Ascended and Free -August 2010

I AM an Infinite Circle of Light.
I AM Ascended and Free.
I AM inclusive of all life,
living free in the Light.

From within this Infinite Circle of Light:
The Gathering of Ascended Humanity, In union with the Royal Kingdoms of Angels and Elementals, Through the cohesive Power of Divine Love uniting all Life in its Ascended State,
Now emerges into Humanity as the
Theme and Thoughtform of the Month...
is found within and through
to our Mighty God Presence!
to Humanity's Ascension in Consciousness.

I AM Inbreathing and Absorbing the Sacred Love Ray's
Pink Flame of Adoration and Charity.
I AM Expanding and Projecting the Sacred Love Ray's
Pink Flame of Adoration and Charity.
I AM that I AM!
I AM a Being of Cause alone!
That Cause is Love, the Sacred Tone.
I AM the Sacred Love Ray of Charity in action!
Through my Creative Faculties, this Flame manifests as
thoughts, feelings, words and deeds of Service to the Light!
I AM the Sacred Love Ray of Adoration in action!
In this Forcefield of Indivisible Flowing Wholeness,
I AM holding the Earth steady in the Light, through
her present transitional changes, known or unknown to me.
I expect nothing for myself except the Divine Happiness
of this continued Service to Life, honoring the Supreme Love
of Father/Mother God towards all life now flowing through me!
The Law of giving and receiving is the Law of Inbreath / Outbreath.
It begins with rhythmic Adoration to my Mighty God Presence,
and in return I receive the experience of all Divinity.
I AM Loved, and I AM able to Love accordingly.
I AM Forgiven, so I AM able to Forgive accordingly.
I AM Ascended, so I AM able to Ascend all life accordingly.
Father/Mother God bestows Compassion towards me
and I AM releasing this Compassion through all my life.
Father/Mother God liberates Divine Charity within me
and I AM expanding this Charity through all my life.
Father/Mother God sets free Adoration through me
and I AM radiating this Adoration to all life everywhere.
I AM forever grateful for this eternal process of Love ...
the ever-expanding Blessings of one part of life for another.
In this infinite River of Love, I AM eternally, serenely Happy.
Divine Love is all I require to sustain my embodied service to Earth.
For Love is all I have known in any Dimension of Light I have
ever served within including my daily life with Humanity.
An ever Ascending Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Divine
Love flows through me and through Ascended and Free Humanity.
In this process, I AM divinely, serenely and eternally happy
and ...Humanity's Consciousness is forever transformed!

Our service is to re-establish within the Spiritual Atmosphere of Earth a Sacred Forcefield that upholds expression of Highest Divine Potential!
Just as the Elohim first helped created the Earth, together we form the foundation for the re-creation of the Immaculate Concept ...the immediate future of Earth as Ascended and Free.
Constant Rays of Adoration to our Mighty God Presence assures that this
Divine Service remains our central focus. We thereby entrust our
thoughts, feelings, words and actions to our Mighty God Self. In doing
so we ensure Highest Divine Potential expresses within Humanity in ways we can not yet imagine. Thus our impact in daily life is immeasurable and given within Coherently Connected Divine Consciousness, far beyond anything we might accomplish alone.
The keynote of this month is to serve this Cause in Serene Happiness ...a Celestial Contentment and Cosmic Calm that comes from recognizing, realizing and living Divine Reality and True Identity. Whether one views this through the scientific lens (a
Powerful Quantum Forcefield moving through physical time and space) or
the spiritual lens (a Mighty God Presence governing Energy, Vibration
and Consciousness within daily life) this Truth alone now sets the tone
of our thoughts, feelings, memories and physical experience as Ascended and Free ...our highest Divine Potential!
In this Sacred State, the Solar Christ Self observes the world in Compassionate Humility. Our feelings remain Peaceful, governed by the Sacred Fire and its Radiant Light pouring out through our Divine Creative Faculties ...rather than feeling governed by the incoming reports of the outer senses. As the Solar Christ Self in Action, we feel equally at one with Humanity and with Divine Reality. And as we continually choose Divinity within our experiences is all life raised up with us!
The quickest way to re-establish our Divine Truth is through Adoration to our Mighty God Presence. The tone of our daily life is then instantly reset to Divinity, by the flash of a thought, feeling, memory or physical action of Adoration.
Songs, Affirmations, Sacred Movements, Divine Colors, Celestial Fragrances, Glorious Music, viewing a Mandala[2] or Sacred Geometry ...all may have this instantaneous effect, especially if accompanied by a consciously directed Ray of Adoration
to our Mighty I AM Presence. The return current will always be
Celestial Comfort and Divine Certainty. And then in the next moment we
go on with our lives, centered once again in First Cause.

As said, the Mighty God Presence loves to hear from the outer self. This is the basis of prayer and meditation. And although the history of
prayer is often reflected in the ‘asking of favor', the most effective
return is through simply offering worshipful Adoration!
For example we know the affirmation: "The Harmony of My True Being is
my greatest Protection." Thus whatever Quality we seek from our Mighty
God Presence (Protection, Illumination, Purification, Understanding,
Truth, Peace, Comfort, Forgiveness, etc.), the quickest and most
effective way is through Adoration and its instantaneous return current of Divine Reality and True Identity.
Our Mighty God Presence knows what we desire, for when ‘in the Harmony of My True Being', our Mighty I AM Presence can read us perfectly: "Before
even you have asked, I have given the answer"! (Paraphrased from the
Bible). And, Ascended and Free Humanity desires to hear from us as
well! It desires all our Ascended and Free Energy, Vibration and
Consciousness radiating throughout its global presence. We do so by
Inbreathing, Absorbing, then Expanding and Projecting our Causal Body
Momentums into this Global Ascended Master Forcefield. Also, Universal I
AM and its Indivisible Flowing Wholeness desires to hear back from us
...from all goodness in the world ...but especially that fully aligned with the Cause of Spiritual Freedom. And again, Adoration is the Key to this Union.
[2]Mandala (Sanskrit for “circle”), in Hinduism and Buddhism, a diagram used as a focus and guide for meditation. Each mandala represents the universe
pictorially. The worshiper imaginatively enters the mandala, focusing
successively on each of its stages and absorbing the logic of its form as the worshipper approaches the center. (Taken from Encarta ® 2006.)

The Elohim see each Lightserver as a delicate petal of Divine Love, operating as the Celestial Flower of Charity[3]. Here we serve together in the Cosmic Forcefield of the Seraphim and Devas, in a Realm of Divine Power. We are welcomed into the service that
the Elohim and Archangels offer to Earth and Humanity. Our desire to Love Free this Earth drew us to them. This Divine Desire is our Flame of Charity in Action. And each Divine Being is unique in their expression of the relentless giving of their wealth in Divine Consciousness to less evolved life, so that all may enjoy the Infinite Diversity of Perfection within Universal I AM!
Each of us has come from somewhere within our eternal journey through Universal I AM into this service to Earth. Whether we are an Archangel
coming from Temples within the Great Central Sun ...or, a Cosmic Being
from Ascended Planets in this or other chains ...or, if we are evolving
within the Root Races of Earth ...we all have a Causal Body brimming
with exquisite offerings to forward this Cause of Spiritual Freedom. And
as well as our service to Earth, each of us simultaneously functions at
various other Cosmic Levels of service to Father/Mother God. So we are
all alike ...all One!
Examples of these Cosmic Levels of service, each embodied Lightserver also has our Mighty I AM Presence operating within Cosmic Dimensions within the
Sun ...and our Great White Fire Being operating within the Dimensions of
the Great Central Sun. So let us now contemplate and accept our
individual Charity to Universal I AM ...and specifically to Humanity, in her quest for Spiritual Freedom. Let us contemplate our Eternal Moment of Love:
I AM a Being of Eternal Love on all Dimensions of I AM!
This is my Charity to Humanity ... to be Present in
all Dimensions of my Divine Love, right here and now!
I AM empty of self, thus I AM present
in this Eternal Moment of Love in my daily life!
In my Eternal Moment of Love is my White Fire Being,
radiating all the Sacred Fire of the Great Central Sun.
In my Eternal Moment of Love is my Mighty I AM Presence,
expanding all the Radiant Light of Father/Mother God.
In my Eternal Moment of Love is my Great Causal Body,
anchoring all Divine Energies and Momentums I have ever
evolved, through my infinite journey within Universal I AM!
In my Eternal Moment of Love is my Solar Christ Self,
governing all aspects of my daily life, right here and now!

Living beyond time and space in my Eternal Moment of Love,
I AM all of this and, all of this is me ...I AM that I AM!

[3] So important is Charity that the Archaii of the Third Ray, the Divine Twin of the Archangel Chamuel, took the name Charity for her service to

Let us visualize our Eternal Moment of Love. As a Solar Christ Self operating beyond time and space, my Mighty God Presence is not above me
nor am I beneath it. It is not inside me nor am I outside of it. These
are all concepts of time and space. All aspects of my Divinity are right here and now the very same time and space
...except there is no time and space! And in the ‘emptiness of self',
with ego no longer impeding the River of Infinite Love through me, all
Divinity expresses in my Eternal Moment of Love within daily life
it does
in any other Realm or Dimension I simultaneously exist within.
The tools of our Charity work are Energy, Vibration and Consciousness and their expression as Sacred Fire and its Radiant Light ...the tools of an
Ascended Master. These are ‘magical tools', directly handed to us from
Father/Mother God, the instant before we apply them.
So if we believe that Father/Mother God, in all their infinite Love,
Wisdom and Power, could solve the problems of Humanity ...then as Loving
parents they rather hand these same tools to us and ask that we do the work in the realm we choose to serve ...the realm in which we choose to earn our own Ascension! And the reward for doing so is the assuredness of a permanent Golden Age of Spiritual Freedom on Earth ..the final Victory!
Like elemental life forms operating within the Forcefield of a Group Deva, none in embodiment might accomplish this alone. But as a group, a Group Avatar, our synergy as Coherently Connected Divine Consciousness, we can and we are (I AM!) victoriously accomplishing this. Functioning as one global Ascended Master, we now problem solve as a much more advanced Cosmic Being, using the tools of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness.

So dear ones of Divine Love, the Elohim are with us in our Eternal Moment of Love! Adoring God, let us enjoy our Charity and the Serene Happiness it brings to daily life!

Beloved Ones, I greet you in your alignment with the Divine Axis of Ascended and Free Earth in her Ascended and Free Orbit longer aligned with
old Earth in her ego orbit! Think on this. Together we have vowed to
maintain the Divine Axis of Humanity (all persons, places, conditions and things) in alignment with the Great Cosmic Inbreath ...where all things Ascend! Gathering with you, as one of you, this is the purpose for our Coherently Connected Divine Consciousness this month!
Let us stand together in the Mighty Solar Spine of our Ascended and Free Planet. At its center is the Eternal Sun of Even Pressure in the Heart
of Earth. At its center is also our own Immortal Victorious Three-fold
Flame ...the blazing Heart of Ascended and Free Humanity. The Activity
of Polaris and Magnus is designed to continually align the outer
consciousness of Humanity with the Energy, Vibration and Consciousness
of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom. And through the magnetic Powers of
Sacred Fire, it does so with a unique view to each one's individual capability of acceptance. For this Forcefield directly aligns with each Solar Christ Self of all Humanity ...whether in or between embodiments.

We strive for the Clearest Illumination of Humanity into her True Identity and the Divine Design within the current changes on Earth. This is the goal of our service! It is part of
anchoring the Axis of Ascended and Free Earth ...the ‘Polaris and
Magnus Activity' that the current changes create a positive consciousness
of Hope and Enthusiasm, rather than an opposite effect of fear and
imbalance (which ego promotes). Let us meditate on this Activity. Let us
visualize the North Star above Earth (Beloved Polaris and the
Radiance of Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights) and as the South Star
below Earth (Beloved Magnus and the Radiance of Aurora Australis, the
Southern Lights) ...with a multicolored, dazzling Rod of Light and
Sacred Fire between the two. We see and feel this Solar Spine, both
through the planet we stand upon ...and also personally through our own
Ascended and Free Spine. We thus deeply feel the planet's Divine Spine
and our Seven-fold Spine of Perfected Planetary Chakras (the Arisen
Christ) ...which then automatically becomes the Twelve-fold Spine of the
Mighty I AM Presence anchored on Earth. Let us then see billions of Light Rays filled with Magnetic Sacred Fire blazing from Earth's
Ascended and Free Axis. One of these Light Rays spirals into the
Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame of each one within Humanity. Like a
mighty starburst, each of these Light Rays then expands out to all
aspects of embodied life through that Solar Christ Self ...through their
physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles, as well as all
persons, places, conditions and things in their daily life. We then see, feel and accept that every aspect of daily life is magnetically drawn
into the Enlightenment of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom ...into the
Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of each one's own Immortal
Victorious Three-fold Flame where this Divine Axis is anchored.
Here we are accelerating Humanity's consensus of the present moment on Earth. Contemplate this. Rather than endlessly debating the reports of the outer senses (the ‘news'), we magnetically draw the Consciousness of
Humanity into their own Three-fold Flame. Here the Solar Christ Self
comforts all. ‘Insight' into the present moment can be defined as ‘in
alignment with the consensus of the whole'. Through this Activity of
Polaris and Magnus the whole of Humanity is now raised towards a consensus of Ascended and Free Reality with the eternal consensus of Universal I AM!
This is our Divine Service fulfilled longer allowing ego to set
consensus at the lower ego frequency of imbalance and separation.

Let us create a vision of our Solar Being, in a Realm of Pure Energy, Vibration and Consciousness ...the True Nature of our Eternal Being. As
we have learned, we began as an Infinite Circle of Light ...drawn out
from the Indivisible Flowing Wholeness of Divine Light within Universal I
AM. Within this Infinite Circle of Light, Father/Mother God projected a
Three-fold Flame from their own Heart Flame in the Central Sun. This
Infinite Circle of Light then became our Universe of Divine Potential.
Around our Three-fold Flame the Forcefield of our Celestial Being
Seen through the Creative Faculties of Father/Mother God we are 12 dazzling pillars of Sacred Fire, radiating multicolored Light. On a parallel dimension this became 12 circles of Pulsating Light, the Celestial Spheres of our Causal Body at the level of the Central Sun. Within this then formed 12 Star Gates (Solar Chakras),
opening us into multiple Dimensions of Universal I AM, incorporating
these into our White Fire Being. Central to all of this Vision runs the
Cosmic Spine, the Axis of Universal I AM as represented by Polaris and
Magnus ...but now personalized as our own Cosmic Spine.
At some point in our Infinite Celestial Development, our Mighty I AM Presence (one of the Twin Rays forming the White Fire Being) decided to
embody a portion of its Sacred Self on Earth. As the Sacred Number
within this local Solar System is Seven rather than 12, all of
the Pillars, Spheres and Star Gates / Chakras of Sacred Fire and it
Radiant Light became Seven ...Seven Rays, Seven Chakras, etc.. But still
our Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame absorbs the Highest Frequency Prana from Cosmic Holy Spirit within the Central Sun.
Therefore, this allowed the experience of full Celestial Being on Earth. All attributes of Divine Reality were to become our attributes in daily life. But with the ‘great fall in consciousness' this got reversed,
where our reality became the frequencies our outer senses detected from
the illusion of the outer world ...rather than our Creative Faculties
radiating Divine Reality into the world. Now, as Ascended and Free
Humanity, we realize all of our Divinity within the Realms of Light also
manifests within the same time and space as our present embodiment. All of our Celestial Being is all right here and now the very time we live, in this very breath we take next and in
the very space our body occupies. Now, empty of self, we break through
ego illusion and see the Light of our True Being!
Through this Divine Reality flows a New Age of Spiritual Freedom and its governance by Solar Christ Self ...the Celestial Buddha Nature within.
Within this our Seven Planetary Chakras become fully developed
...automatically blending into our 12 Solar Chakras as a Higher Cosmic
Being. Imagine standing within each of these Solar Portals a
Pillar of each Sacred Fire a Star Gate of each Divine Ray ...or
within our Infinite Circle of Light, seeing this circumference as the 12
Suns around the Great Central Sun. Let us dream this Vision of Solar
Being as ourselves!
For this is the Cosmic Dream held for Ascended and Free Humanity!

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