Arcturian channeled message: Fear = Love

I got the message during a meditation and have shared it with the amazing 9D group, and have decided to share it here hoping it will benefit you

Teachings channeled from Arcturians: Fear = Love
The first thing I got from this message is exactly that, fear and love are equal, they are both neutral frequencies. When we create our own impression towards fear, that impression and frequency is added to the mass consciousness of fear. Due to the general dislike of fear, it becomes a low frequency to humanity, because we are perceiving our own mass consciousness of fear.

Words carry the mass consciousness, for when you access the word you also have access to the mass consciousness. Therefore, when you use the word 'fear', you are actually tapping into the mass consciousness of fear.

Fear is much like the parents who we have to learn to appreciate, because fear and ego are loving and protecting us in their own way, although not the way we would want them to. Personally everytime I started some serious healing work, I had always started with the mentality of getting rid of that part of me that needed healing. However, this would only have me stuck, thus staying at the same frequency and no healing would take place. When I shifted my perspective to understanding how ego and fear are another expression of love, loving that part of me that needs healing becomes so much easier. I have not seen any existence of ego or fear that is not a protection mechanism. 

Now you know when you create an impression towards fear, you add to the mass consciousness, and thus the frequencies of fear. You all have the ability to adjust the frequencies and the mass consciousness of something. When you fear your own fear, it will add more fear to the mass consciousness of fear. But when you learn to love your own fear, you are actually infusing love into the mass consciousness of fear, thus changing the frequency of fear. 

You can alter the mass consciousness of fear, just by doing inner work and loving your own fear.
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