As Your KUNDALINI Rises so does Your Spiritual Awareness

Received by, Julie Miller

Each person has this incredible and sacred energy, it is your life force and for many it is dormant and closed up - this energy we speak of today is your precious Kundalini energy. By those dear souls that have been successful to tap into this energy understands that it is an astounding powerhouse of divine planetary energy that lives within each of you and has the profound ability to access the entire universe.

Your coiled energy rests within your Base Chakra and it is this chakra and energy that will join you with the energy of your Earth. To some people, this energy is also described as the Serpent’s Light, this sacred light cleanses your entire inner body as it rises and it is clearly understood by those that have accessed this powerhouse as a natural healing energy that is most beneficial.

The energy of your awareness dear ones is due to the energy of the Kundalini that is waiting to be uncoiled. Of all the metaphysical energies you are able to utilize this one is one of the most powerful.

This sacred universal energy is opened to everyone but when you look for information regarding this powerful energy you will be directed to the wisdom of the East, mainly India. Even within some yogic practices this energy is not fully understood, but it has gained the interest of some medical scientists.

Kundalini dear ones is a Sanskrit word that defines as meaning “she who is coiled”. There is much to be learned in regards of this energy and how it is understood by the earliest people of India. It is treated with respect and admiration.

Why we encourage the Kundalini energy to be respected is mainly due to its ability to not choose of what is good or bad - it does not discern. Many dear souls that are beginning to evolve within their spirituality may feel a rise of Kundalini energy as this energy is released from your Base Chakra and as it moves throughout your inner body, it working to open all your chakras.

This curled up preternatural energy will rise upwards and through its movement it will energize each chakra it moves through and bringing them to their full operating potential.

The Kundalini energy has deep rooted connections with the Sun and has been described as a Solar Energy. This sacred energy does not only aid and increase your life energy and sexual energy but its healing energy improves the overall function of your mind, body and soul.

Not everyone is aware when their Kundalini awakens, but understand this dear ones, when it does awaken it brings great change into your life that is both uplifting and positive that empowers you to live to your own highest potential within your insight, creativity and personal energy.

The Kundalini energy is well known to being the main source for all creative intellect and psychic abilities. When this sacred energy awakens and begins to uncoil you will experience new opportunities become available and they are presented to assist you with your life, to flourish and express who you truly are.

Some dear souls when experiencing the rise of their Kundalini often undergo various feelings and vibrations which may often feel like a stinging or crawling sensation under one’s skin, as well as itching, and other similar sensory perceptions. Many dear souls have noticed cramping, sometimes muscular twitching and disorientation.

This is the time you may be able to hear your guides speaking to you; you will feel a tingling surrounding your Crown Chakra. Kundalini energy is also associated with heat, this means dear ones you will feel greatly over-heated from the inside as a results nausea may be a result. Even with us providing you with the possible symptoms of your rising Kundalini it is always a wise choice to know your body well from the inside out.

Some of the symptoms to this awakening energy could easily be from something else that is not related to your Kundalini rising. Always be aware of your body, it is your body and you are to know it better than anyone. As your Kundalini rises so your will your level of consciousness and your connection to the Divine will be more secure.

Understand dear ones once this sacred energy has uncurled itself and is rising you will eventually discover an increase of spiritual awareness as your Crown Chakra unfolds and opens. Realize dear ones this can take many months or years before your Kundalini has its full rising awareness and potential.

You can begin working on your Kundalini energy when you commit to working on your chakras and to balance them, by removing any and all obstacles that may be the cause of the natural flow of your own energy. This will require you to do some soul searching; reflecting on what could be the reasons that are causing your energy to be stagnant and unmoving. Being more involved with your chakras will help you to gain a newer level of spiritual, emotional and physical happiness and comfort.

What can also occur dear ones is your Kundalini rising when you are also going through high levels of stress and trials in your life, sometimes during meditation, fasting, even while practicing yoga. It is important to be aware that even though this sacred energy is extremely healing, depending on your sensitivity this energy may also affect you in a few disagreeable ways that will dissolve over an unprecedented amount of time.

During the times you set aside to pray, meditate or for yoga this energy very likely may be released. Embrace this energy as uncurls and moves up through your chakras until it reaches its destination within the Crown Chakra which will cause incredible vibrations of energy to move throughout your entire body.

Fully realize dear ones; your precious soul has the ability to reach its ultimate potential when the sacred Kundalini energy rises up through your chakras towards the Divine Masculinity of the Crown Chakra. Kundalini is understood as a feminine energy and the union of the Crown Chakra and the Kundalini is also known as the connection of the creative and sexual energies - it is basis of your own evolution.

Let us guide you to some deeper understanding of the Kundalini energy force. This energy as you understand rises from the Base Chakra. It moves at its own pace depending on you and the work you have done in regards of clearing and balancing not only your chakras but any obstacles that may have caused stagnation.

The Kundalini energy rises up through each chakra, activating each one until it reaches its prime destination in the Crown Chakra. This sacred healing energy ascends through a canal within your spinal cord. This canal delivers a dominant connection that links with your inner electrical system from where your peripheral spinal nerves of your body connect and relate with your brain.

Your Kundalini energy will rise along two distinct paths, a male and female path. Consider your Kundalini base energy connecting and including the incoming flow of Divine energy that is provided by the most esteemed Divine Spirit otherwise known as God.

This current of energy builds pressure which will create the forces of energy to move and rotate. As the energies in the masculine and feminine cross over and rise within each positive and negative junction passing will create a Chakra that many relate as a flower.

Understand dear ones that the Kundalini energy will combine and bring together the male and female polarizations within each of you and this energy in infinite; it has no inhibiting restraints inside or outside of yourself. Once this energy has uncurled itself and has risen, it will create an opening of your Crown Chakra and this will be the result of an increase of your own spiritual awareness.

The rising of your Kundalini may easily happen suddenly. You may feel very much as if a snake is indeed unwrapping itself from your Base Chakra and you may feel each chakra become activated as it rises.

Embrace and rejoice in these feelings, do not fear them, allow the energy to move through you naturally. Once your Kundalini begins to rise you are not to rush this process. Allow yourself to feel each stage knowing the completion of the Kundalini journey may take several months to several years.

When you are completely aware that your Kundalini is rising we encourage you to refrain from caffeinated beverages, reducing cigarette smoking or any other form of self-indulgence that you know can create blockages within your body.

Make a point to reduce any stress that accompanies you through your journey by meditating, massage and other healing remedies that work best for you. Allow your heart to guide you to what will most effective for you. Understand dear ones this is your journey. Each of you may experience some similarities but truthfully each one is different. But what is essential for all journeyers is your thirst for knowledge.

Become your own Kundalini expert through your tenacious spirit to learn all you can in regards to this area and how it will benefit each part of your life. Embrace the courage to speak to others that may have experienced their own Kundalini rising. You are not comparing notes; you are sharing, learning and ultimately growing.

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller


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  • And that's why I think practicing daily Yoga is very important. For me, just to be in my body. Energy has to flow and if it can't get out of your system... So, true alignment of body, mind and soul. I love Yoga! :D

  • does that include green tea?  would like to know more about no caffeinated drinks....anyone know?

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