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Are you with two-2- band of DNA yet.....?

                                 DEAR FRIENDS


Two years ago and at past times I was a disappointed man.Since two years I am not a disappointed .I have more soul strength,I am more healthy and more joyful, how ? Read this.....

At 2Aug 2012 I ask from my Lord to energize all my 12 clone of my DNA

And gave to Him a time period since 21Dec 2012 ascend day.

At 3Aug2012 I had the message delivery confirmation and then I forgot it.

At 7Jan2013 I remember what I ask and make a question about evolution of it.

At 8Jan 2013 today I had the confirmation that it is done.

This is a miracle is not ?  Thank my  LORD  Glory to my LORD ! ............John.

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