Arcturian Sighting Parties

Hello Beautiful Family! 


I am so grateful to be sharing this exciting information with you today.  Among other things, I am an Arcturian-Telosian Fleet Commander.  I exist simultaneously in multiple locations, as do most of you!  Firstly, I am physically in Los Angeles California where I am a 25 year old Human working on the new superhero movie "Green Lantern" - It's a blast and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  In addition to that I exist in many places, but the most relevant for our work here would be an Arcturian Mothership, which is the "North Star".  The Arcturians are a non-signatory member of the Ashtar Command Fleet as are the Telosians.  My role is primarily one of a Diplomatic liason, helping to prepare as many of the Diplomatic Corps (that's us lightworkers) as possible for First Contact experiences.


I am writing because the we are interested in creating Group First Contact experiences around the world.  We call these "Sighting Parties", because we will show up in our ships in the sky reliably and repeatedly once a group has been properly trained to work as a "Ground Crew".  We will show up in the sky only right now, but we are really looking forward to "closer encounters" with the Ground Crews, dependent on the success of this project.


Right now we are looking for people who are interested in working with us on this project.  We need organizers with a high degree of reliability and persistence of intention.

Yes, we really are going to show up! As a Human I am no stranger to our ships visiting me on a regular basis, even over Los Angeles!


If you are interested in being a part of our mission, please comment below.  It's going to be a blast!






--Yes I Am!

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  • I AM also an Arcturian and I AM IN of course
  • I would like to be a participant if you can supply information to show that you are a GFL member or at least support their benevolent intentions for the earth and its inhabitants.  Would you provide information on how you would prepare the Ground crews with the knowledge needed for this first contact task?  I am very well read on what is what I call the earth's pre-history and current geological, political, and spiritual happenings.  What I don't know is WHAT YOUR INTENTION IS WITH THIS FIRST CONTANT.  I need you to sell me on your intent, sincerity, and scope of your plans for us humans and the earth.  I will leave it at that for now.  Let me know if you are for real and are supporting God's, our Creator's, intent for earth and it's inhabitants.  Is this work beeing coordinated with  the GFL or other Galactic Organizations.



    Ed from Indy

  • ..too bad.... if i liked the Green Lantern movie, maybe i would be a part of this.... but since Green Lantern, sucked a lot (apart from the CGI)... i'll pass, on this one...

    ...i have more important things to playing video games... ;)

    p.s in case u really show up... send me an e-mail please... i dont wanna miss the show... i will have cnn and fox news on stand by... ;)


  • So what is America pupoc of the Earth,sometimes people you want to make show! All real lightworkers are conected with own space ships and their brothers and sisters are controling your light source and flow into your body! Every light worker has own family incomeing!! STOP MAKEING POLITICS AND BULLSHIT! LISTEN YOUT HART AND THEY, OUR FAMILY WILL BE IN THE FIRST CONTACT WITH YOU!!


  • I join!!!
  • Certainly I Am interested.  If indeed the ships will truly be showing up, I would like to be a part of these events and hold energetic space for a benevolent outcome.  However, what is the purpose and intention of these visitation parties?
  • embrasing the mission with love :)
  • Sure ! I'm joining with all in this site who want to be part of this wonderful mission, I will start with a pray for it.



  • Sounds like fun
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