are the star systems that existed in the ORIGINAL GOD WORLD. Yeshuwa made this very clear in this recording. Now, we know that the SKULLS are the remote control devices for opening and closing star gates that will give PERMISSION for those to enter in.

MARY MAGDALENE is the only one who has permission to use the Portals. And yet, the 12 who own the skulls are the gate keepers. This is why I am asking these questions. I want to have all of this criterea considered before they give me my next mission. I also used to think that I was the gate keeper since I was the only one with Permission, so there is still much for me to learn as I finish this project and obtain my instructions for my next mission.

I typed up some of the conversations from the past channeled session with Yeshuwa ben Joseph, so that each of you can make your own decisions about what it all means.

This will become a you tube titled Mary and Jesus discuss Stargates and Skulls

YESHUWA IS SPEAKING The twelve stargates will relate to the 12 skulls and the center skull will be the controller. But it is out in a concentric circle almost. How this works. Many different things are effected by these Portholes. The stargates are effected. The different alien groups that were originally part of setting the star gates will be effected. These people that are these skulls, that hold the energy, or the energy to fulfill the technology are there and the center skull which will be the controller, which means it will activate - it can turn at will to activate each of the stargates whenever they are needed.

The Skulls are the controllers of the gates also. You can control the gates from each gate of course. But if you need someone to control the gates from a different area, the skulls will be their power source for an outside control because it is necessary for the gates to be controlled from outside the realm of the actual gate because there will be times in the future when someone will be controlling the different gates and allowing people to come and go. Where are the people outside of the gates? You must wait for first contact to see these particular people.

Most of the skulls are not on the planet at this time. They have been taken, and replaced by artificial skulls. THEY ARE TOO DANGEROUS FOR HUMANS TO HAVE IN THEIR POSESSION. There are about four still on the planet. Probably not the ones that people say they have a skull are probably not the real ones. You are right. There are a few that are still there, but with out the others they are useless.

They do not need to take those last four skulls until it is time for that circle to be made, and for that part of technology to be added. So, it is all right. So are there a group of people on Earth who are in charge of these skulls?

No, Each skull is owned by an individual. Many have artificial skulls that they believe are the real ones, but if they were taken to be examined it would be found that they are not real. The Scientists on your planet are aware of the skulls, and are aware of where they SHOULD BE because they figured that out several years ago. But they have not found them all. At least that is what they think. They have all been found except for the CENTER Skull has not been uncovered. It is being protected and no one will find it at this time.

Can you tell me where these skulls are that are known by the scientists?

Yes, they are all over the planet. There are actually 12 major stargates that correlate to the 12 major skulls. Where there is a star gate there is a Skull. So the skulls are where I am creating the Portholes? Not necessarily. Those portholes are activating energy for the Stargates, but they are not near the star gate. They are strong enough to activate the Stargates from a great distance. But, those areas that have a star gate will have a skull near by. But now some of them have been taken. The ones that have been taken are already off planet and they know where they correlate with. There are 12 different locations for the star gates and they are all over the planet.

There are 52 smaller star gates that are single star gates which means only one person may use them. But the larger stargates may be for up to ten people at a time. There is much to learn about the star gates and you will learn it soon. So the Skulls and the Stargates go together, and one cannot work without the other. Correct. Actually, yes, they can work individually of each other because there are controls inside of the stargates, however, the skull that is working with that star gate is an outside control. Do you understand?

That is what I'm talking about. There will be another control area for the star gate outside of the inner controls. Sort of like, an automatic car starter that can start the car from a distance. Can you tell me where the skulls are that the scientists know of?

There are four in the possession of humans. They knew who they were originally. But now they are trying to find the stargates that correlate with them because they are not visible to the human eye. They must be uncovered with technology. They must be uncovered with certain vibrational efforts to be able to be seen because they are hidden with a force field or something that you cannot see between. You can walk through it but you can not see through it. Most of these star gates are below the surface of the Earth, at least ten or twelve feet, but because of time and how it has covered them over with sand and things of this nature, but they will be able to find them eventually because they know approximately where they are. It is hard to detect this force field because it was not made to be detectable by your particular technology. At least not at this point. They have uncovered one in Saudi Arabia.

Scientists know where it is. There is war and fighting all around it. So, they have not been able to escavate it. It was found accidently. They know where that one exists. It is in Saudi Arabia. I do not know Earthly co ordinates. But I can tell you it is pretty much in the center of the country. The cause of the war is many centuries old. Believing only that their point of view is correct. They are a very stubborn group. Some of them are Sheeites, some of them are Islam, some of them are Jewish.You must understand that the twelve tribes have all divided. These are the twelve tribes of Israel who divided. They will not sit down and even listen to one another. They are taught from an early age that they are the only ones who are correct, and so they will fight for what they believe and it is futile, and they will not stop until God returns. Mary: So I am connected to the energy of the Portholes, that connects to the Star gates.

So, does that mean that I am connected to the Skulls? Jesus: I am not sure if the people that you are working with, the angels and all of those around you will feel it important for you to connect to them at this time. Perhaps when your job is finished, they will allow you to see that information. You are special among women. It does not matter who recognizes it at this time. You are the Queen, one of the Queens of the universe. So, it doesn't matter what humans think. What you are doing is wonderful and you are helping this species move forward in their thought process and that is what you should think about and don't worry about what your identity. We all know who you are and we all love you greatly. And a depression from you is so unusual. You are usually a very happy person.

When you come to spirit you are joyful and happy and we are so much appreciating who you are. When you enter a room you can light up a room. Isn't that right Joe? Yes. Joe giggles. You came from a creation point of view. You were created along with the Angels back then very early. You see time never began. There has never been a beginning and never been an end but toward a time a time rememberable beginnings that is when you were, billions or maybe trillions of years. Mary: I only remember beginning this project about 950 billion years ago. So I am trillions of years older than that. Jesus: There have been many things put in motion that go for many billions of years.

The Angels were created to help god, they were created and have not changed. But they choose to stay in the Angelic realm. What is the difference between you and I and the Angels? The Angels stay in the God World and we can come and go from the God World to go experience the Universe. There are Angels that go out to have children and have more children to experience the universe. We co create these children and these experiences all over the Universe. We were the first of the creation team from the first idea of God. This is what is being returned to Earth. This grand consciousness that we had in the God World. This Angelic realm of reality is being returned to Earth as a result of opening these Portals, and that is why I came to Earth.

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