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Are you handing over your energy to those around you? | Author: Karen Doonan

There is much talk and discussion about “energy vampires” and this blog is written to show you that there is in TRUTH no such thing.

Yes YOU can be persuaded to give you energy over to those around you but they cannot take from you without your permission.

The old 3d earth created reality TEACHES at ALL moments that the world is full of “darkness” and this is deliberate, for in order to provoke and manifest fear WITHIN you, it must trigger said fear, it is to be noted that at ALL times the choice of whether to allow this triggering or detach from it rests with YOU.

Having said this you cannot detach from something that you cannot see and this is precisely why this teaching is so prevalent within the old 3d created earth reality.

At all moments within the old 3d earth paradigms you are TAUGHT that life is something that happens “to” you, this is highly distorted for you CREATE your human life experience from moment to moment using the frequencies that you have anchored at cellular level within your human vehicle.

In the outer waking world the TEACHING of “responsibility” is triggered over and over, coffee too hot?

then sue the company who did not put the caution on the cup, there are endless lists of ways that you are TAUGHT over and over to place responsibility for all that occurs in the outer waking world at the feet of those around you.

The human energy system is not widely discussed openly, by this I mean that whilst you can go to school and learn biology at no point does the biology teacher mention that the human energy system is part of the “make up” of the human body and this is DELIBERATE for only in knowing how the human energy system works can you work to maintain it and can you work to prevent it from being accessed unknowingly.

It is to be remembered that EVERYTHING in the universe is energy, everything is a frequency and these frequencies are what manifests as “solid” things in the outer waking reality.

To walk around believing that others are able to simply “take” your energy when they wish is to walk blindly in the TEACHINGS that seek to embed this within you in order to trigger the frequencies of fear.

The human energy system is like a circuit, the 7 main chakras (base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and crown) are energy points but the only one that you have to “close off” to the outside world is the SOLAR PLEXUS.

This is the main entry into your energy signature. It is the reason that when something is not quite right you get that “gut feeling”, the SOLAR PLEXUS is located just below the navel.

This is the I AM centre, it is where the old 3d earth created reality seeks to place LABELS, FEARS, ANXIETY and DISTORTION at all times.

From this energy centre these labels, fears and anxieties can begin to block the flow of energy that flows naturally from the planet earth, through your feet, your base, sacral, solar plexus and so on.

For many on planet earth the base chakra is completely distorted so the energy is distorted from the moment that it begins to travel through the human vehicle.

The base chakra covers your emotions relating to safety, security, again this is affected by the old 3d earth created reality, which stimulates the bottom 3 chakras (base, sacral, solar plexus) at ALL moments of ALL moments.

This prevents the energy flowing freely and moving from chakra to chakra.

This is again is not widely known in the human population and this manifests as many in human form seeking the energy that NATURALLY flows from the planet earth through the human vehicle from another source.

If the base chakra is distorted or closed down then energy CANNOT flow into the human body, this will see the human vehicle seek its energy source (which is naturally the planet earth) from elsewhere.

View the human vehicle as a large battery, for that is what in essence it is, an electric circuit, the old 3d earth created reality at all moments attempting to distort the natural flow of this electric circuit. Walking about with a wide open solar plexus and no statement of permission is an invitation to those who have closed down.

It is to be noted that there is not need for intention, this is a NATURAL process that has been highly distorted by the old 3d earth created reality and the teachings that it continually seeks to anchor.

The human vehicle is naturally aligned with planet earth, it is fueled energetically by the planet and this is a NATURAL flow of energy.

It is why you seek to “EARTH” yourself when you feel too “high”, standing bare foot on soil or grass will see the excess energy flow out of your body and back into the planet earth.

I have mentioned permission and there is a galactic rule that states that exchange of energy cannot take place without permission.

Unfortunately the lower dimensional realms/races sought their own interpretation of this galactic rule and take the stance that permission not stated either way IS GIVING PERMISSION.

Many are in total fear at this time believing that their energy can be somehow “stolen”, and this is not TRUTH.

When communicating with other energies, races/realms it is VITAL that you state ” I only give permission to interact with BEings of LIGHT and who walk in LIGHT, this is giving permission and stating clearly that anything else has NO PERMISSION.

Putting this very simple statement into your energy signature PREVENTS lower dimensional energies from exchanging energy with you. It may not stop them stepping forward, if your SOUL purpose is to interact at a certain level with these energies or they are returning gifts to you then they may make their presence known but they can do little else.

(If for example you are working to release dimensional timelines often the lower dimensional race/realm will step forward to give you back that which was taken from you said lower dimensional timeline, at all times they will be accompanied by Archangels.

By allowing the gift to be returned you allow their energy to move through the ascension process, ALL are within the ascension process as it is natural process that the human race has been prevented from accessing until now).

It is easy to lay the responsibility for “low energy” at the feet of others but this takes focus to the outer waking reality, ALL changes and shifts happen WITHIN the human vehicle.

At ALL times you have full control of your human vehicle, you are the only one who has incarnated INTO it and you are the master of said vehicle.

YOU live inside of it 24/7, why would anyone else know your human vehicle better than you do?

At this time upon planet earth it is vital that you begin to take full responsibility for everything that occurs within you, being unaware of how your human energy signature interacts with those around you does not negate the responsibility being yours, only you can be responsible for only YOU are living through said human vehicle.

The old 3d earth created reality will at all times TEACH fear, whether this be from others or scenarios or situations purely because the frequency of your fear is NEEDED in order to maintain the old 3d earth reality, without the lower dimensional frequencies this reality cannot exist, so it was designed to trigger over and over to maintain its creation.

It seeks to TEACH you to hand over your power at all times.

YOU are powerful, YOU incarnated into the human race in order to remember just how powerful YOU ARE and to balance this within the human vehicle at a human conscious waking mind level in order to expand and deepen your human life experience here upon planet earth.

It is NOT TRUTH to assume and to believe that the world is under some “other” rule that means you cannot change it.

The world is a MANIFESTATION of the frequencies that have been anchored within the 7 billion human vehicles that walk the planet earth. ALL ARE ONE, ALL interact and affect ALL.

The outer waking reality of the human race can ONLY change by changing the frequencies that are anchored within each of the 7 billion human vehicles upon this planet.

The energies at this time are heightened and expanded to show you TRUTH, whilst you remain blind to the way that the old 3d earth created reality works then you are blind to how you were PERSUADED to hand over your power.

Many are viewing the illumination of the ways the old 3d earth created reality worked as “proof” for their logical mind that the TEACHINGS are correct.

The teachings are distorted, highly distorted and I again repeat you can only dissolve something that you can see. Prior to it being illuminated it remains hidden in plain view.

As the New Earth energies begin to illuminate the path beneath your feet, as you begin to realise how you were persuaded to anchor these lower dimensional frequencies it is VITAL to detach from the “barb” that they contain, this is an emotional trigger designed to persuade you to re-anchor that which you have just illuminated.

Let me use an example to show you, the natural reaction to suddenly illuminating that you have been “manipulated” is anger, this anger is also the frequency of fear, all anger is fear that is masked.

If you allow yourself to get angry then you will blind yourself to what is being shown to you, you will align with the teaching you have illuminated, you will begin to get angry for something being “done” to you when in fact it has NOT been done to you, you were persuaded to allow the teaching to anchor, the manifestation of the teaching is what has occurred.

By dissolving the frequency that you have illuminated WITHIN you, then you change the outer waking reality, without the frequency running the manifestation cannot remain.

I would ask you to process my words through the heart space for the human logical mind can get involved in all of this and seeks to solve the “puzzle” that the old 3d earth created reality teaches is always there. In TRUTH there is no puzzle.

You are here to free SELF from the lower dimensional frequencies that were the only ones available until the New Earth was birthed upon planet earth.

To fall to the illusion of fear and anger will see you re-anchor the very frequency that is preventing you from seeing the New Earth and will see you in an energetic loop that cannot fully manifest for only TRUTH is supported in the New Earth.

At this time you are asked to work with your energy signature, to get to understand how your energy signature works and how it interacts with all that is around you.

As you begin to stabilize your energy signature then you will naturally begin to expand it.

This is a very simple exercise that can help you shield your energy signature when out and about. It may be helpful to practice with and without so that you become more AWARE of the difference in energy as you move about the world.

Before going outside simply step into a GOLDEN BALL OF LIGHT. You can make this ball as large as you wish. Hold the intention to step into this ball of GOLDEN LIGHT.

This ball of GOLDEN light is lined with mirrors, the mirrors at all times reflecting your OWN energy back at you.

Hold the intention to place mirrors of the OUTSIDE of the GOLDEN ENERGY ball, these mirrors reflect the energy of all around you back at itself.

This is akin to stepping inside a huge mirror ball with mirrors on the inside, except it is GOLDEN.

This helps to keep your energy signature balanced and is extremely useful when in large crowds of people.

As you work with this you may start to notice how others interact with you. If you do not wish to use the GOLDEN BALL OF LIGHT then you may wish to simply close down your solar plexus.

This is useful if you become aware of feeling drained in the company of certain people.

Again I state clearly that you can only be persuaded to hand your energy over , it is not possible to take energy without permission.

View your solar plexus as a large flower and then hold the intention to fold the petals over, closing down the chakra.

This prevents access to your energy signature. There are any number of ways to work with this and I would guide you to be guided by how you FEEL.


More information on how to dissolve the frequencies and how they manifest is found in the TRUTH CODES – Chronicles from Orion book with clear examples and exercises of how to clear them. Click HERE for more info.


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Comment by Atthewm on January 21, 2015 at 12:41am

I used worry about people take energy. The information here is invaluable for me and I thank you for it. I use the closing of the solar plexus exorcise chakra earlier today when I was out today around a lot of people. It is good to know that no one take's energy, it an agreement and we can choice to give energy away thank you


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