Ascension 101 – Lesson One - Part Two – The ‘Popcorn’ Analogy For Understanding Ascension For Beginners



Namaste and thank you for sharing some of your valuable time to begin taking steps towards your own awakening and your own uniquely different, yet equally beautiful participation within a coming process that many call ‘Ascension’.
In Part One, I used an analogy of water, because water is a vital element of creation, and it is also an element that makes up the largest part of our physical bodies.
I also described this process, in its most simplified way as being a very special form of change.
Some will grasp the analogy of water, while others will not.  This is perfectly okay, because each soul needs certain information in certain ways in order to make the ‘connection’.  I would like to offer another analogy that may speak to minds, hearts (and stomachs) of certain other beautiful souls!
Let’s begin.
In this moment of ‘now’, let’s assume you are feeling hungry.  Please do not tell me what you are feeling hungry for…. I do not want to know!  ;-)   I’m going with hunger for a snack, or food.  So ‘hunger’ is a feeling interpreted as being a need for physical nourishment by taking in external energies (food – since everything is energy) in order to feel a sense comfort, rest and satisfaction again.
The ‘container’ that is YOU is experiencing this ‘hunger’ and it communicates to you that it is requiring something. 
You decide you are craving the ‘frequency’ that is popcorn.  So, you go to the kitchen.  You put out some energy to leave the room you are in, to move to another location to achieve the goal of meeting this need.  You take out a pot, some oil – or butter – but let’s not get too picky here…just run with me on this!  ;-)  and the kernels.
You put the pot onto the stove, turn up the heat, and add the oil/butter.  When the liquid is ready, you put the kernels in, and cover them.
The kernels may sit for a little while, then suddenly one kernel ‘pops’, and it changes from a denser form, the kernel, to its ‘Light’ body; the fluffier popcorn.  Then another … and another.  Suddenly there is a whole flurry of activity, kernels are popping left, right and centre. Well, you cannot see this. The change is happening ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak…inside the pot.
The popping begins to slow down, and eventually becomes a trickle.  You take the pot off the stove and turn off the heat.  You pour the popcorn into a bowl, dump the unpopped kernels into the garbage, and go back to enjoy your movie, ‘What Dreams May Come’, with Robin Williams.   (If you read Part One, you’ll know why I chose this movie).
Let’s break this process down, and compare it with what is happening in the world at this time.
The larger container that is your body had a need and it wanted that need met. The body was experiencing a form of discomfort from having had this need ignored for a period of time, and it was communicating this need in the feeling of ‘hunger’.  
Planet Earth has been having a need to change, and her needs have been ignored also, and she began communicating to any and all who can understand her, to help her meet her needs; to change form, to be loved and helped from all the destruction that unaware humans have been doing to her.
In making your popcorn, each kernel has come from a uniquely different background and set of experiences.  You do not know this, and guaranteed you have probably never even thought of this.  One kernel comes from one husk, which may have come from one stalk of corn, which was in one particular part of the field, or maybe from another field somewhere else, receiving different nutrition from the soil because one part of the soil may have more water, or more nutrients than another part.  Each stalk will have a unique combination, as will each husk, as will each kernel.
All the kernels, from all the husks, from all the stalks from all the different locations are now together in one pot, in the same oil, receiving the same heat. Several respond to those conditions by being ready to change – and they ‘pop’ into their Light bodies.  The conditions change a bit more in the pot; perhaps it gets a little hotter, and a few more kernels ‘pop’ into their Light bodies. Maybe there is a bit more oil/butter in one corner of the pot, because the stove element is on an angle. More kernels ‘pop’ into their Light bodies.  More and more popping and this goes on until there is no more popping.
So the ‘container’ that is Gaia, has all these different humans from all these different backgrounds, with uniquely different LIFE-path experiences and coming from different physical locations.  Gaia has decided that She wants to ‘move’ to a different location. 
I will use the word ‘move’ although this may not exactly be appropriate.  I guess we do not know for sure if this change will involve a physical change of location or merely a change in its physical state in the same location.  For the purposes of this example, let’s say that the change involves a different location – a different space of being.
Gaia is providing all LIFE upon her surface to receive the same energies, and the same conditions.  Energies are changing upon Gaia, and energies are being received from beyond Gaia, to assist her.  Where those energies are coming from is another lesson and you will be drawn to that lesson when the time is right for you to do so.  When you ‘pop’ into your next level of awareness, so to speak.
At this time, many aspects of LIFE are responding to these energies.  In the animal world, we are beginning to witness unusual interaction between certain species, as they suddenly change, and take on different and in some cases less violent interaction with other species.  They are beginning to model the new consciousness.
Within humanity, there are also changes taking place.  Courageous souls are awakening to new choices, based on this new awareness of the ONENESS of LIFE.  People may be different in many ways, such as the kernels of popcorn, but they are beginning to realize that we do have many things in common, the most important of which is that we are all ONE, and that what we do to others or our planet, we are also doing to ourselves.   So, people are choosing less violence and are choosing more honour and service to LIFE.  They are risking their lives, their careers, their salaries, their relationships and everything that was once important to them, because they are realizing that there is something much larger of which we are all a part.
They are choosing to help create a better world, because there have been aspects of LIFE that have forgotten this relation to LIFE, and their choices have been based in energies of negativity and fear.  Their desire has been to think only of themselves, or of those close to them. They have fed on the fear of people, and have sought to control them.
Why might you shake the pot when making popcorn?  In doing so, you are changing the conditions a little bit, to perhaps shake things up a bit, and offer some of the kernels a different set of experiences in order to make a choice to pop into their Light bodies.
One might argue that our galactic family has been ‘shaking the pot’, so to speak; offering some new experiences to people that may assist them in making a choice to awaken and find their service to LIFE at this time.
When the popcorn has finished popping, what do you almost always find at the bottom of the pot?  Kernels that did not pop.  No matter what was offered to them, they just could not find the energies within themselves to change into their Light bodies.   As a result, these kernels could no longer co-exist with the Light-body popcorn.  The kernels are moved to another location to exist as kernels in the garbage can, or on the ground, or elsewhere.
This will be the case with humanity.  No matter how hard you may try to help those you love to awaken to these coming changes, there will be those who have either consciously chosen through fear, or unconsciously chosen through their soul-contract, not to be a part of what is now happening.   The irony is, of course, that they ARE still participating in what is happening, because in their choice NOT to participate, others around those souls will awaken to who they are, through the experiences of who they are not – being around fearful people who are unwilling to pop into their Light bodies. You have the privilege and honour of experiencing yourself as ‘enlightened’ or ‘awakened’ because there were beautiful souls who chose to stay at a lower vibration and not pop into their Light bodies.
It is for this reason that we honour and love those souls who have given us this wonderful gift of knowing ourselves at this uniquely important moment in Gaia’s and humanity’s evolution!
Those kernels, or souls, will find it increasingly harder to stay within the higher vibrations that are now here.  This will put pressure on the Lightworkers because they love them and want to help them.  However, there will come a time when a choice will have to be made.
In the movie ‘What Dreams May Come’, the character played by Robin Williams has to make a choice; to return to his ‘Heaven’ which is beautiful, or to stay within the darkened world or ‘hell’ created by his wife when she committed suicide.  He loved her so much that he was ready to stay with her even in her dark world, but he knew that he had to choose to stay or leave quickly before it was too late for himself.
Sorry…if you have not seen the movie, you’ll have to watch it to find out what choice was made, and what the consequences were for all involved.
The souls that do not pop into their Light bodies will have to go ‘somewhere’. Some say this will be another 3D planet, that will allow them similar opportunities in order to continue learning. 
I guess the only way of knowing for sure, is to welcome disclosure and First Contact, and begin learning more of this larger Uni/multiverse that we are a part of, and welcome civilizations that are wanting to teach us, help us, and free us from the bonds of enslavement that have kept us chained to the control of elitist cabals for at least 12000 years.
Do you want to pop into your Light body?  Are you ready to pop into your Light body?  Have you contemplated the consequences of both choices – SERIOUSLY contemplated both choices?  Consider the kinds of people you enjoy socializing with right now.  Why do you hang around these people?  Are they the kinds of people that are ready to pop into their Light bodies within these changing conditions, or are they the kinds of people who are likely to stay as kernels, and not change?
What does it take to change?  To start, merely a willingness to be open to the possibilities!  Take time to explore more of what is happening at this time.  Change your relation to LIFE!
Wayne Dyer has said that ‘if you change the way you look at things, things you look at change’.   Neale Donald Walsch also offers in his book ‘Tomorrow’s God’ that ‘Until you can see God in the face of your enemy, you cannot see God at all, for in truth there is no such thing as an ‘enemy’.  There is only that part of you that exists in contrast to another part of you.  God does not exist for you if He exists for you only in the people and things you like.  God is not real for you if She is experienced by you on in those things with which you agree.’
It matters not what perception you have of ‘God’, or any other name given to the Divine Energy that is LIFE. 
LIFE is an ever-evolving process, encompassing the ALL THAT IS.  It includes the physical, the non-physical, the visible and the invisible that serve to support and sustain the presence of everything, not only on Earth, but also beyond.   LIFE is the process that ‘God’ is! 
We just need to ‘tweak’ our relation to LIFE/’God’!  Then we begin to create the conditions to pop into our Light bodies, and experience all that has been kept hidden from us.
It is however your choice, and millions around the world are sending YOU the loving energies to assist you in making that choice to ride the tsunami of love, of Light and of a New Earth!
Blessed BE!
Namaste, peace, love and Light to you and all around you!
Geoffrey West


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